Feature: Local Artists We're Lovin' Right Now – 27.07.17

Recently, John Oliver was cast as Zazu in the Lion King remake. So, in keeping with the theme of “things-that-just-work-so-fucking-perfectly”, here are your new playlist additions for this week:

Who: Tuppaware Party
What: Liquid Melancholy
Where: Sydney
Why: I seriously have not been able to stop playing this, but I’m stuck on how to describe it to you! I mean, how do you draw an influence from something that sounds like nothing else? If lava lamps made noise – this is what it would sound like. Pure liquid & I’m obsessed.

Who: The Attics
What: Lying Together
Where: Melbourne
Why: Straight up I get hit with a Michael Hutchins vibe (love) in the opening vocals, which soon melts into a gooey Parquet Courts v UMO flavoured 7/11 slushie. I do crave a little more punch from it – but nevertheless is still super funky!

Who: King IV
What: We Can Get It ft. Rromarin
Where: Melbourne – I think?
Why: This is absolute fi-yaaaaaaaaah. I’m never going to claim that I’m a trap/electronic guru – because it’s not usually my cuppa soup. But this production is tight. The creativity laced into the vocal manipulation makes this a truly addictive 3:23 minutes. 

Who: Goji
What: Confessions
Where: Sydney
Why: Dreamy, dreamy, dreeeeamy electronica that I’m sure will pop up in Bonobo’s playlist in no time. Also on the hunt for a piano teacher after hearing this – anyone know a guy?

Who: The Harpoons
What: Do You Want My Love?
Where: Melbourne
Why: As the self-professed "chick who's hogging the fucking iPod" at the party, a solid 90s disco jam is always my go-to. And right now there is a perfect Harpoon-sized hole in the rotation between Modjo, Groovejet & Mark Morrison. This is seriously funky. I'm not sure if they're a few years late to the flawless disco scene or the first ones to arrive at the revival party – I'm just really really glad they're here (Flight Fac fans, take note).

Written by Emily Daenell

Gig Review: BANKS | Melbourne | 25.7.17

(Photo: Kristy Smolcic)

BANKS’ show at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre has been highly anticipated for a while now. Though she has appeared at Laneway Festival before, we hadn’t been treated to a headline performance yet. You could feel the energy buzzing and it was obvious that everyone in the room was eager to see what BANKS had in-store. 

Though she was approximately twenty minutes late to hit the stage (it’s okay, we’ll let that one slide), once she did, it was everything we could have possibly wanted and so much more. Accompanied by her band and two backup dancers, BANKS made her way onto the stage looking fierce with a black veil draped over her face. It only took a few moments after she hit the stage to come to the realisation that we were about to see something incredibly special. She opened up with ‘Poltergeist’, which ultimately set the tone for the night. After that was ‘Fuck With Myself’, and with that, the fierceness barometer hit a record high. The sensual track was captivating live, and BANKS’ intense strutting across the stage and subtle dance moves were diva goals — I mean, damn, why can’t I be that fierce?

The biggest thing I took away from the show was her amazing stage presence. She takes her performances very seriously and it’s clear that she spends a lot of time planning what her shows will look like. In a way, her show presents a story and everything seems to have a purpose.

Another incredible moment from the set was her poem. I’ve never seen an artist do something like this during a live show and I thought it was intriguing. The poem added another level to her artistry and it was truly beautiful. 

All good things must come to an end, and BANKS show was no exception (*sad face*). She played the broody ‘Judas’ before getting into ‘Beggin for Thread’. She closed her set on a high note with ‘Haunt’, leaving us wishing it would never end, yet feeling thankful for the brilliance she served up during the night.

BANKS’ show was more than a set, it was a performance that captured all that she represents as an artist, as well as capsulizing everything that is beautiful about her music. 

Written by Amy Smolcic

Photographer: Kristy Smolcic 


Now Spinning: Purity Ring – 'Asido'

Purity Ring has gifted us all with ‘Asido’ to celebrate five years since their debut LP Shrines. The track is a standalone release and won’t feature on their upcoming album, which they’re currently working on. 

‘Asido’ is dreamy and ghostly — a combination Purity Ring know how to do exquisitely. The lyrics give you all the feels, especially with the words ‘feel as lonely as I do’, which ring many times throughout the track. 

