Now Watching: Willie J Healey – 'Heavy Traffic'

Thursday, October 29, 2020


Amongst the chaos of 2020, Willie J Healey revealed his highly-anticipated sophomore album Twin Heavy. The critically-acclaimed 12-track offering shared via Yala! Records features Healey at his best and is a must-listen. The album is also home to his current single ‘Heavy Traffic’. 

The electrifying cut came to Healey mid-flight, where he was observing the many happenings surrounding him. He said, “I wrote 'Heavy Traffic' whilst on a flight. I effectively stole conversations people around me were having. I couldn’t believe it, they wrote it for me; south facing condos, nightmares and the notebook. I remember crying on that flight.”

The video, directed by Joe Wheatley and starring choreography by Vicki Heathcote, sees Healey talk about the possibility of hiring twelve ballet dancers. His wish becomes a reality, with him dancing up a storm with the ballerinas surrounding him. 

Watch Willie J Healey’s new video for ‘Heavy Traffic’ below. 

Written by Kristy Smolcic 

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Now Playing: RINSE – ‘Back Into Your Arms’ (ft. Hatchie)


Photo by Leigh Agius

Brisbane-based artist RINSE (the project of Joe Agius) has just unleashed his brand new single, this time coming through with the ever-so-dreamy ‘Back Into Your Arms’. The captivating number is set to make an appearance on his much-anticipated debut EP Wherever I Am, which will be independently released on March 5th next year. 

Originally Agius intended on writing ‘Back Into Your Arms’ for Hatchie. After falling in love with the song, he decided to hold onto it and instead asked her to feature on the track with him. “Harriette’s vocals sounded so great accompanying mine on the demo we decided it would be a perfect opportunity to make her an official feature, since we both loved the song so much,” said Agius. 

His moving new single was inspired by stirring feelings of longing and the obstacles the pandemic has caused for couples in long-distance relationships. Agius notes on the lyrics, “I finished the lyrics earlier this year after watching a lot of my friends' struggle to maintain long distance relationships through the pressures brought on by COVID-19 and the past year. Each verse is from a different person's view during different stages of a relationship, while the choruses fantasise about the idea that just being in each other's arms is enough to make it work.”

Check out RINSE’s beautiful new track ’Back Into Your Arms’ (ft Hatchie) below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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Now Playing: Black Country, New Road – ‘Science Fair’

Photo by Maxwell Grainger

Over the past few years, Black Country, New Road have been gathering a bit of buzz thanks to their impressive and noteworthy early singles, including ’Sunglasses’ and ‘Athen's, France’, as well as their thrilling and much-talked-about live shows in the UK. The Speedy Wunderground alumni have also recently signed with Ninja Tune. They’ve also got an album on the way, with their debut For the first time due on February 5th next year. 

Listening to Black Country, New Road’s startling single will leave you on the edge of your seat, eagerly anticipating what turn ’Science Fair’ will head in next. According to the band, their intention for ’Science Fair’ was to emulate the live experience. Lewis Evans said, “We wanted it to sound exactly how we love to sound live.” Issac Wood added on, “This is basically representative of our first 18 months.

If ’Science Fair’ is anything to go off, Black Country, New Road have something special cooking up for their debut album. 

Listen to ’Science Fair’ by Black Country, New Road below.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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Now Playing: HighSchool – ‘New York, Paris and London’

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Melbourne-based HighSchool proves why they’re ones-to-watch with their stirring new number ‘New York, Paris and London’. Featuring Rory, Lilli and Scotty, they released their brilliant debut track ‘Floating’ also this year. Their brand new single coincides with the big news of their signing to UK label Dalliance Recordings. 

Though HighSchool’s sound is home to a mix of 80s new wave stirred in with the ferocity of industrial post-punk, they’re no imitation, instead, they infuse their own flavour into their sound and make it entirely their own — they bring something very unique to Australia’s music climate and it’s very exciting. 

