Premiere: d e n n i s. – ‘Alive’

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Olivia Dennis (aka d e n n i s.) gives us a sneaky taste of her debut single 'Alive', which will be officially released this Thursday 15th November.

On the single, she says "With ‘perfect’ clichés and somewhat  fairytale ideas, ‘Alive’ romanticises how easy it is to get caught up in the wrong type of relationship. In the end, an untrue love can only lead to a false sense of hope, foolishly beating you ‘Alive’. Am I right?”

'Alive' highlights not only her flawless vocals but also her reflective and thoughtful lyricism. The track also sees her work with Jarryd Shuker on production and Tristian Hoogland (Golden Vessel/Ball Park Music/Woodes), who mixed the track.

We guarantee that you're about to devour everything d e n n i s. brings on 'Alive' over and over again.

Written by Kristy Smolcic

Feature: Local Lovin' with Batz

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Photo by Clint Peloso & Alabama Blonde (Project Love Buzz) via Batz's FB

To celebrate Melbourne Music Week 2018, which starts on Friday 16th November and finishes up on Saturday 24th November, we've asked a few of the incredible artists who are appearing to reflect on the songs they've loved from around the country this year. First up is local favourite Batz, who have a knack for creating exhilarating tunes. They took some time out to pick out some of their faves for us.

Spiral Perm – 'Santa at Nasa'
Spiral Perm are a local favourite band of ours. We love the dreamy sound these mega babes have captured. They are good souls doing good things on the scene.

Mojo Juju – 'Native Tongue'
Hands down one of the most powerful songs released in 2018. From the song to the film clip. This is it.

Eliza & the Delusionals – 'Jackie'
A song about a dog? Yes please, each track the Brisbane outfit release just propels them further.

Pistol Peaches – 'Bankman'
This is hectic and so so good! The vocals are so raw and the drums are off the hook, guitars on point! Hell yes.

Amyl and the Sniffers – 'Cup of Destiny' 
The Sniffers can do no wrong! Huge vibe, sick live show! So damn tasty.

You can catch Batz at the below events during Melbourne Music Week 2018:
Sunday 18th November - Civic Sounds Laneway Party
Click here for more info

Friday 23th November - Cherry Bar
Click here for more info

Listen to 'Save Us' by Batz below:

Check out the music video for 'Save Us':

Now Playing: BYRN – ‘High For You'

Every now and then, you stumble across a track that you want to get lost in — 'High For You' by BYRN (aka Amber Louros) gives us that exact feeling. The track also features production wizardry from Danny McBride Jr.

'High For You' was inspired by a vivid dream and draws on feelings of love and longing. This dreamlike energy is captured in the soft croons of 'take me to the moon' by Amber. The track's production featuring floating and lush synth work by Danny McBride Jr helps bring about a midnight-like energy to 'High For You'. Amongst the dreaminess of 'High For You', there is an alluring love story.

Fall in love with 'High For You' just as much as we have below.

Written by Amy Smolcic


Now Playing: Queen Of Hearts – ‘The Water Between Us'

After an extended break, Queen Of Hearts (aka Liz Morphew) is back again with her second single since the release of her 2014 debut album Cocoon. 'The Water Between Us' is her latest offering and a sneak preview of her forthcoming sophomore album, which we can't wait to listen to.

'The Water Between Us' is a mellow yet emotionally charged single by Queen Of Hearts. The song details the breakdown of a relationship and the emotional aftermath. On the track, she croons "I run out of reasons to stand and fight / I was scared when you kept your guard up too high". Her vocals are absolutely stunning and work exquisitely with the rest of the track.

Hit play and let Queen Of Hearts dazzle you with 'The Water Between Us'.

Written by Amy Smolcic

Feature: The Anatomy of 'Side Eye' with TRACE

Vietnamese-American singer/songwriter TRACE last month unveiled her single 'Side Eye'. TRACE is fast becoming well known for her enchanting brand of R&B-pop, and 'Side Eye' showcases her incredible talent. She recently shared the inspiration behind 'Side Eye' for us, check it out below!

I wrote 'Side Eye'... in an Air BnB in Silver Lake with two guys from Denmark.

The story behind 'Side Eye'... is my cheeky disposition that day after having just had an interaction with my dad recently, alongside also, a disappointing date or two. I think I was just feeling particularly affected by the male gender during that time. I

My favourite lyric... would have to be: “I’m not here to make you feel good.”

It was made... with careful intention. And to be a little hurtful.