Along with the release of this surprise track, they have also unveiled a stunning animated lyric that was created by the incredible Tallulah Fontaine, who has also been responsible for creating or their previous artworks.

Though we're itching for a slice of their new LP, this will do until they give us another gift. 

Written by Amy Smolcic

Single Review: Gymnastics In The Seventies – 'Too Long'

Photo credit: Rhys Newling via Gymnastics In The Seventies's FB

Homegrown indie rockers Gymnastics In The Seventies recently dropped their new track and the second single off their upcoming EP Too Long.  

The track offers a distinctive indie beat featuring mild guitar riffs alongside earthy beats to create a blend of indie rock heaven. The track screams confidence as the band comes of the back of sold out shows and great success off their recent EP Daylessness

The bands recent release ‘Too Long’ shows how far the band have matured through the bright lyricism and beautifully placed beats. This track has to be one of my favourites and I can’t help but compare these guys to local indie legends Gang of Youths.  

These lads have progressed beautifully through this track and this can be seen by their vast instrumental range and angular guitar riffs.  

Their latest release was produced by Isaac Barter and Paul Maybury along with parenting with Melbourne’s Gap Tooth Records.  

Despite only forming in 2015, the band have become one of my favourite homegrown indie bands, and there is no doubt that with this recent release that they won’t move from that position.  

Written by Allanah Sciberras

Gig Review: Maggie Rogers | Melbourne | 23.7.17

(Photo: Kristy Smolcic)

2016 was Maggie Rogers' breakout year, and since then, she's gone from strength to strength. In town for this year's annual Splendour in the Grass festival, Rogers proved why she should be on every music lovers radar during her show at Melbourne's Forum Theatre.

Don't let her fierce and dazzling costume conclude that she's a diva, she's humble, even when rockin' fierce outfits (note: tell me where I can get a jumpsuit like that, please!). Throughout the night, Rogers showed her humility and why she is so loveable — apart from her incredible vocals, it's the other thing that impressed me. She came across very genuine and you can see that she was having the absolute time of her life on the stage, it was infectious. One of my favourite moments from the night was when she excitingly admitted that the show was one of the biggest headline shows she has ever done. The joy on her face was indescribable and lit up the whole room. Bless her cotton socks. 

Now that I've established how lovely she is, I can get to the music. There was the obvious ones like the ever so wonderful 'Alaska', which was as glorious as you could imagine. My personal fave 'On + Off' was even better live, but did I expect any less? Of course not, she's bloody brilliant. The track was a big one for me last year, so I can't lie that when I heard it live that I was covered in goosebumps from head to toe. My pleasant surprise from the night was her cover of Neil Young's 'Harvest Moon'. Plus, you can never go wrong with a Neil Young cover.

She took the audience on a journey through lots of different emotions — she made you want to dance, and then the next moment she kinda made you want to hug randoms because her music is so damn beautiful and poignant. She's taking her music in an exciting direction and it won't be long until the whole world falls in love with her.

Written by Amy Smolcic

Photographer: Kristy Smolcic


Photo Gallery: LANY | Sydney | 22.7.17

(Photo: Ruby Boland)

FEAT: Ric Rufio
Photographer: Ruby Boland 


Photo Gallery: Lil Yachty | Melbourne | 22.7.17

(Photo: Kristy Smolcic)

Photographer: Kristy Smolcic 


Feature: We Play 'What Song...' with Aeora

Lisa Spencer aka Aeora stunned us with her single 'Boss-y' earlier this year. She recently unleashed her new single 'Fenceline’, and we absolutely love it! Check out some of the tracks Aeora loves in our latest 'What Song...'

What song reminds you of your youth?
'Tribute' - Tenacious D. Holy shit, I think I speak for everyone when I say this is the greatest song to sing with friends. My best friend and I created a sort of hand dance to this song and knew every word to it. Definitely takes me back.

What song would you love to cover live?
'Back to Black' – Amy Winehouse. Amy is exceptional and this song is so great. I got a bit obsessed with Amy Winehouse after watching a fair few doco’s and got back into her music. Her story is a very sad one, so it’s still sad to listen to/sing - but it’s such a great song. 

What song would you love to sample?
'Hollaback Girl' – Gwen Stefani. I just love this song and I don’t know what I would sample from this, but everything in this is pure gold.