On the new single, Lilli said, “‘New York Paris and London’ exposes peer validation that exists in settings where criticism is common. It suggests that dreaming and manifesting is as meaningful as our ambitions coming to fruition. New York, Paris and London are three highly desirable, yet clichéd destinations that symbolise the elusiveness of our own self expectations.”

With an EP in the works and due for release in early 2021, big things are coming HighSchool’s way very soon. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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Now Playing: Youth Valley – 'Young Sad Lovers'

Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Photo by Alexandra Diona

Up-and-coming Greek duo Youth Valley this month shared their debut self-titled EP. Initially a trio, they became a two-piece after guitarist George Piaditis left the band, leaving Dean Jola on drums/vocals and Joseph Powell on lead vocals/guitars. 

Though their debut is their first-ever official offering, they’ve been making music for quite some time now. They describe in their Spotify bio as music being something they’ve used as an outlet to help deal with life and its many turns, especially when navigating your late 20s and early 30s. They say, “We made music, to survive. And now we have decided to stop keeping it to ourselves.” 

The EP is home to three very special tracks, but we’re especially drawn to ‘Young Sad Lovers’. The poignant number sees the duo blend elements of 80s-inspired pop, shoegaze and new wave, resulting in something incredibly magical. Accompanying the beautiful track are equally as mesmerising visuals directed by Alexandra Diona.

Check out ‘Young Sad Lovers’ by Athens-based duo Youth Valley below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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Now Playing: Priestgate – 'Summ(air)'

Monday, October 26, 2020
Photo by Stewart Baxter

For much of the Northern Hemisphere, summer arrived and passed unknowingly due to pandemic — resulting in a summer much different from the one’s that have past during years prior. East Yorkshire five-piece Priestgate reflects on their summer with their soaring and addictive new single ‘Summ(air)’.

Though the track is buoyant and vibrant, there’s a certain melancholic feeling that overcomes you as soon as you press play. The contrasting elements, including the captivating and dreamlike soundscapes mixed with the track’s punk-like vocals work together beautifully. The band said on ‘Summ(air)’, “We wanted to write a song that epitomises the feeling of nostalgia when the sun comes and goes in a Great British Summer.”

The new single marks their third-ever offering and we can’t wait to hear what they serve-up next. Listen to ‘Summ(air)’ by Priestgate below.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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Now Playing: CHAI – 'Donuts Mind If I Do'

Friday, October 23, 2020
(Photo by Kodai Ikemitsu)

Dynamic Japanese quartet CHAI earlier this month shared their latest single 'Donuts Mind If I Do', coinciding with news of their major signing to Sub Pop. 

'Donuts Mind If I Do' has a daydream-like quality that makes it feel like your troubles are worlds away. Featuring dreamlike layered vocals and laidback instrumentation, it's the type of song we all need right now. CHAI said on the track, "When you’re feeling vigorous, when you’re feeling sick, You like what you like!  No changing that! Even if what I like is as simple as a donut <3. It’s this type of song!"

The accompanying visuals, directed by Hideto Hotta, shows the four-piece sitting by a grassy hill, enjoying colourful donuts. Hotta explains the concept behind the video:

"On an all-white table cloth, eating donuts, sits CHAI.  They can even sip on the tea in the teapot if they’d like! Ultimately time passes, and the elderly CHAI is still there, enjoying their last supper in the middle of the meadow, white-table cloth and all eating their donuts.  CHAI changes physically, but one thing that does stand still is them living in their truth. If finding true happiness is one of the goals the human race is constantly in search of, then conveying this in this visual, spreading what happiness means to CHAI, to me, is something I feel is important in us living in our truths."

Check out 'Donuts Mind If I Do' by CHAI below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)


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Now Playing: MorMor – 'Don't Cry'

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Photo by Kyle Berger

Toronto-based artist MorMor has returned with a brand new single, this time with his poignant number 'Don't Cry'. The track is his first offering of 2020 and has been accompanied by mesmerising visuals created by Titmouse and directed by Otto Tang. 

