Feature: The Anatomy of 'Soaked' with Bene

Monday, October 15, 2018

New Zealand's Bene has been busy recently — not only has she shared her impressive new single 'Soaked' but she's also set to appear during NZ's St. Jerome's Laneway Festival early next year. To celebrate the release of 'Soaked', Bene breaks down the story behind the single.

I wrote 'Soaked'... at the start of the year with the legends Josh Fountian & Djeisan Suskov.

The story behind ‘Soaked’ is... that feeling of regret you have looking back on an important  conversation and wishing that you’d found the right words to say to them at the right time.

My favourite lyric is... “You look at me like I hit you, Stole all your things and left you bruised”. 

It was made... in a studio with a cool lightbox artwork of a monster with its brain out on the wall...

My main inspiration was... an argument I had with someone I loved and being completely stuck for words and overwhelmed.

It sounds best when... listened to with a group of matezzzz.

Along with her upcoming appearance at Laneway Festival NZ 2019, Bene will be appearing with 
Winston Surfshirt this Friday and Saturday in Wellington and Auckland. Click here for more infomation. 

Feature: We Play 'What Song...' with Novo Amor

Before Novo Amor enthrals you with his highly anticipated debut album Birthplace this Friday 19th October, check out some of the tunes that hold a special place in his heart.

What song did you last listen to?
'Birthday' by Gia Margaret.

What song would you love to sample?
Not something I’ve ever thought about. 'Happy Birthday to you?' Maybe some drone music by Tim Hecker or a drum fill from a Phil Collins or Bruce Hornsby track. Cleary, I don’t know.

What song is your ultimate party track?
'September' by Earth, Wind & Fire.

What song reminds you of your last holiday?
Anything Fado. I went to Lisbon and heard a lot of Fado Music.

What song makes you feel motivated?
'I Want You Back' by The Jackson 5. I used to put it on every morning when I was living in a cold apartment working early mornings in a café.

What song has been your favourite track of 2018?
Either ‘Birthday' by Gia Margaret or ‘Funeral' by Phoebe Bridgers’

Learn more about Novo Amor's debut album Birthplace below:

Check out the video for his most recent single Utican:

(Photo by Daniel Alexander Harris)


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Atlanta’s 6LACK has been rapidly extending his star power in 2018 and his sold-out show at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre is proof of his strong fanbase in Australia. The last time he was here was only recently, having joined Migos on their 2017 Australian tour. Almost exactly a year later, it’s a different site, with crowds rushing to witness their new favourite in-action.

First up for the night was Compton rapper Boogie. Though he hasn’t received much attention on our shores in the past, that just might change for him very soon. Boogie was a solid opener for the night and brought something different. The highlight from his set was his renowned hit ‘Oh My’, which brought a fiery energy to the crowd who begun to file into the room. If you were one of many who made their way early into Forum, you were treated to an outstanding and enthralling performance by Boogie.

THEY., who played an impressive headline show at Melbourne’s Howler the night before was the second act of the night, and they showcased their extensive range of hits for the fans eagerly awaiting for 6LACK. They played an array of tracks from their catalogue, including their amped-up material like ‘Deep End’ to their more moody R&B stuff like ‘Truth Be Told’.

Before 6LACK powered his way onto the stage, his DJ warmed up the crowd to ensure they were raring to go. He opened up his show with the melodic sounds of ‘Unfair’ — the emotional nature of the track painted a picture to fans of his current musical direction. Early during his set, he played his hit release ‘Ex Calling’.

His show featured a lot of crooning and moments of introspection from the Atlanta-based artist. Tracks like ‘Free’, ‘Luving U’, ‘Seasons’, and ‘Pretty Little Fears’ all provided a taste of the sentimentality of his words. As you looked around the room, it’s clear that his music resonates heavily with his fans. Much of his words focus on powerful emotions such as heartbreak, loss and love, and seeing them brought to life hit hard for many in the venue.

Though the majority of the night was smooth sailing jam-packed with melodic R&B tracks, there was also brief moments of his more upbeat material, such as ‘Balenciaga Challenge’.