My main inspiration... was myself when it comes to how I’ve decided to start talking about my relationship with my father and with men in general.

It sounds best... when you want to roll any of your cares off your shoulders. When you want to feel relief. When you’re feeling playful. Or simply when you’re in the car. Or walking around your neighborhood. It sounds best when you really listen and also, maybe, when you’re really not.

You can listen to 'Side Eye' by TRACE below:

Premiere: Aikonawena – ‘City Of Ghosts’

If you live in Sydney, especially if you're a musician based in Sydney, you've had to deal with the aftermath of lockout laws. Today, we're excited to share a stream of Aikonawena's new single City Of Ghosts', which discusses their thoughts and feelings on the controversial issue.

'City Of Ghosts' delicately captures the emotional effect of the lockout laws. Through haunting, yet absolutely captivating vocals, as well as intricate electronic soundscapes, Aikonawena present a track that’s equally as magical as it is thoughtful and contemplative.

Listen to 'City Of Ghosts' below.

Now Playing: REYNA – ‘Heartbeat’

Friday, November 9, 2018

Since Wickedd Childd is a sister-run operation, we get excited every time we stumble across other sisters combining their superpowers — enter sisters Victoriah and Gabriela aka REYNA, who recently shared their new single ‘Heartbeat’.

Featuring stunning pop melodies, ‘Heartbreak’ brings about a freeing feeling of release. The song is based on a true story where Gabriela and her boyfriend were at a crossroads point in their relationship. ‘Heartbeat’ channels the feelings she went through when he unexpectedly showed up to her house and how love powered through (awwww). ‘Heartbeat’ is a buoyant pop song that will make you want to find your finest dress, throw it on and groove the night away.

Press play and devour REYNA’s sparkly new tune ‘Heartbeat’ below.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic

Premiere: Ead Wood – Beige Dreams (EP)

Photo by Dominka Scheibinger

Today, we’re thrilled to share Beige Dreams, which is the second EP by Bristol-based Ead Wood (aka) Ed Soles. The new EP sees Ed combine his love for all things DIY with his impressive brand of LA-infused surf-pop and shoegaze. Though the EP is only short, it provides a delightful and invigorating taste behind the incredible musicianship of Ed Soles and his Ead Wood project (as well as the band The Heights).

On the EP, Ed says, "Beige Dreams is a short collection of songs, written at a time of confusion and disorientation. Stories about a man whose boring life sends him nutty, alongside songs about miscommunication and fading relationships all mixed up with the jangly shimmer of desire to push through the haze."  

The EP also features previously released single 'Cold Hearted', which is the perfect anthem for anyone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. As we listen to 'Cold Hearted' we envision the sights of a beach on an overcast day. Beige Dreams also stars new single 'Oceans', which was created during a state of bewilderment when Ed was trying to make Pumpkin Pie in his home in Bristol.  

You can enjoy Ead Wood’s new EP Beige Dreams below:   

Stream 'Cold Hearted':  

Stream 'Oceans':  

Live dates: 
9th November – EP Launch Party – The White Rabbit, Bristol 
11th November – The Festing, Southsea

Now Playing: Conan Gray – ‘Crush Culture’

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

In a world that’s full of love songs, 19-year-old powerhouse Conan Gray has delivered ‘Crush Culture’, which is a tune for all the single folk or for anyone who becomes nauseous when surrounded by PDA.

Picture your favourite anti-love or heartbreak scene from any film you love and ‘Crush Culture’ will weave in perfectly. The track comes from the perspective on Conan, who has grown tired of watching his friends lose themselves to mushy romances. On the track, he says “Crush culture makes me wanna spill my guts out” and “Oh no, don't look in their eyes / 'Cause that's how they get you / Kiss you then forget you”.

You can listen to Conan Gray’s ode to all things anti-love on ‘Crush Culture’ below.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic

Now Playing: Lean – ‘Head In The Clouds’

Photo via LEAN's FB

LA-based duo LEAN (featuring Stephen Johnson and Kyle McCammon) deliver once again on their moving new single ‘Head In The Clouds’.

Though at first glance ‘Head In The Clouds’ may appear as a chill and spacey track to play when you want to find yourself lost, its lyrics are incredibly powerful in the way they capture a real and stirring moment. The song is based on a situation with someone with sociopath tendencies, and the emotional toll of this toxicity. In a way, the breezy nature of ‘Head In The Clouds’ reflects a state of self-reflection and it's utterly beautiful.