What song would you make your theme song?
'Shake It Off' – Taylor Swift. I can’t not mention Tswizzle. Will always love her, and this song is no exception.

What song has been your favourite track of this year?
'Sober' – Lorde. Okay I originally was thinking Jax Jones ft Raye (You Don’t Know Me) but I just realised that was 2016. And I totally forgot about Lorde’s new album (how’d I forget that one?) – Anyway, had this album on for a solid 2 weeks.

What song is your guilty pleasure?
'Galway Girl' – Ed Sheeran. I really want to hate this song, because it just feels so weird but I can’t help but like it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but whatever, I’ll just embrace it.

You can catch Aeora at her mini residency show below:
July 26 – The Gasometer Upstairs w/ Eillish Gilligan

Now Spinning: Black Napoleon – 'Never Know' Ft. Figuero Jones

Perth rapper Black Napoleon links up with the newest member of the Home Baked collective Figuero Jones (FKA Erik Shane), for their new track 'Never Know'.

The beat, produced by ErikiBeatz is moody, dark and nocturnal. It perfectly fits into Black Napoleon's usual and maturing style. Also, the bass is heavy and the beat is hard-hitting.

Coming off hot from the recent Home Baked collaborative album Six, Black Napoleon and Figuero Jones both come through with some solid verses, mixed in with a hazed autotuned hook. It makes for a pretty solid track from these two. The two can match the intensity of the beat with their verses, resulting in an enjoyable listen. 

Written by Rhys Prka

Feature: We Play 'What Song...' with Maja

Brisbane based soul/folk singer-songwriter Maja recently released her single ‘Wake Up And Find’, which is also a slice off of her sophomore EP Still Bleeding (due on August 4th). Maja will also be embarking on a tour this September! Check out some of her fave songs below.

What song reminds you of your youth?
'Leave Before the Lights Come On' - Arctic Monkeys. Anything by Arctic Monkeys really. I was obsessed with them as a teenager! 

What song is your ultimate party track?
'Bitch Better Have My Money' - Rihanna because it reminds me of party times in Greece. Also 'Somewhere in America' by Jay-Z is up there! Gotta love pop culture references! 

What song do you listen to before you jump on stage?
At the moment it's 'F.E.M.A.L.E' - Sampa the Great. Because it makes me feel like a confident, empowered F.E.M.A.L.E. 

What song would you make your theme song?
'Little Bitty Pretty One' - Thurston Harris. It's in Matilda in the scene where she makes everything come alive! Also my theme song would have to be a song you can dance to on the street and this is definitely that! 

What song reminds you of your first heartbreak?
'One last time' - The Kooks. The Kooks were pretty popular around the time my first heartbreak was happening. This was around the time of iPods and when people broke up with you via text. 

What do you have on repeat right now?
'Daisy' - Laura Marling. I saw her sing this solo at her concert and was obsessed ever since. 

Tour dates:
September 1st - Wesley Anne, Melbourne 
September 2nd - Babushka Bar, Ballarat
September 14th - Milk Factory, Brisbane
September 15th - 17th - Nimbin Roots Festival, Nimbin
September 21st - Grace Emily, Adelaide
September 29th - Handle Bar, Bendigo

Gig Review: Saskwatch | The Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney | 6.7.17

This month, Saskwatch previewed their new album Manual Override at a lovely intimate gig at the newly opened Lansdowne in Sydney. The dream-pop outfit explained that they have been locked away in a house in Byron, writing track and freaking out about how they would go down. It’s been a few years since we last heard anything from the group. And by the sounds of it, they’ve found a new, very exciting direction to head down!

They’ve ditched their pop synth sound for a deeper, slightly more psych-pop kinda vibe. A risky move, but so far it has proved profitable.

'December Nights' and 'Then There’s You' were the two openers. These two tracks have really set the tone on where the guys are going with the new album.

Then there’s you has a really Connan Mockasin feel to it in the spacey synth. It’s a very chilled version of Saskwatch that bodes well with me!

Without catching the names of all the tracks that followed – the best way to describe the new album is the love child of Miike Snow, Pond & Connan Mockasin. The base in each of the tracks was very mechanical, slow and heavy. But juxtaposed with her sweet vocals, and dreamy synths that work well to add the psych element to the sound.