6LACK ended his show just as it started, bringing the show full circle. This time it was with his hit song ‘Prblms’. Despite the mellowness of the track, he lifted the energy and drew in the crowd with his infectious energy.

6LACK is an astonishing storyteller, and better yet, he’s able to translate the emotions behind his music into a live setting flawlessly.

Words by - Amy Smolcic
Photography by Kristy Smolcic (Folio)


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Los Angeles’ THEY. are in Australia for the first time supporting 6lack, but it was Melbourne’s turn on Thursday night to be treated to a headline performance from the duo. With the release of their EP Fireside fast-approaching on November 9th, their most dedicated Melbourne-based fans not only experienced some of THEY.’s most-loved tracks but also highly-anticipated new material.

Though the crowd that gathered at Howler was much smaller and intimate than the crowds they would be exposed to during 6lack's shows, they were amped and ready.

THEY. made their way onto the stage to the echoing and shadowy sounds of wolf howls, which represents their dedicated legion of fans called the 'wolf pack'. As soon as they hit the stage, they asked everyone to move closer to the stage, which helped with the atmosphere they set out to create. They started their set with ‘Africa’, which comes from their 2017 debut album Nü Religion: Hyena. After their thrilling opener, they moved into their sultry jam ‘Deep End’, which saw the room erupt into a sea of dancing bodies. During their performance of the track, Dante Jones and Drew Love oozed confidence and it was utterly infectious.

The room may have been small, but they were loud. Not only did they chant during songs, but they also enthusiastically had their ‘wolves up’ in-between songs. Even for their unreleased material, the crowd quickly learnt the hooks so they could sing-a-along with the duo, with the duo even teaching the crowd the words to their upcoming material. In a way, their performance felt like a showcase and an opportunity to test out their forthcoming material in a live environment

Along with their more upbeat material, they also dished out multiple servings of their R&B stuff that helped bring the feels with tracks such as ‘Truth Be Told’ and ‘Bad Habits’, which showcased their impeccable vocals

Their performance also included a dose of alternative music, with their track ‘Rather Die’, which features guitar lines from Nirvana’s ‘Polly’. Their performance of this track provided a different (yet welcomed) energy and showed off their versatility.

The next time THEY. return to Australia, there’s no doubt that they’re destined to play larger venues and to bigger crowds, and those who attended their show at Howler were gifted with a performance that will be etched in their memories for years to come.

Words - Amy Smolcic
Photography - Kristy Smolcic (Folio)

Listen: Local Gems of the Week – 12.10.18

Friday, October 12, 2018

We've stumbled across some absolute gold this week and we can't wait for you to hear all the amazing tunes we've found from around town.

Anieszka  – 'Loving You'
We absolutely adore this delight from Anieszka.

Ruby Vidor  – 'If Only The Walls Could Scream'
Ruby's vocals are out of this world!

The Mamas  – 'Banana Club'
'Banana Club' is everything we need and so much more.

Edward R. – 'Way You Do'
He's done it again, Edward R. can never do wrong (p.s be sure to check out his newly released EP Body Corporate)

PINES – 'Glisten'
They've come through with the goods once again.

TH’FIKA – 'Peachy Rosie'
Though this one was uploaded onto Unearthed in September, it's so good that we had to share it.

Split Feed – 'Homesick'
This fiery new tune will give you that much-needed dose of energy this arvo.

IVEY – 'Won't Be'
'Won't Be' will leave you feeling good all weekend.

Drunk Mums – 'Phantom Limb'
'Phantom Limb' is absolute fire!

SOY – 'Bellows'

Cilla Jane – 'Ice Age'
Get ready to feel bewitched by this gem.

Planète – 'Invisible Cities'
Get ready for 18 minutes of pure bliss.

Now Playing: Miya Folick – 'Thingamajig'

With the release of her debut album Premonitions fast-approaching on 26th October,  LA-based Miya Folick has shared a fresh taste of the highly anticipated release with her new single 'Thingamajig'.