Become mesmerized by LEAN’s honest and introspective lyricism on ‘Head In The Clouds’.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Feature: EPs You Need In Your Life Right Now

Photo by Daniel Stark

It’s been a while since we’ve done this, but we thought we would bring the feature back as there’s nothing we love me than a good EP. We’ve rounded up some of our faves recently for you to enjoy.

The Pale White – Take Me To The Strange
These talented humans from Newcastle, UK have unleashed hypnotic rock at its finest. This EP is damn incredible. They need to come to Australia ASAP.

Top track: ‘Trapped Nerve’

Bear Paw – Something More
This melodic indie-folk EP will give you a delightful taste of their impressive sound. The EP has a storylike quality and listening to it will take you on a journey that you won’t forget.

Top track: ‘Santa Maria’

San Mei – Heaven
Everything she does is absolutely magical and it’s time that the rest of the world falls in love with her.

Top track: ‘Heaven’

This Gold Coast five-piece shine on their sophomore EP GORGEOUS.

Top track: ‘Always’

LUCIA – Cheap Talk 
We’re obsessed with everything they do, and Cheap Talk is certainly no exception.

Top track: ‘What Am I’

Joyce Muniz – 39 Degrees
This Brazilian, Austrian-based beatmaker has created absolute fire with her new EP.

Top track: '39 Degrees'

Niine – Yeah, Nah
We’ve been loving all things Niine here at Wickedd Childd in 2018, and Yeah, Nah only adds to that love.

Top Track: ‘Call Me Your Boo’

Violet Days – Made In My Head
If Made In My Head was the soundtrack to our dreams every night, we would be sleeping a whole lot better.

Top track: 'Just a Little'

Daniella Mason – Emotional State
We featured the EP's track 'Emotional Rollercoaster' a few weeks ago, but we think the EP is so amazing that it deserves another dose of love.

Top track: 'Emotional Rollercoaster'

Feature: The Ingredients of To Love You with Joey from GLADES

Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Photo via GLADES' FB

Last Friday marked the drop of GLADES' highly anticipated debut album To Love You. It's been a long time coming for the trio, who have gathered a supportive and dedicated fan base across the past few years. Joey Wenceslao from the group broke down some of the influences behind the LP.

New Girl
New Girl became the go-to show that we watched to wind down with a bowl of ice cream after a long day of writing. Hated Schmitt at first but he quickly became our favourite character. So many great one-liners. Still haven’t finished it though. I promised Karina that I wouldn’t watch it without her. It’s pretty tempting though. I need closure.

Charlie Puth - Voicenotes
Karina does this thing where she finds a song she likes and she puts that song on repeat for days, nay, weeks on end hahaha. During our most recent LA trip, it was Charlie Puth songs like Empty Cups or Boy. I know Voicenotes like the back of my hand now. We didn’t consciously do it, but I guess our song Sweetheart has some Charlie Puth 80’s-throwback vibe to it too!

Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups
We went grocery shopping within the first few days of getting to LA with the intention of buying ingredients to cook dinner every night and be healthy. Then we got to the confectionary section, found a family-sized bag of peanut butter cups, and it was game over. They became one of our go-to snacks while writing, second only to hummus. The miniature size has the best peanut butter to chocolate ratio. Cam won’t admit it but he loves these too

“Party Sized” Organic Hummus
Hummus is the best dip, do not @ me. When we felt too guilty about peanut butter cups, hummus was there for us. Carrot sticks. Celery sticks. On bread. The versatility! The one we always got was “party size” and we always got this size for the novelty.

3 AM
We mention it and late nights a few times throughout the album. When we’re away in LA, there are two, 3 hour windows when we can be awake while our friends and family back home are awake. So we definitely spent a lot of nights staying up late to talk to people back home in Sydney. The world’s also so much quieter at night. So peaceful.

You can watch the new music video for 'Do Right' below:

You can stream To Love You below:

Premiere: The Jensens – 'Coma'

Photo via The Jensen's FB

The Jensens are back at it again, this time it's with their new single 'Coma', which will be officially released on Thursday 8th November. If you're an avid festival lover, there's a good chance that you have seen The Jensens dominate a stage near you, having impressed crowds at festivals such as The Blurst of Times, Deadlam, Valley Fiesta, Jungle Love and the inaugural Grampians Music Festival.

Their new single 'Coma' is set to become an immersive experience for anyone who is lucky enough to catch them live. Featuring a combination of captivating and theatrical vocals, as well as soaring and atmospheric instrumentals, 'Coma' delivers on all fronts.