'Don't Cry' is home to moving words such as, "I'm tired of the taste / Playing hard in the cold / Spend nights wearing thin / Felt silence / I'm tired of the days / They came and went / We were left alone / Find it hard to breathe."

MorMor began writing again late last year, but when the world became a much different place in March, it didn't feel right to keep on working on music. MorMor said, "Though I tried to continue writing it didn’t feel right. I was told I was being hard on myself, but I have always used music as a way of making sense of things. Suddenly there were just too many things to make sense of: A Global pandemic, the sudden lockdown, shortly followed by the protests. Voices were raised around the world because people have had enough. Mourning has become so painful that people are demanding changes. I felt I had to reflect that. Tears have fallen and we can no longer pretend that we’re not all in this together."

Check out 'Don't Cry' by MorMor below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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Now Watching: Crack Cloud – 'Favour Your Fortune'

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Innovative Vancouver-based collective Crack Cloud has revealed the video for their explosive single 'Favour Your Fortune'. The song is cut from their impressive and thought-provoking debut album PAIN OLYMPICS, which was released into the world back in July. 

Featuring pro-skater Joe Buffalo, the self-made video for 'Favour Your Fortune' reflects on the disastrous war on drugs sweeping not only North America but also the rest of world — particularly on the ways it has been used to create a continuous cycle of increased imprisonment, racial divide and hate, as well as death. The video also opens up with a powerful and moving collection of words by Eris Nyx of the Coalition of Peers Dismantling the Drug War (C.P.D.D.W).

The video's startling subject matter is also channelled lyrically, especially with words such as, "So young to start conceiting / Every steps a misdemeanour / Always on the run / From the guilt inside its like a fever / High strung without volition / One toke away from twitching / All wounds resurface in the night / Eighteen with no remission."

Watch Crack Cloud's mesmerising visuals for 'Favour Your Fortune' below.

Written by Kristy Smolcic 

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Feature: The Anatomy of 'Best I Ever Had' with LAUREL

Tuesday, October 20, 2020


(Photo by Kamila K Stanley)

A lot has changed in LAUREL's life since working on her highly-acclaimed debut album Dogviolet — her perspective has shifted, she's found solace, she's madly in love and has relocated to Los Angeles. These changes in her life have led to two very special songs in 2020, including 'Scream Drive Faster' and more recently 'Best I Ever Had'. LAUREL has also joined forces with producer Chrome Sparks for 'Best I Ever Had' and her new music, which came about after a chance meeting in Brooklyn. To celebrate the release of 'Best I Ever Had', she recently took some time out to explore the dreamy single for us below.

I wrote ‘Best I Ever Had’… in London last year. At the time, it was quite a melancholic song. I then took it to New York and collaborated on it with Chrome Sparks, which transformed it into the upbeat summery song it has become.

The story behind ‘Best I Ever Had’… Falling in love during the summer in the city. Trying to cool things down and act sane so you don’t scare them off but you kinda can’t help but get in deep and fast.

My favourite lyric is… I said I’m ready for this paradise, paradise, paradise. Such hell, such paradise. 

My main inspiration was… Falling hard in love.

It sounds best when… You’re driving, preferably through a desert, roof down, nowhere to go in particular. 

Check out 'Best I Ever Had' by LAUREL below:

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Now Playing: Gustaf – 'Mine'

(Photo by Adam Lempel)

Brooklyn art-punk band Gustaf has released their exhilarating first single 'Mine'. The release of the track coincides with news of their signing to Royal Mountain Records, the label behind such acts as Pottery, US Girls and Wolf Parade. They're also set to release 'Mine' on 7" on December 4th (pre-order it here). 

It might be Gustaf's first official single but they're not exactly newcomers, having received a bit of buzz over the past few years for their thrilling live shows in NYC. 

According to Gustaf's Lydia Gammill, the punchy number is about someone having a distorted sense of entitlement. "Someone who feels attacked or like they’re being pushed out of their own world and not getting the credit they deserve. Someone with a delusional sense of self whose anger and frustration is humorous like the superintendent in a college frat movie. The opening lines make it seem like the narrator is being criticizing by someone else and they’re retaliation is like 'you’ve got to be kidding me, you can’t say that about me! I invented water you punk!' …. sort of."