'Thingamajig' is set to open up the album, and though we haven't heard the rest of the project just yet, it's set to kick things off on a reflective and meditative note. As you listen to 'Thingamajig', there's a degree of quietness with moments of introspection, but you also feel like there's an impending moment where things are about to erupt. The track is about accepting that you're wrong and finding it within yourself to apologise.

If 'Thingamajig' sets the scene for Premonitions, just imagine how incredible the rest of the album will be. Watch this space.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

(Photo by Miya Folick's FB)

Now Playing: Ghostly Kisses – 'The City Holds My Heart'

Every now and then, you stumble upon a track that invites you to feel an array of powerful emotions, recently 'The City Holds My Heart' by Quebec-based singer-songwriter and violinist Margaux Sauvé (aka Ghostly Kisses) has been that song.

Ghostly Kisses' enthralling new single appears like a stream of water. Sauvé's vocals draw you in instantly and they add weight to the emotional nature of the track. 'The City Holds My Heart' also has a storylike-quality, especially with touching words such as "The city holds my heart / Within walls of glass and steel / Can't you see I just can't go? / These walls are all I know". The piano is the driving force throughout its duration, but the underlying electronic sounds appear like a pulse.

Everything she does is magical and 'The City Holds My Heart' is certainly no exception.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

(Photo via Ghostly Kisses' FB)

EP Premiere: MTNS – Hold My Breath

Thursday, October 11, 2018

We're super excited to today share Hold My Breath, which the new EP by Brisbane trio MTNS. They've been working hard for a few years now and their latest offering is proof of all their efforts in refining their sound and establishing their identity through their music. The EP will be officially released tomorrow 12th October.

Spanning four tracks, Hold My Breath features different slices of their intriguing sound. The EP opens up on a powerful note with 'Two Rivers'. The shifting and intricate sounds in the production take it to another level. The words are also especially poignant, including lyrics such as "Your world could crumble, tear apart at the seams / I'll wake at the moment, as real as the air that they breathe". 'Missing Piece', just like the opener, features a sound that's reminiscent of that shadowy time in the night when you should be asleep. As you listen to 'Missing Piece', you fall deeper into a trance-like state. 'Hold My Breath' is a soaring addition to the EP, with Tom Eggert's vocals working beautifully with the atmospheric production. The final track 'Miscommunication' encapsulate's the EP's distinct,  yet entrancing sound.

MTNS have delivered the goods with their new EP and you won't be disappointed.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

You can listen to Hold My Breath by MTNS below:

Feature: How to Do Life with Sex on Toast

Sex on Toast recently dropped their EP Rough and are about the embark on a huge tour — to celebrate all the exciting things happening for them right now, they've come together to share they're best bits of love advice in our latest 'How to Do Life' feature.

Don't let it blind you:
Angus Leslie: Limerence, Obsession, Infatuation ect…are simply not love! Sure they may be the start of love or a genuine bond but if your love is mostly longing and pain, then one might venture to say that may be a part of some deep-seated attachment issues within yourself! They could be worth sorting out with a professional... Gee, all the above things can be a roller coaster of fun though, can’t they? Also how many goddamned songs are written about that shit? I almost got a whole album’s worth once!

What even is love?
James Bowers: I'm not 100% sure I really understand what love is. In fact, I don't know if anyone does. I don't think that matters though because my version of what it is feels really great and means lots of different things and different times. Also if it goes wrong it feels really really bad, so try to avoid that, please. It's ok if you can't, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Don't hide from love:
Angus Leslie: Don’t HIDE from it though, man! If it feels like genuine love, just LET LOVE IN! (If it feels like an eel, run! some eels are very dangerous!)

Don't force it:
Ladi T: Love can't be forced, and you can't fake falling in love. You'll know its happening because it snatches you off the ground and plops you on Pegasus. You soar through the sky, you feel exhilarated and a teeny bit frightened. And if you fall off you come crashing down to earth wondering what the hell just happened. It's great.

Love is grand: 
Ladi T: I've experienced falling in love slowly and falling desperately in love immediately with no doubts whatsoever. Both are wonderful in their own ways, but there is something magnetic and stunning about a love suddenly that turns your life upside down. Keep your eyes peeled for the kind that you'd drop anything for. The kind that makes you feel like there must be angels because how else did your absolute favourite human fall into your lap.