They ended with the classics, 'Born to Break Your Heart' & 'These Hands', but not before telling us they were going to be playing “a bit of an emotional song”.

I thought they were kidding. They were not. This is the one I’m most excited for on the newbie – mostly because I’ve exhausted all of my “songs to cry to in the shower” and this one just tugs at dem heart strings – oh so hard!

Manual Override will be available on Friday 4 August. Pre-order it now to ensure all of your shower crying needs are satisfied!

Written by Emily Daenell

Single Review: Manu Crooks – 'Ridin''

The first time I came across Manu Crooks' work was when he supported Denzel Curry on his Australian tour earlier this year. I became an instant fan. His sound goes beyond anything hip-hop artists are making in Australia, everything he does sounds like it could easily slide into the international market — 'Ridin'' is no exception. 

In the track, Manu Crooks mixes strong verses along with a catchy hook where he unleashes a bit of singing. The fact that he has strong hooks is the reason why his sound is more advanced than what everyone else is doing in the country. If you look at any of the top hip hop tracks that are dominating the charts overseas, they all have catchy hooks. 'Ridin'' also features amazing production and a beat that compliments his vocals and lyricism perfectly.

Manu Crooks is set to unleash a six track EP entitled mood forever, which will be released on August 18. The EP will also feature production by Miracle and DOPAM!NE.

Written by Amy Smolcic

Listen to 'Ridin'' by Manu Crooks below:

Album Review: The Kite String Tangle – The Kite String Tangle

For those of you who are fans of The Kite String Tangle, aka Danny Harley, you’ve probably spent the last three years hitting refresh on news feeds; desperately hoping for a sign of life from the triple-threat producer, vocalist and songwriter. Thankfully, he popped back on the scene earlier this year with atmospheric single ‘Selfish’ along with the news that he had launched his own label, Exist Recordings. As if that wasn’t enough, overachiever Harley also blessed us with news of an upcoming debut album. For those eagerly awaiting fresh tracks, this announcement couldn’t have come at a better time. 

I first heard from The Kite String Tangle back in 2013 when Harley released ‘Given The Chance’, an infectious electronic pop song that came in at number 19 in triple j Hottest 100 before reaching gold status in Australia. He followed up with a string (pun intended) of beautiful tracks including ‘Arcadia’, ‘Commotion’ and ‘What If’. 

Sadly, a debut album failed to materialise and the world of sleepy electronica was left a little darker. As it turns out, Harley was simply playing the long game, and it paid off. His debut album is an eleven track delight filled with melancholy vocals, danceable beats and a mishmash of horns, brass and live drums. 

It’s an album that will give you something different after each listen. You’ll spend the first few songs marvelling at his skills as a producer, and the final few envious of his haunting vocals. Some of my favourites included ‘This Thing We Got’, which had me dancing in the shower while pretending to play the trumpet. And ‘Know By Now’, a reflective track that strips back the production in order to feature Harley’s vocals. First released single ‘Selfish’ is another gem that fuses a toe-tappingly good beat with soulful ruminations on lost love. While ‘The Prize’ borrows the beautiful voice of Bridgette Amofah, lifting the song into something greater than a standard electro-pop track.  

Each song offers something different, however, it’s when you listen to the album in its entirety that you truly appreciate the mastery of Danny Harley and his unique skills as a producer and songwriter. This is an album that moves seamlessly between tracks; one moment I was kicking my socks off during a vigorous beat drop, the next I was wiping away tears as his reflections on lost love kicked me in the feels. 

Despite the beautifully layered songs on this album, I found I was holding my breath before hitting play on each track, hoping for another ‘Given The Chance’. Maybe I’m just being nostalgic, or maybe I’m putting too much emphasis on his earlier work, but for me, a standout tune like that was the one thing missing from this collection of lush, alternative electro.  

In the end, it doesn’t really matter, because overall the album is a standout for me. He has created an eleven track masterpiece, each song held together with beautiful vocals and topped off with seamless production. This album is a beautifully crafted collection of atmospheric songs that do not disappoint and was well worth the wait.   

Written by Rowan Montgomery

News: Sigur Rós Release Tee-Shirt in Support of Marriage Equality

Iceland's Sigur Rós are set for a big July, with Splendour in the Grass fast approaching, as well as their sideshows in Melbourne and Sydney.