Get acquainted with Gustaf and their debut single 'Mine' below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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Now Playing: Lynks – 'Pedestrian At Best'


(Photo by Percy Walker-Smith (@pappedbypercy on IG))

The one-and-only Lynks has followed up the iconic Smash Hits Vol. 1 with another brilliant offering, this time with 'Pedestrian At Best'. 2020 might be well and truly in the bin but Lynks continues to brighten-up our year one rave anthem at a time. 

The new track is a cover of Courtney Barnett’s ‘Pedestrian At Best'. According to Lynks, the track, as well as Barnett, has had a big impact from early on. "Courtney’s original version of ‘Pedestrian At Best’ was one of the first tracks that inspired me to start writing music," said Lynks. 

Also adding, "There was something in the specificity and the humour of the lyrics that made me realise, ‘holy shit, I could write songs about ANYTHING’. And so at the start of lockdown when I got my first synth and I was learning how to use it, I thought why not try and do my own spin on it as a kinda technical exercise. But then it ended up sounding amazing. I performed it on a live stream, a bunch of people asked me if I would release it and now here we are! I’m so happy to be paying homage to the ICON that is Courtney Barnett and to be turning her existential punk anthem into an unapologetic gay-club-ready banger."

Listen to Lynks' take on 'Pedestrian At Best' below. 

Written by Kristy Smolcic

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Lynks took us through the inspiration behind Smash Hits Vol. 1. Check it out here

Now Playing: Ultraflex – 'Full of Lust'

Monday, October 19, 2020

(Photo by Julia Lee Goodwin)

Dancefloors around the world may be on a temporary hiatus, but that doesn't mean it's the death of disco. Ultraflex, featuring Norway's Farao and Iceland's Special-K, will have you dreaming of the dancefloor with their sultry new gem 'Full of Lust'. The new single will be appearing on their forthcoming debut album Visions of Ultraflex, due for release on October 30th via Street Pulse Records. 

'Full Of Lust' is a seductive disco anthem featuring shimmering 80s-inspired synths, endless grooves and an enticing rhythm. The energy heats up to another level with the track's sultry vocals and provocative lyrics. After one listen of 'Full of Lust', you'll be hooked and desperately craving more. 

The athletic-themed video was directed by Okay Kaya and filmed at their gym, Squash 2000, in Berlin. In the video, the pair sweat it out over a game of squash, as well during some fun dance choreography. 

Before you enjoy the album very soon, play 'Full of Lust' by Ultraflex on-repeat with us below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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Now Playing: Porches – 'I Miss That'


(Photo by Shawna Ferreira)

New York-based artist Aaron Maine has returned with a brand new Porches song, this month sharing 'I Miss That'. Though it feels like a lifetime ago, Porches earlier this year shared his most recent album Ricky Music before the pandemic hit — with the project proving to be one of his most bold and experimental releases yet. 

'I Miss That' is another dazzling offering by Maine, who possesses a special way of writing lyrics that are very personal yet relatable to many of his listeners. His words on 'I Miss That' are poignant and melancholic but there's also an underlying feeling of hope beaming from glowing instrumentals backing him. The track features tender words such as, "I couldn’t believe what I had / So I threw it away I was bad / Just thinking I liked that, I liked that, I liked that / I miss that, I miss that, now I miss that."

The visualiser for the single was shot by Dev Hynes and shows Maine jumping on the bed with his guitar, eating noodles and hanging out by a fountain. 

Dive into Porches' new single 'I Miss That' below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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Now Playing: Pretty Sick – 'Angel Landing'

Sunday, October 18, 2020

(Photo by @seeyahhh on IG)

Up-and-coming New York band Pretty Sick has shared a preview of their forthcoming EP with 'Angel Landing'. The EP is set to be released via Dirty Hit — an official date is yet to be revealed but it's anticipated that the EP will be unveiled at some point this year. Led by Sabrina Fuentes, Pretty Sick have been gaining a bit of attention in New York circles in recent years and it's not going to be long until everyone is talking about them. 