If you're in Brisbane, you can witness the magic of 'Coma' live at their single launch at Crowbar in Brisbane on 24th November. Click here to find out more info.

Now Playing: MOSSS – ‘Till You Sink’

Photo via MOSSS' FB

LA-based producer MOSSS has moved into the spotlight with his incredible new single ‘Till You Sink’.

Listening to ‘Till You Sink’ feels like being caught in the enchanting daze of a daydream. Featuring lush production, the track features a calming blend of indietronica and chill wave. The track tells the story of a friendship that moved to a romance before reaching an end-point. The spacey energy of ‘Till You Sink’ feels like floating upon a cloud and you’ll fall in love with the dreaminess of the track.

You can enjoy ‘Till You Sink’ by MOSSS below.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Now Playing: LUCIA – ‘Cheap Talk’

Photo via LUCIA's FB

Glasgow’s LUCIA has recently unveiled their EP Cheap Talk and it’s a home run. The EP’s title track is an electrifying slice of the project and a taste you’ll be instantly hooked to.

Fronted by Lucia Fairfull, LUCIA fulfils all your cravings on ‘Cheap Talk’. The single sees them embrace vintage rock with their infectious lyrics and a sound that makes you want to jump around all over the mosh-pit floor. LUCIA possesses a powerful sound and they’re as confident as ever on their latest single. You’ll be left in awe of their bold and daring brand of rock.

We can’t wait to see LUCIA dominate SXSW in Austin next year!

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic

Feature: The Ingredients of RITES with Tolliver

Monday, November 5, 2018

Last month, R&B artist Tolliver shared his debut EP RITES. The son of a pastor, Tolliver's EP is an exploration of his identity, as well as his connection to religion. To celebrate its release, he dives into the story behind the EP for us.

Late Night Parties
Late night parties were the strongest influence on this EP. Not only in the sense that the songs are hedonistic, but also because of how wrecked and paranoid they left me the next day. I’m nocturnal by nature and don’t really feel at home in the light. I also met my two closest collaborators, Kellen Malloy and Ramiro Zapata, at a late night party. So. Go figure.

Grindr was everything to me around this time. I was having sex with hella dudes, an experience that was more beautiful than I thought it would be. The temporary, intense intimacy. The exploration, kissing complete strangers. I loved it all. This eventually led to serious paranoia, which I both regret and understand. 

(Photo is unrelated, I just really like this picture. maybe I'm on the way to a guy's house.)

Dez Fink
Dez Fink was the band I met at that late night party, and their music and aesthetic shaped so much of my sound. They brought me on stage when they had big shows, introduced me to so many great friends and artists, and let me crash at their house when I needed to. 

Echo Park Lake
Echo Park Lake was my place to fuckin slowwww down. A stark contrast to the bombastic, beat-soaked warehouses I basically lived in, it was peace. It connected me to the real world and to nature. I had like, favorite animals I would see in the park all the time. I sketched out a lot of songs here. 

Church was the biggest influence on this EP, and it will be the biggest influence on everything I subsequently write, think or feel. I can’t shake the shame of letting down everyone I grew up with, but I find so much joy in the music and community. Rites is about that conflict, as is my life. 

You can listen to RITES by Tolliver below:

Now Playing: Jo Marches – ‘Move’

Photo by Maria Stijger Aramburu via Jo Marches' FB

Fresh from releasing her second EP Day In Day Out, Jo Marches continues to show the pop world what she’s made of. Though we highly recommend that you listen to her new EP in its entirety, ‘Move’ is certainly a must-listen.

‘Move’ is a dazzling electro-pop tune that showcases the Dutch pop artist’s glowing sound. Jo Marches’ delicate vocals are delightful and hover above the glittering nature of the production. Along with the tranquil feeling that the track evokes, you’ll also find yourself pulled into every word she sings.

If you enjoy ‘Move’, you’re going to absolutely adore the rest of her Day In Day Out EP.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic

Feature: The Anatomy of 'The One You Bet On' with Aphir

Friday, November 2, 2018
Photo by Isabella Connelley

Aphir aka Becki Whitton recently unveiled her single 'The One You Bet On'. Aphir has spent the last few years working on her own music, her sound engineering work and refining her electronic sound. She shares the story behind her incredible new single 'The One You Bet On'.

 I wrote 'The One You Bet On’... by myself in a hotel lobby in Brisbane while my boyfriend went out to get us some chips.