Angus Leslie: Having said all this, the song ‘Think I’m in Love’ is a dysfunctional, paranoid and hellish journey about more than one unbelievably unhealthy collection of intrusive thoughts, some disguised as love, some not so much... Enjoy!

You can stream Rough below:

Live dates:
13th October - Howler, Melbourne
19th October - Blue Smoke, Christchurch, NZ
23rd October - Whammy Bar, Auckland, NZ
24th October - The Cabana, Napier, NZ
25th October - Caroline, Wellington, NZ
26th October - Nivara Lounge, Hamilton, NZ
27th October - Carterton Event Centre, Carterton, NZ
28th October - Leigh Sawmill Cafe, Leigh, NZ
2nd November - Sooki Lounge, Melbourne
3rd November - Karova Lounge, Ballarat
16th November - The Grand Poobah, Hobart
17th November - Club 54, Launceston
More information is available here

Video Premiere: IVY – 'Sinners Grin'

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Today, IVY has given us a taste of their new music video for 'Sinners Grin'. It's busy times for the indie-rock trio at the moment, as they're playing a series of shows this month and in November.

The music clip for 'Sinners Grin' captures the ferocity of the track, especially through the use of captivating visuals and fast-paced scenes that are reminiscent of the spirit of 'Sinners Grin'. Released late last month, the track is an enticing taste of IVY's personal brand of garage rock and we can't get enough.

If you like what you hear, be sure to catch IVY if they're playing a show in your town, they're not to be missed!

You can watch IVY's music video for 'Sinners Grin' below:

Catch them live at the below shows:
12th October - The Lass O'Gowrie, Newcastle
13th October - FKA Festival, Hunter Valley
14th October - The Lord Gladstone, Sydney
27th October - Frankies Pizza, Sydney
16th November - Last Chance Rock N Roll Bar, Melbourne
23rd November - Netherworld, Brisbane
Click here for more information

Now Playing: Harlee – 'GIANT'

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

If you have been desperately looking for a tune that's going to turn your mood around, Harlee's latest treasure 'GIANT' will fulfil all your needs

'GIANT' is the latest pop song that you need to add to your playlist ASAP — her vocals soar over the bouncy dance-infused production and she truly holds her own across the track's duration. Each moment of the track will send you into an infectious glow and you can't help but bust out a couple of moves.

Harlee has proved yet again why she's everything pop music needs right now. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Feature: We Play 'What Song...' with Mickey Kojak

Currently on the road celebrating the release of his latest single 'All That Acid', Mickey Kojak gives a little insight into some of his favourite tunes and why they're special to him.

What song reminds you of your youth?
It depends what age we’re talking. From age 5-7, I was obsessed with this Hot Wheels compilation CD I had, which had songs like 'All Star' by Smash Mouth and 'Prisoner of Society' by The Living End. I was really into metal and funk music from 7-12, so I’d say Low Rider and then on the opposite end of the spectrum, Slayer’s 'Angel Of Death'. I used to do the scream at the start of the song with my brother and once gave myself laryngitis.

What song would you love to sample?
There are a lot of songs I have sampled and won’t be talking about in case I get caught out! Sampling to me is very rooted in hip-hop and has its ties with jazz, so I think a song by Thelonious Monk would be cool, maybe a solo piano version of 'Ruby, My Dear'.

What song did you last listen to?
According to Spotify, 'Magic Fountain' by Art vs. Science.

What song do you wish you collaborated on?
I’m not too sure... I don’t think I like the idea of jumping in on someone else’s hard work after they’ve done it. I would love to collaborate with a band like MGMT or The Flaming Lips.

What song is your ultimate party track?
Subject to change, but currently... 'It’s Raining Men' by The Weather Girls

What song was your favourite track of last year?
'When You Die' by MGMT without a doubt. That track came in and rocked my world.