The addictive track finds itself at the intersection of rock and pop — the stirring number is home to distorted guitars, gritty textures and layered vocals. Lyrically, 'Angel Landing' is impassioned and raw, especially with words such as, "Some problems are never to be resolved / As neither one of us lives long enough / To see the other given in / Is love so clear / Is it not distorted / Like the way that you look at yourself in the mirror / And the way you look in person."

Directed by Maggie Lee, Pretty Sick has also shared the music video for 'Angel Landing', which features grainy and lo-fi-style visuals shot at home in New York. 

Check out 'Angel Landing' by Pretty Sick below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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EP Review: Walt Disco – Young Hard and Handsome

Saturday, October 17, 2020
(Photo by Alasdair Scott)

Over the past eighteen months, Glasgow-based band Walt Disco have consistently left us in awe with their fearless and zestful take on 80s new wave. Despite facing an array of setbacks and cancellations as a result of the pandemic, Walt Disco has powered through to release their long-awaited debut EP Young Hard and Handsome (via Blood Records) — a phrase that’s become synonymous with the triumphant six-piece. 

Though Walt Disco are inspired by sounds of the past, there’s something vastly refreshing and unique about everything that they do — they’re certainly no imitation. Young Hard and Handsome encapsulates their growth, not only as musicians but as performers. Featuring four distinct and impressive tracks, the EP is a celebration of self-expression and individuality. 

The EP’s thunderous opening ‘Hey Boy (You’re One Of Us)’ is about encouraging men to embrace their feminine side. When the track was officially released a few months back, Walt Disco’s James Power said, “We wrote this song around a hypothetical situation about teaching a man to come to terms with his feminine side and that it wouldn’t devalue the parts of him that are male but would make him feel more free and help his relationships with others.” They maintain the lively energy of their opener with their anthemic track ‘Cut Your Hair’, which is an exhilarating number about nonconformity. 

The ever-so-glam ‘I’m What You Want’ is home to a pulsating bassline that’s impossible to ignore — the song is designed for strutting. 'I'm What You Want' sees the six-piece blend the theatrical element of their music with the electricity and high-voltage nature of vintage glam-rock — and all I want to do is bottle it up and consume it endlessly. Young Hard and Handsome concludes with ‘Heather’, showcasing a different side of the Glasgow-based band. Backed by a heavenly layer of smooth synths, ‘Heather’ is a tender cut that features the flamboyance that we’ve come to love about Walt Disco, but with a romantic and melancholic twist. 

Walt Disco remains undefeated with their momentous debut offering Young Hard and Handsome and if they’re not on your radar yet, it’s time to catch up. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Listen to Young Hard and Handsome below. Purchase it here.


Watch the video for 'Hey Boy (You're One Of Us)':

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Now Playing: Blanketman – 'Beach Body'

Friday, October 16, 2020


Photo by Through The Eyes Of Ruby via Blanketman's FB 

Manchester up-and-comers Blanketman recently unleashed their brand new single 'Beach Body', which comes after the release of their much-talked-about debut track 'Taking You With Me' earlier this year.  

Their lively and high-powered single was produced by Luke Smith (Foals, Petite Noir, Depeche Mode). The track is an ode to the warmer months that have passed and the missed moments that could have been. Blanketman vocalist and guitarist Adam Hopper said, "After a troubled lost summer, we felt we needed a new advert for British exceptionalism and the Brit abroad."

Along with releasing the single, the Manchester band have also shared the accompanying visuals. Created by Hannah Cobb, the video shows the band enjoying the beach and sunshine from the comfort of their green screen.  

There's a lot to love about Blanketman and we're excited to hear what they have planned next. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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Now Playing: PVA – 'Talks'


(Photo by Lewis Khan)

London-based trio PVA has shared the highly-anticipated follow-up to their 2019 debut single 'Divine Intervention' with their newly released track 'Talks'. 'Talks' will be appearing on their introductory EP offering Toner, set for release on November 20th.  

