Premiere: BENTLE – '100X'

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Today, we're super stoked to be able to bring you BENTLE's single '100X' — it's hard to believe that this is indeed the first offering by the up-and-coming producer.

His shining new release is a delicate release that combines soaring vocals with enchanting electronic soundscapes. On the single, he says "The song also explores the image that individuals may portray to the world while potentially having an array of issues/misconceptions/dispositions circling beneath the surface.  This is best represented in the chorus lyrics “I’ve been waiting for you” — a phrase so often used, yet the weight of so often not comprehended". The cinematic nature of '100X' will dazzle you from your very first listen.

Become mesmerised by BENTLE's single '100X' below:

Now Playing: Beverly Kills – ‘Dreamless'

Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Photo by Jakob Ivar Ekvall

A few months ago, we shared Beverly Kills' second-ever single 'Melodrama', and it was an absolute delight. The band are back again with a new single entitled 'Dreamless'.

The group from Gothenburg, Sweden may be new, but their sound is polished and refined. Beaming of sunshine, 'Dreamless' captures that feeling of pure joy where you want a moment to last forever — the moment is so good that you never want to have another dream again. 'Dreamless' captures this feeling through the use of lifting synths, warm guitars and feverish percussion.

Beverly Kills deliver once again with 'Dreamless', and if they're not on your radar yet, they're about to be soon.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)


EP Premiere: Time For Dreams – In Time Remixes

Today, we're excited to bring you a stream of Time For Dream's latest EP, which features a series of remixes from their critically acclaimed LP In Time.

The dream pop duo from Melbourne, who is fresh from playing Meredith Music Festival, have asked an array of talented electronic producers to help bring a unique twist to each song on the EP, including Dream Kit (aka Declan Kelly), Geryon, Various Asses and Simon J Karis. The EP also features a remix of 'The Stranger' by Tom Carlyon, who is one half of Time For Dreams.

Though each of the remixes has a distinct sound, they compliment each other when listened to as a whole. Dream Kit's remix is hypnotising, Geryon's feels like being stuck in a trance, Karis' is a play on darkness, Carlyon's remix sounds like being caught in fight-or-flight mode and Various Asses' track is a short yet buoyant remix. What they do have in common is that they all have a degree of sensuality to them.

You can enjoy the In Time Remixes below:

Now Playing: Eleni Drake – ‘Untitled'

Monday, December 10, 2018

Hailing from West London, Eleni Drake is a name you'll be seeing more of next year. Her latest release 'Untitled' is the type of track that takes you on a journey and each second is pure bliss.

'Untitled' features a sparkling blend of soul and classical music — it's this delicate combination of old and new that will win you over from the start. When you add her superb vocals to the mix, the end result is utterly enchanting. Her vocals softly weave around the lush sounds of the instrumentals and it's exquisite. Though her words are personal and descriptive, they're also extremely relatable.

You're about to fall in love with 'Untitled' just as much as we have.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)


Now Playing: Wing Defence – ‘Hindsight'

Photo by Nick Horvat

There's no doubt that Adelaide duo Wing Defence will be closing out the year in a big way. Along with their current appearances on Polish Club's tour, they've also just unveiled a new single called 'Hindsight', which follows in the footsteps of their previous impressive singles 'Stuck' and 'Listerine'.

'Hindsight' is an emotionally charged song about watching someone close to you go through a difficult patch, yet they're continually doing things that only causes more damage. The track also showcases the duo's captivating brand of pop-punk, and trust us, one serving won't be enough.

Wing Defence are on-track to have a huge 2019 and we're super keen to see what they do next.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)


You can catch Wing Defence at the below shows with Polish Club:
13th December - The Gasometer, Melbourne
14th December - The Gasometer, Melbourne
15th December - The Gasometer, Melbourne

Now Playing: Chain Wallet – ‘No Ritual'

Photo by Øde Øyvind

It's no secret that Norway is home to some of the best music in the world, and now it's Chain Wallet who are ready to impress. The dream-pop trio's latest single 'No Ritual' is a preview of what you can expect to hear when they release their second album next February — their sophomore album will be called No Ritual and will be released via Jansen Records.