Listen to 'All That Acid' by Mickey Kojak below:

Tour dates:
10th October - DK Pool Club, Bathurst
13th October - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
27th October - House of Voodoo, Central Coast
2nd November - Cats, Adelaide
15th November - Jacuzzi Stu, Wollongong

Now Playing: Kyson – 'Forest Green'

Australian-born and Berlin-based songwriter/producer/composer Kyson has unveiled the final track from his series of releases via Majestic Casual Records/B3SCI. His latest offering 'Forest Green' is an introspective number that brings to life breathtaking soundscapes.

Though 'Forest Green' may appear mellow, be prepared for it to absolutely consume you. Kyson's delicate vocals take his deep lyricism to a place that's almost picturesque — you can't help but think about the visuals for every word he sings. 'Forest Green' sees Kyson create electro-folk at its finest and every second is pure magic.

Press play and let Kyson's 'Forest Green' transport you to another world.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Feature: The Anatomy of 'The Comments' with Yeo

Friday, October 5, 2018

Melbourne-based musician and producer Yeo last week shared his new single 'The Comments'. Before he appears at the 2018 Iceland Airwaves Conference, he gives us an insight into what 'The Comments' means to him.

I wrote 'The Comments'... for all my pals who are frustrated by loud and ignorant people, both online and in real life.

The story behind ‘The Comments'... throws a spotlight on a few issues that we're very much in denial about as a country — all with morally obvious solutions.

My favourite lyric is... "I really hope my friends' dreams do come true."

It was made... in my home studio in 2017 after listening to a lot of SZA, but...

My main inspiration for this song... was Lonelyspeck's cover of 'Come And See Me' by PARTYNEXTDOOR.

It sounds best when... you can't get to sleep because you're angry about something and you've got an early start in the morning.

(Photo by Lee Chang Ming x Nope Fun)

Interview: IV League on the Power of Visuals

During BIGSOUND, I sat down with Bella and Lachie from the Melbourne rock outfit IV League — we had a talk about their visuals, musical inspirations and their single ‘Superstar’.

Loving the name! What made you decide to pick it?

Lachie: When we were trying to decide on a name, League just kept popping up.

Bella: And I was reading a lot of Jack Kerouac, where he talks a lot about Ivy league schools. Then we thought, my initials are IV and Lachie’s are LG so we’d just drop the Y. But that’s actually caused us a lot of trouble, because people think it’s the roman numeral for 5.

Lachie: Or even that it stands for IV drip.

Having parts of real names in the band name can be personal, how much would you say your own personas exist within the project?

Bella: Where we're trying to go with our aesthetic moving forward is definitely like a part of me and bits of Lachie too. It's definitely different from our everyday life.

Lachie: It's almost an extension of us, but we're trying to be what we're influenced by.

Bella: Yeah, we're trying to project our influences and our more artistic dreamy sides, but then, obviously in our latest press shoots, they're quite whimsical, gothic and dark, as opposed to our real lives where we are kinda just like skater dudes.

Visuals and music are known to sit together in a sort of marriage, how important is it for IV League to harmoniously marry the two?

Bella: It's become more important to us now and we've got a clearer vision of where we want to go.

Lachie: It goes hand-in-hand with the music — if you're proud of the music, you become proud of the way you present yourself.

Bella: Even in the way we've started dressing on-stage, and in our new images and music videos — it's allowing us to take on a persona. I would never normally wear a white wedding dress from an op-shop in my regular life, but when I'm on-stage, it kind of helps me embody a different part of my soul.

Lachie: The way you present yourself is just really important. We try our best to be the whole package and to be as professional as possible.

This year, you released the audio and visuals for 'Superstar' — how would you explain it to people that haven't checked it out yet, what can they expect? 

Bella: It's has a kind-of 90s teen movie kitschy vibe and it stars the four of us in the band working at a fast food diner and then deciding to quit our jobs and drive off into the sunset.

I’ve checked out the video and I’m curious, how did you find that scene when you were dancing on the counter?

Bella: Oh yeah, that definitely wasn't my idea. That was the director and she kind-of sprung it on me. It’s just not something you expect to do completely sober.

I’m not going to lie, it looked slightly terrifying. I feel like anyone else would’ve slipped and fell.