'Talks' sees the trio link up once again with legendary producer Dan Carey (of Speedy Wunderground). With 'Talks', they reflect on defecting and avoidance. Producer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and PVA's own Josh Baxter said on the track, "Talks is about how we invent games in order to avoid expressing our true feelings or take the risk of being hurt. The song also takes inspiration from real relationships and the fictional relationship between John & Abigail Marston (the two main characters in video game Red Dead Redemption)."

The release of the new single coincides with big news of their signing with Ninja Tune's tastemaker label Big Dada. The trio said on the signing, "We are really over the moon to be joining the Ninja family. The music that has come from the label is incredible and includes some of our favourite releases. We’re very happy to now be a part of it."

Get aquatinted with PVA and their new single 'Talks' below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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Now Playing: deep tan – 'deepfake'

Thursday, October 15, 2020

(Photo by Mélia Beaudoin)

Hackney-based post-punk trio deep tan earlier this month shared their entrancing new single 'deepfake' via Practise Music. Their new track follows a string of impressive songs by the trio, including 'Shimmer', 'Constant Inconsistencies' and 'Air'.

With 'deepfake', the trio takes on the fast-rising and degrading trend of deep fakes — which is the act of digitally replacing someone's face with somebody else's. 

On the single, they said, "The song is a comment on consent. When deepfakes first emerged, they were considered a real political threat. However, they’re mainly used to degrade women. A report by Deeptrace Labs found that 96% of deepfakes online involve simulating porn of female celebrities (without their consent). This song is a comment on this strange internet subculture."

Listen to deep tan's absorbing new track 'deepfake' below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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Now Playing: Katy J Pearson – 'Something Real'

(photo by Tyla Johnson)

Bristol-based rising star Katy J Pearson has unleashed yet another gem, this time with 'Something Real'. The track is also set to appear on her much-anticipated debut album Return, which will be unveiled on November 13th via Heavenly Recordings. Also appearing on the album will be previous offerings 'Tonight', 'Fix Me Up', 'Take Back the Radio' and 'Hey You'. 

'Something Real' is an exquisite single featuring both slow-burning and soaring instrumentals and dreamy vocals by Pearson. Pearson's moving and reflective words are equally as beautiful, especially words such as, "Thought of you the other day, makes my head hurt, makes me sick. Wish I hadn’t fell so deep, got me talking in my sleep."

Along with sharing the single, she has also revealed the video, which she created with director Jamie Thraves and DOP Catherine Derry. On the video, Pearson said, "We filmed the video all around Bristol over 2 days and had Teddy the beautiful whippet as a special guest ( thanks Milly and Bella). Thanks to my lovely band and Molly shield for your appearances in the vid and shout out to Tom Jacobs and Louis Catlett for being sweet angels. Enjoy the vid!"

Before enjoying Return in its entirety next month, dive into 'Something Real' below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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Now Playing: Ela Minus – 'megapunk'

Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Photo by Teddy Fitzhugh

Colombia-born and Brooklyn-based musician Ela Minus last month unleashed her second single via Domino with ‘megapunk’. The track follows the footsteps of her first single via the label ‘they told us it was hard, but they were wrong’.

Her most recent single ‘megapunk’ is a surging and lifting number inspiring listeners to seek change in a depleting world. Though Ela Minus wrote the song last year, it’s as relevant as ever. Her words are powerful, especially lyrics such as, "you don’t want to understand // you’re choosing to lead us apart // but against all odds // you still won’t make us stop."

She said on the new single, “When I wrote this song last year, I was worried it would lose context if not released immediately. I could not have been more wrong. This is the perfect time to put this out. We have to keep going. Ánimo y fuerza.”

Check out ‘megapunk’ by Ela Minus below. 