'Not Ritual' combines feelings of melancholy with a dose of warmness. 'No Ritual' has a softness that will make you feel like your floating amongst the clouds. Along with their dreamy sound, they're also amazing storytellers, with their words holding heavy emotional weight.

'No Ritual' is a sign that their upcoming album is set to be absolutely magical and we can't wait to hear it.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)


Feature: The Ingredients of 'I Please Myself' with RACKETT

Friday, December 7, 2018

To celebrate the release of the release of I Please Myself today, Rebecca Callander, the lead singer and guitarist of RACKETT, dives into the influences behind the EP. Learn more about I Please Myself below.

'I Please Myself' was heavily influenced by PEACHES. Her gritty and simple rock inspired electronic pop. It also felt like a fitting musical backdrop to the message of the song; self-satisfaction.

The Hives:
'FU' and 'Tried to Quit' was inspired by The Hives. Fast, hard and badass af. We wanted to create something that was really in your face. We used a lot of fuzz on the guitars, distortion on the vocals.

'F'U' is stripped of any metaphorical writing and is straightforward and to the point, it’s a very raw expression.

The Kills & Rihanna:
'Kiss it Better' was inspired by The Kills and Rihanna. I was listening to Rihanna’s album ANTI on a road trip with my BF at the time. He was my saving grace after a brutal summer of failed love affairs and the line just stuck in my subconscious. It’s my love song to him. I didn’t notice the lyrics between the two tracks until after I’d recorded it and I hope Rihanna doesn't mind. I referenced The Kills for the simple, rock bluesy backdrop to the lyrics.

Check out I Please Myself below:

You can catch RACKETT at Lost Paradise 2018, plus at the Cobra Club in Sydney on 18th December launching the EP. Click here for more information. 

Video Premiere: The Modern Strangers – ‘Red Strip Lights’

Photo by Caitlin Mogridge

The Modern Strangers
are ending the year strong — today sharing the music video for their single 'Red Strip Lights'. The release of the single in October and now the video comes after they unveiled their EP Meltdown Mechanics earlier this year.

The song is about someone who is troubled and is trying to find a club that is still open. On the video, they say "We recorded the video the day after we got back from touring, we really wanted to work with Toby the director, as he's a brilliant animator too (he did the 'Coco Hello' lyric video). The Idea was to create a live performance against a green screen to let Toby do his magic.  Probably helps it's in red too; Not sure we looked our best after a few weeks away..."

If you're in London, Manchester or Coventry, you can catch The Modern Strangers performing on 7th, 8th and 9th February. More information is available here.

You can watch 'Red Strip Lights' by The Modern Strangers below:

Feature: The Anatomy of 'Dreaming' with Clea

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Last month, Clea unveiled her debut album Vermillion, and it's an absolute gem. The Brisbane-based artist also recently supported King Princess on tour in November. To celebrate the release of the album, she took some time out to break-down her captivating single 'Dreaming' for us.

I wrote 'Dreaming’... amidst a hot QLD summer. Ali was tinkering in the garage, laying down the lagging bells and twirling synths. I immediately came up with the melody that begins the song and it was essentially completed in 20 minutes. One of those rare moments when things emerge fully formed in a flash. We spent a long time thinking we needed to adjust it and in the end, it remained as it was first written.

The story behind ‘Dreaming'... explores the exposure of women forced into bestowing ‘favour’ to those who abusively wield their positions of power, loosely inspired by the “Me Too” movement. I love that the seemingly pop arrangement hides what the song is trying to convey, highlighting the topic even more so as we generally only see the surface bright lights and smiles and don’t tend to dig deeper.

My favourite lyric is...  “I’ve been inundated, in a rolling trance.” It’s this idea that when something is so sweet there is no sense of telling what’s real or not, the emotions are so intense and overbearing that it replicates a trance-like state.