Bella: Yeah, especially in those chunky boots. I just love the way they cut it together with our friends sitting in the diner just laughing.

I was about to mention that they excel at that look of being so annoyed by everything you’re doing.

Bella: I personally would love that if I was in a Hungry Jacks and the staff just got up and danced!

The video and track is such an experience — how do you plan to bring that to the live shows?

Bella: We'd love to step-up the visuals. We've had friends when we're in Melbourne do projections a couple times, also we’d like to add to the sonic experience messing around with a lot more SPDs and reverb mics to really bring the aesthetic and the recording to the stage.

Lachie: We’re just trying to constantly improve and introduce new things to make everything sound better. It’s all a natural progression.

IV League is part of this sort-of new generation of punk/rock. What do you feel IV League brings to a genre that’s been around for so long?

Bella: Where we envision our career going and what we're really interested in is becoming a band that could possibly go international one day. We really love a lot of bands from the UK and the US as well.

Lachie: I think we have a more modern take on the genre with how we blend international influences with 90s guitar music.

Speaking of international influences — which artists would you say are your current inspirations?

Bella: Currently Shame, Goat Girl, Wolf Alice, mostly bands from London.

So, what’s next for IV League?

Bella: We have an EP coming out, TBA on the date, but the new single should be out soon!

Lachie: Also, new music and more shows!

Looking forward to it! Thank you for chatting with me today!

Written by Roy Gordon (@yorgordon)

You can catch IV League at Melbourne Music Week on Sunday, November 18th. Click here for more infomation.

(Photo by Clay Waddell)

Listen: Local Gems of the Week – 5.10.18

(Photo by Giulia Giannini McGauran)

This week's 'Local Gems of the Week' is our first for the month, and we're pretty damn excited. We just know you're going to love this week's edition as much as we do.

Eliza & the Delusionals – 'Jackie'
Such a touching tribute to the greatest little creatures that have ever graced our Earth.

Layer Cake – 'Keep Me Awake'
Get ready to be jammin' this one all weekend long.

Clea – 'Dreaming'
What a voice. Clea is set for big things, watch this space.

CREO – 'Plasticine Mezzanine'
High-powered goodness, how can you not love it?

RACKETT – 'Tried to Quit'

Approachable Members of Your Local Community – 'Only Friend' (ft. Tamara Dream)
This treasure is set to dominate our summer listening.

BREWER  – 'Anything, Everything'
This very talented 17-year-old has unleashed something that's truly magical.

KILNS  – 'Go Slowly'
Though this one was released earlier last month, we thought it deserved another dose of love.

Speakeasy  – 'Lou Lou'
This piece of gold was designed for long drives and warm summer nights.

leftprojects  – 'Without You'
Wanna know what heaven sounds like?

Indigo Milk  – 'Underwater'
Utterly captivating stuff from Indigo Milk.

joshie  – 'Smile'
*inserts a million heart-eyed emojis for this beautiful tune*

Feature: The Ingredients of Digital Mountain with Nice Biscuit

Earlier last month, Brisbane DIY enthusiasts and psych-rockers Nice Biscuit shared their debut album Digital Mountain. They take us through the album's secret ingredients.

Luya St:
This is our base of operations/spiritual home. Four of us have lived there on and off over the past two or so years and we’ve watched the house slowly deteriorate. It’s full of some very bold possums, I think some sinkholes are opening up on one side and it’s getting fairly decrepit but it’s still a fairly special place. It has a tiled room downstairs that we practice in that sounds pretty terrible and gets deafeningly loud. It’s where we’ve been jamming for the past two and a half years, and pretty much all the songs on the album were worked out or put together downstairs there. Thanks to all the housemates and good-natured neighbours that put up with our noise over the years.

The Farm:
We recorded all of the album in our mate's (Ali Richardson’s) studio near Boonah, about an hour and a half outside of Brissie on a farm. It’s perched on top of a hill overlooking the Scenic Rim and is just an all-round beautiful place. It was really nice to leave the city for weekends and head out there rather than locking ourselves away in a dark little room somewhere in the suburbs. We could do our takes and work for a while, then go for a walk through the bush or relax and have a cup of tea. It’s a just a very relaxing experience working out there. I’m sure the album would have been done without the farm but it wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable or rewarding a process.