Written by Kristy Smolcic 

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Now Playing: Walt Disco – 'Hey Boy (You’re One Of Us)'

Thursday, July 30, 2020
Photo by Marilena Vlachopoulou

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Glasgow-based band Walt Disco, and once again, they’ve come through with yet another impressive single, this time with ‘Hey Boy (You’re One Of Us)’. The track is also set to appear on their much-anticipated EP Young Hard and Handsome, due to be released on September 30th via Blood Records. 

According to James from Walt Disco, they wrote the anthemic song about embracing femininity. James said, “We wrote this song around a hypothetical situation about teaching a man to come to terms with his feminine side and that it wouldn’t devalue the parts of him that are male, but would make him feel more free and help his relationships with others. We obviously had a lot of fun writing it and sometimes the lyrics get a bit kinky, but such is life.”

Before it’s time to devour the EP in all its glory, check out ‘Hey Boy (You’re One Of Us)’ by Walt Disco below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic 

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Now Playing: indigoworld – ‘hourglass’

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Singer-songwriter/producer Hunjiya and producer Justin Trout join forces with their exciting new project indigoworld — they’ve also shared their first-ever single as a duo with ‘hourglass’. 

The lush single is the first to be released from their forthcoming EP Fold and was inspired by the experiences of Hunjiya and an unhealthy relationship that she was in. In the track’s lyrics, she draws upon the depiction of an hourglass and how this can resemble a relationship where two people are seeking fulfilment with one person trying to get more time out of the hourglass. On the track, Hunjiya sings, “You’ve done this to yourself again, pouring more sand in the hourglass.”

indigoworld’s debut EP is based on the experiences that Hunjiya sings about on ‘hourglass’, with each song is set to reflect on different periods of progress through varied production. The EP is also set to be formatted chronically, with the four tracks showcasing how Hunjiya has found peace. 

Listen to 'hourglass' by indigoworld below. 

Written by Amy Smolcic

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Now Playing: Pynch – ‘Somebody Else’

Photo by Holly Whitaker

London quartet Pynch recently shared their second single ‘Somebody Else’, following in the footsteps of their impressive debut track ‘Disco Lights’, which was released in 2019. 

Pynch’s reflective new track was written by Spencer Enock from the band during lockdown — he wrote the song in response to changes he was going through as a result of the pandemic. He said, “I wrote and recorded the song over a couple of days in April after losing my job and going back home to live with my parents during the pandemic.”

Also adding, “The song is sort of a mediation and reflection on that and me figuring out what’s going on in my life. I wanted the video to be a document of this time as well and what it’s been like coming back home. I saw an advert on Facebook marketplace for a ‘lockdown bike,’ which was £20 and made up of loads of random parts, so a lot of the video is me riding around Thanet on it like a 14-year-old.”

Get acquainted with Pynch and their mesmerising new single ‘Somebody Else’ below. 

Written by Kristy Smolcic

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Feature: The Ingredients of Smash Hits, Vol. 1 with Lynks

Monday, July 20, 2020
Photo: @tilly_pearson_ph

Soaring queer icon Lynks (the drag persona of Bristol's Elliot Brett) first caught our attention after sharing ’Str8 Acting’ last year, since then, we’ve been absolutely hooked — anyone who describes their art as “deodorant deity, antiperspirant perfection” is a winner in our eyes. 

During the initial stages of the pandemic, Lynks kept spirits up with engaging and energetic live stream shows on Youtube — backed by a £9 green screen from Amazon, the shows became a weekly favourite of ours. During this time, Lynks shared ‘Pandemic!’, which reigns supreme as the best pandemic-themed song to be released. There was also the very London ‘Arts & London’, which is full of humorous satirical takes.

Continuing the momentum, Lynks has unleashed Smash Hits, Vol. 1 into the world, which features six (including ‘Pandemic!’ as a bonus track) addictive earworms. Though there are some clear comedic moments throughout the lyrics, the tracks also capture the mundanity of growing up and the perils of adulthood. There's ‘How to Be Successful’, which takes listeners through the milestones they're often pushed to pursue by society. ‘Rise + Shine’ reflects on morning dread, reminding us the importance of getting 8 hours of sleep. The EP is also home to much-loved previous offerings such as ’Str8 Acting’ and ‘I Don’t Know What I Want’. Smash Hits, Vol. 1 gives listeners everything they could possibly want with a shiny bow on top. 