It was made... in the garage at the back of my house. The final version was then made at Swan Pond Studios amongst the Scenic Rim hills.

My main inspiration was... that quick, hot moment in time that brought upon those creamy melodies and obscure instrumentation. All of the flutes, saxophones, Mellotron sounds and chord changes are largely inspired by the Beach Boys album, ‘Pet Sounds.’

It sounds best... on vinyl. Available to purchase online ;)

Listen to 'Dreaming' by Clea below:


You can catch Clea on tour at the below shows:
1st March - Rocket Bar & Rooftop, Adelaide
15th March - The Lansdowne, Sydney
16th March - Grace Darling Hotel, Melbourne
23rd March - The Foundry, Brisbane
More information is available here

You can listen to Vermillion here:

Vinyl edition is available here 

Now Watching: Eliott – ‘Photographs'

Photo by Alan Weedon - Supplied

For up-and-coming singer-songwriter Eliott, 2018 has been a breakthrough year. With the release of her majestic EP Bold Enough, appearance at BIGSOUND and Dean Lewis' tour, and now her current run of headline shows, she's finishing off the year in mighty style. Last month, she unveiled a special live video for her EP track 'Photographs', which was produced by the immensely talented Jack Grace.

In the video, Eliott is accompanied by a sixteen-person orchestra, which only escalates the emotional nature of the track. This wasn't an easy task for the singer-songwriter, as she had to rearrange 'Photographs' to suit the video. Australian composer Jamie Messenger played a pivotal role in rearranging the track to show it new light. The video was recorded at George Ballroom in St. Kilda with Melbourne-based collective Polyphonic Voices.

Prepare to be blown away by Eliott's magical video for 'Photographs' below:

You can catch Eliott at these remaining shows on her tour.
7th December - The Milk Factory Kitchen & Bar, Brisbane (w/ Austen & Tiarne)
8th December - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (w/ Yorke & Lover)
More information is available HERE

We're also hosting a giveaway in partnership with Island Records Australia, with a double pass up on offer for either her Sydney or Brisbane show. Entries close today 3pm AEDT, click here to enter.

Now Playing: Ayla – ‘Small Talk'

Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Photo by Ed Renew

Queensland singer-songwriter Ayla recently unveiled her reflective single 'Small Talk' — get ready to be hit by goosebumps as soon as you press play.

Ayla's stunning brand of songwriting shines through on 'Small Talk'. On the single, she says, "I was afraid of the rawness of Small Talk when I first wrote it, but I’ve gotten more comfortable with that and also found new meaning in the song". The track's minimal production lets the focus be on her powerful and contemplative words.

Ayla's storylike words truly take you on a journey, and you'll be left mesmerised by the time you reach the end.

Written by Amy Smolcic 


Feature: The Anatomy of 'Fading Out' with Husky Loops

Italian art-rock trio Husky Loops shared their dynamic single 'Fading Out' a few months ago. Danio from the group gets into detail on the story behind 'Fading Out' and what the single means to himself and Husky Loops.

I wrote ‘Fading Out… I wrote the song and the riff at home and I brought it to the guys in our rehearsal space in South London. I had demoed it before with a 1970’s soul beat and some crazy hyper distorted guitars, but what I wanted to achieve was a very mechanical/hip hop like sound. Silver was the colour I had in my head, something cold. Something super in your face. I wanted each instrument to have no life whatsoever, like if everything was being played by a metal machine. We started jamming together with this idea in mind and in about 3 or 4 hours we wrote the chopped almost slapped bassline and that DJ-Premiere-like groove. The recording is fully live, I’m quite proud we managed to sound like a crazy factory.

The story behind ‘Fading Out' is… I wrote "Fading Out” in my previous flat in west London around 2 years ago. I was about to move out of there (me and my ex broke up at the time) and the inspiration for the song came to me then. The music was sounding quite dark tho, so another idea came to me which was trying to write a “moving out” themed tune that could mean something different to the listeners depending in what mood they're in. It can be a love song or a political song. The chorus and the verses are referring to the migrants fighting for their life while trying to get to Europe by sea, the intro and the ending are about me moving out of my flat. At least that is what it means to me.