Our mates/family bands:
We’ve got a really nice community of mates and family bands in Brisbane that we like to play with whenever we can. Everyone’s really supportive of each other’s music and ideas and we work together to have a nice little creative environment. Along the way we played shows together, played in each other’s bands, hung out and had some good times. We worked with Johnny Mort from Orange Planet who helped make the video for Digital Mountain Sparrow. It was nice to have a visual representation of our music and even nicer that we were able to do it just among mates without outsourcing.

Our Mums & Dads:
We owe a lot to our old folks. Whether they just encouraged us, came to shows, bought us proper meals or never told us to get real jobs, they’ve been there along the way. If it wasn’t for Billie’s Mum having a party and insisting we get together and play for it we probably would have never even started jamming or formed a band in the first place. Thanks Mums and Dads.

Jet Black Cat Music:
Shannon from Jet Black Cat has always been a big supporter of ours and championed us to lots of people. She helped us a lot last year to get some of our bigger shows and get our name out to a bigger audience than we would have been able to do on our own. I feel like if we hadn’t got some of those bigger shows we wouldn’t be where we are now and frustration might have come a bit more easily. Everyone should go buy a record from Jet Black Cat Music. Support your local businesses.

(Photo - supplied)

EP Premiere: sansonus – $5 Overnight

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Today, we're thrilled to share the new EP from Melbourne-based sansonus. Their previous EP $3 Weekly — the name reminiscent of the good ol' days of runs to Video Ezy — was released in VHS boxes and featured commissioned artwork as the cover art, which according to them, cost just as much as the recording costs.

Their newly released EP $5 Overnight also features VHS packaging and a photograph that looks like it's part of a family comedy. On the EP, they say the EP's sound "feels like adult contemporary music if it was spiked with LSD". Listening to the EP, you'll be absolutely dazzled by their buoyant and energetic sound.

If you're in Melbourne tomorrow night 5th October, be sure to catch them celebrating the release of their EP at Bar 303 in Northcote. More information is available here.

Feature: The Anatomy of 'Just Goes To Show' with Eliza Shaddad

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Eliza Shaddad's highly anticipated debut album Future is set to be unleashed on 26th October and to say we're excited is a massive understatement. She reflects on her brand new single 'Just Goes To Show' and what the song means to her.

I wrote 'Just Goes To Show'... at home in London.

The story behind ‘Just Goes To Show'... is that I'd just ended things with someone that meant a lot to me, and I was remembering all the times I'd been broken up with and thinking about what he must be going through.

My favourite lyric is... 'I watch the slick red wounds reveal'

It was made... with Chris and Andrew Bond in a beautiful studio in deepest Devon.  We fought for quite a while against the poppier and more upbeat vibe of it but it just wouldn't conform to any other vibe. So we embraced it - and then it was really vibey and enjoyable; the majority of the song flowed out in one pure take.

My main inspiration was... all the pain of dying relationships.

It sounds best when... you are fading down on a prom scene for the closing credits of a movie haha:)


You can catch the brand new video for 'Just Goes To Show' below:

Eliza Shaddad is touring around the UK this month, click here to find out where you can catch her on tour.

(Photo by Mel Tjeong)

Now Playing: BAYNK – 'Settle' (ft. Sinéad Harnett)

A collab between New Zealand producer BAYNK and Sinéad Harnett is what we have been craving, and today they gifted us all with their glorious new single 'Settle'.

BAYNK's production work on 'Settle' is truly consuming, and listening to the track will lift you to a place out of this world. Once you mix in Sinéad Harnett's stunning vocals with the buoyant sounds of the production, the mix will enchant you — especially Sinéad Harnett's vocals, which sound like a slice of heaven.

'Settle' is about to become your newest obsession, and all it takes is one listen for you to be love with everything BAYNK and Sinéad Harnett offer on the track.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)


(Photo by Eric Kelly via BAYNK's FB)


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