There's been a lot of controversy surrounding Margaret Court Arena lately, especially after Margaret Court's hateful comments against the LGBTIQ community. Artists who have played the arena recently have voiced their opinions on the former tennis player's remarks — including Ryan Adams who called the venue 'Marriage Equality Arena'. 

Sigur Rós will be selling t-shirts at their shows that celebrate positivity and inclusion. All proceeds from sales will go to Australian Marriage Equality.

In a statement, the band say "We know Margaret Court’s opinions are not shared by the majority of Australians. We want to add our voice to the call for marriage equality in  Australia — right here on  Margaret Court Arena itself. Australia should be a country that  celebrates  positivity and inclusion, as well as achievement on the sporting field."

The shirts can be purchased at their gigs. For international fans or fans not attending, you can purchase the shirts from and

Gig dates:
Tue 25 Jul – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney  
Thu 27 Jul – Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*

Feature: We Play 'What Song...' with Tushar Singh from The Winter Gypsy

Fresh from playing in Melbourne and Adelaide, The Winter Gypsy have been busy bees lately. Tushar Singh from the band shares some of their favourite tunes with us. Also, scroll down below to catch their video for 'Bojke'.

What song reminds you of your youth?
'Thriller' - Michael Jackson. I remember this song so much because of the video clip. When I was around 4 years old, I got so scared from the video clip. I will never ever forget this song. Great song though. 

Also, The Mortal Kombat theme song. Yes, I was in love with the original Mortal Kombat movie when I was younger. I would always Hum the tune and then I'd shout ' MORTALLL KOMBAAAT'. My parents hated it. 

What song is your ultimate party track?
'Take On Me' - a-ha. For some reason, this song will always get me grooving. What a track. I blame my sister for playing it to me when I was younger. 

What song do you listen to before you jump on stage?
This is a hard one because I tend to listen to a lot of music. I guess it just depends on what I'm feeling on the day; though, as a band, we've recently been playing local Adelaide bands before our shows. Gives us a strange but comforting hype for the night ahead.

What song would you make your theme song?
Anything from Foo Fighters or Red Hot Chili Peppers. First two bands I ever got into, and will never stop loving them. 

What song reminds you of your first heartbreak?
Death Cab For Cutie - 'Transatlanticism'. Thank you, Death Cab, for this entire album and helping me write songs that didn't suck as much. Will always love these guys. 

What do you have on repeat right now?
'What Once Was' - Her's. Heard them on a YouTube channel called, Majestic Casual. Can't get enough of these two indie swooners. 

What song is your guilty pleasure?
'Lump Sum' - Bon Iver. You can never play too much Bon Iver. He's definitely shaped the way I write music.

Watch their video for single 'Bojke' below:

Single Review: Alexander William – 'Truth'

Alexander William dropped his track ‘Truth’ last month. William’s latest single ties into his folk roots that are found within his earlier tracks.

The Gold Coast born artist has collaborated with Canadian producer Garrett Kato, to create a sound like no other. The duo has managed to create a special track that manages to connect with the listener on a personal level. The track plays off the strengths of both artist’s by using soft melodies to create a visual conception of the fall of a relationship.

‘Truth’ allows Alexander William to visually tell a story about the love and loss of a relationship. It is with the collaboration of low instrumentals, ghostly guitar riffs and soft vocals that he truly encapsulates the light of the story. This track takes the listener through a haunting journey as it is an emotional call against the often shattered world of love.

His ability to write with such emotive poetry is a true gift, and ‘Truth,’ really showcases this at its height. This track radiates relaxation as it allows the listener to in-vision the story being told. ‘Truth,’ is a top track and is a must listen to if you love all things folk.

Make sure to catch Alexander William at his next show at the Burleigh Masonic Hall on the 25th August.

Written by Allanah Sciberras

Premiere: The Vultures – 'Forget The Night' / 'Two Decades'

After spending the last year and a bit keeping quiet, Gold Coast's The Vultures have returned with two new tracks, 'Forget The Night' and 'Two Decades', which we're premiering today. 
'Forget The Night' is a gritty rock track that oozes confidence. It's also immensely catchy when it hits the chorus. The second track to be released today, 'Two Decades', is another polished and assertive track following smoothly from 'Forget The Night'.

You can stream 'Forget The Night' and 'Two Decades' below:

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