To celebrate the release of Smash Hits, Vol. 1, Lynks took some time to walk us through the story behind each track and the apps that represent them the most. 

Dating apps play a weirdly large part in the EP. Well, maybe not that weird when you consider I was spending ~2-3 hours per day on them at the height of my obsession… Dark times, guys.

For any heteros out there who aren’t versed in Grindr lingo, I must come clean: I didn’t come up with the term ‘Str8 Acting’. It is, in fact, a common phrase some gay people use in their bios on such apps. For example, someone may write ‘Str8 acting looking for the same’ meaning they are looking for a ‘typically masculine’ man to have some aggressive, bro-ish, no-homo anal with. I wish I could say there was a degree of irony to this, but sadly there is not.

When writing ‘Str8 Acting’ I wanted to dismantle what that term really means. Queer people are as variable, brilliant and flawed as straight people, and yet we’re brainwashed to see our identity as a one-dimensional stereotype. So it’s no wonder we want to distance ourselves from it. But when you look at the straight world through the same warped lens that society makes us gay people look at ourselves through, it looks just as undesirable. So then; “why the fuck should I ever want to be ‘Str8 Acting’?”

Like practically everyone else who graduated uni this summer, I spent my Autumn chaotically sending out my CV to any grad job that would take it. None of them did. I think I sent out more than 100 applications and only got one rejection. The rest didn’t reply. This, coupled with the social-comedown going from three years of uni to living in the attic of my parents house again, led to a pretty negative vibe. Thank God I had Lynks to pour all my interest in to.

I wrote ‘How to Be Successful’ around this time as a reminder to not get too obsessed with ‘the ladder’; school, job, marriage, children, death. I’ve heard it said that queer people don’t have to conform to this life structure. If anything though, I think I used to feel more pressure to fulfil it, if only to buck that expectation and prove my normality. Writing this song helped me get over that.

A big revelation of my 20s has been the importance of waking up quickly. I believe the speed with which you get out of bed informs your mood for the whole rest of the day. I have no evidence for this, just a hunch.

My alarm has, for about a year now, been titled “GET OUT OF BED”. One day when this was proving to be a particularly difficult task, I had the idea to write my train of thought into a song. This ended up being ‘Rise + Shine’, which is lowkey my favourite song off the EP. Not the best, but my favourite. I feel like it perfectly captures that lesson of ‘get the fuck up and you won’t regret it’.

‘Desperate and Lovely, in Desperate Need of Love’ is about trying to write a Tinder profile after a breakup. Writing these profiles is such a mindfuck. It’s a constant push and pull between being interesting or inoffensive, honest or appealing, self-aware or confident. 

The song begins by listing the most generic, cookie-cutter, bullshit Tinder-isms I could think of (“I’m into dogs/And coffee/And drinking gin and tonics”). It then switches to an overly self-aware arrogance (“I’m sure you’ll like me/My friends all like me/My parents all like me”) and then finally an outpour of pure, ugly honesty (“I still think about my ex every time I masturbate/I have got no plans for after I graduate”). 

It’s something that I think happens a lot in relationships, but is particularly easy on dating apps; creating a perfect version of yourself while covering up your ugly parts, only for them to spill out twice as hard somewhere down the line.

Just Eat
‘I Dont Know What I Want’ was born from ordering Chinese food off of Just Eat with my mates. I had been scrolling through the endless menu for what felt like hours when I started absentmindedly singing what would become the song’s chorus to myself. I got up, went to the bathroom and recorded the foundation of entire song in my phone’s voice notes within about 5 minutes. The next day I produced the whole thing. Considering it’s a song about indecisiveness and choice paralysis, it was probably the most efficient, kinetic songwriting I’ve ever managed! Thanks Just Eat.

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