The story behind ‘The One You Bet On'... is basically just about wanting to help someone who’s petrified about where their life’s going next. But the thing is I’m super nervous about the future a lot of the time too so I’m actually not a big help lol.

My favourite lyric is... “god it’s nice to see you smiling, future fear’s killed so much time.”

It was made... in Ableton, Cubase, and Pro Tools - I usually make my beats in Ableton and then record vocals and mix in Cubase, and then master in Pro Tools. It helps me psychologically separate the different stages to use a different DAW for each one, plus it means I end up with lots of backups.

My main inspiration was... finding the right words to say.

It sounds best when... turned up loud — according to my friend who cranked it halfway through listening and then said “yep, it all makes sense now”.

You can listen to 'The One You Bet On' by Aphir below:

Feature: The Ingredients of Heaven with San Mei

Today, the ever-so-talented San Mei shares her highly anticipated EP Heaven. To celebrate its release, she took some time out to dive into the things that inspired her the most when putting the EP together.

I really connect with and often find myself feeling inspired/moved by films that feel surreal and grand and have an aspect of theatre to them.

I love the way they transport me to another place and this definitely translates across to my music. I love writing music that makes me feel like I'm in a daydream, and I hope others can find an escape for a moment when they're listening to my songs.

The list could go on but to name a few of those films that inspire me:
Donnie Darko
American Beauty
Romeo + Juliet (1996)
Edward Scissorhands
Grand Budapest Hotel
Pulp Fiction  
Dark Shadows
Scott Pilgrim vs The World 
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  

EHX Small Stone analog phase guitar pedal
I've been listening to a fair bit of psychedelic music which has made me even more enamoured with my phase pedal. It creates such a dreamy soundscape and this little guy features heavily in my EP.  There were some moments in a couple of the songs where they were maybe feeling a little cliche to me, and using the phaser helped make those moments a little more interesting.

I went on a holiday to the US a bit over a year ago, around the same time I'd been working on some of these EP songs. It was crazy to be in places that are home to so many musicians that have influenced me and shaped my own music. I didn't expect it, but felt even more of a connection to those artists' music after being immersed in their home/culture. One moment of bliss that stood out for me was listening to The Growlers while driving up the California coast. I had a moment of revelation feeling like I actually GOT it now. That trip definitely re-energized me musically and spurred on some cool ideas.

I feel like I'm constantly falling down and getting back up when it comes to the journey of my faith, and the highs and lows and sometimes tension of being 'religious' in today's climate can make me pretty introspective. I think this bleeds into my music and although those themes aren't necessarily obvious in my songs, it's a big part of who I am as a songwriter.

I'm a sucker for it! Whether it's my own or someone else's story, I want to be wrapped up in it. I might eventually move on from writing love songs exclusively but for now, this is what moves me. I have to share this crazy beautiful collaboration between Kenzo and Karen O that just blew my little socks off and is such a perfect example of the merging of love & art that makes me woozy:

You can listen to Heaven (EP) by San Mei below:

Be sure to catch San Mei on tour with Holy Holy this November and December. Click here to find out where.

Listen: Local Gems of the Week – 2.11.18

Photo by Clay Waddell via IV League's FB

It's our first round-up for November and we're excited!! Here's your tasty serving of the best sounds released across the country.

IV League – 'Lose Me'
Absolute chills. IV League have another winner.

T Scarlett – 'Can't See'
T Scarlett's vocals will give you goosebumps.

The Buoys – 'Make It Clear'
Everything they do is gold.

Aphir – 'The One You Bet On'
'The One You Bet On' sounds out of this world, Aphir is on a whole other level.

Amy Pollock – 'Come Down'
After wowing us with 'Sandman', she's done it again on 'Come Down'.

KAYO – 'Asha Says' 
This gem was uploaded a few months ago, but we just came across it so it still counts ;) KAYO hits a homerun with 'Asha Says'

Pink Wasabi – 'Queen'
Pink Wasabi takes us all on an entrancing journey that you won't want to end.

RIVAH – 'Flood' 
RIVAH is a powerhouse in the making.

Ruby Gill – 'Your Mum'
Raw and reflective, 'Your Mum' is absolutley incredible.

Midnight Pool Party – 'Stand A Chance'
If you're in need of a new party tune, Midnight Pool Party have you covered.

Tashka – 'Vacant'
'Vacant' is a treasure.

DROVES – 'Time' 
DROVES blend new and old on their storylike single 'Time'.

HIRAKU – 'Spirited Away' 
Absolute fire from HIRAKU.