My favourite lyric is… “Smile as hard as you can they can’t see you in the dark”

It was made… With a guitar, a bass, a drum kit and a voice. It was recorded in the Italian Alps, more precisely, in Frisanco, Friuli Venezia Giulia. In Enrico’s Berto house, aka Mushroom Studios.

Our main inspiration was… J Dilla, Pusha-T and Pet Sounds. You could never tell or hear any of these people in our song but hey…! Sometimes inspiration comes from places you’d never imagine…

It sounds best when… It’s really loud on huge speakers. Choose good ones. Good huge ones. And listen to it very loud. Make sure you’re blasting it, ‘cause you get all the subs and the piercing guitars right in the right spot (your face).

You can watch the music video for 'Fading Out' by Husky Loops below:

Giveaway: Win A Double Pass To See Eliott Live!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Up-and-comer Eliott this year released her impressive debut EP Bold Enough, which received bucket loads of love from music lovers around the country. Last month, she also unveiled a live video for her track 'Photographs' — the captivating video involved rearranging the track so she could bring a choir into it. This week, to celebrate the EP and all the incredible things she has achieved this year, she's set to play live shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

We've partnered with Island Records Australia to share a double pass for you and a friend to see Eliott live in either Sydney or Brisbane. Entries close Thursday 6th December at 3pm AEDT. To enter, you must be over the age of 18 years old and be located in Sydney or Brisbane the night of the show. The winner will be notified via email by 4pm AEDT on Thursday 6th December.

To see Eliott deliver a show that you won't forget, enter below:

You can catch Eliott at the below shows:
6th December - The Workers Club, Melbourne (w/ Sannia & Chitra)
7th December - The Milk Factory Kitchen & Bar, Brisbane (w/ Austen & Tiarne)
8th December - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (w/ Yorke & Lover)
More information is available here

You can watch the live video for 'Photographs' below:

This giveaway has been brought to you by the wonderful team at Island Records Australia.

Now Playing: Kakkmaddafakka – ‘Naked Blue'

Monday, December 3, 2018
Photo by Ruben Nesse

Norwegian indie-rock band Kakkmaddafakka has retreated back to their intimate roots with their latest tune 'Naked Blue', which is set to feature on their fifth studio LP. The album is due for release on March 22nd via Bergen Mafia Records. According to the band, their upcoming album will be their most-personal to-date.

'Naked Blue' was inspired by life in Bergen, Norway. In a statement, the band mention the influence Bergen had on the track, "The weather in Bergen this spring and summer made us uber-creative. I was laying on the balcony boiling and dreaming in the sun. Out of nowhere, I felt the urge to go inside and play guitar. Five minutes later I had the song. It just felt natural to go with as the first single'. The carefree energy of 'Naked Blue' captures the freedom of summer and the adventures that happen during the warmer months. As the weather heats up here in Australia, we can promise you that this one will be on endless repeat.

Let Kakkmaddafakka take you on a journey with their new single 'Naked Blue'.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

You can see Kakkmaddafakka on tour in Europe early in 2019. More information is available here.

Now Playing: Men I Trust – ‘Say, can you hear'

Montréal-based Men I Trust have unveiled more details on their upcoming album, which will be titled Oncle Jazz. Until we all get to devour the album in February, they've shared a taste of what they have planned with their single 'Say, can you hear' – which comes after their appearance at this year's Camp Flog Gnaw festival.

Unlike their previous single 'Seven', which felt like bathing in glorious rays of sunshine, 'Say, can you hear' presents a different side to the trio. Though the track remains true to their captivating brand of smooth indie-pop, their latest single features a shadowy aura of reflection. Their lyrics are honest and firm – "Your trial and error is error and error," as well as "You’re self-absorbed / Raving about your cryptic ways / Aren’t willing to change". 'Say, can you hear' maintains a perfect balance between their dreamy sound with an injection of shadowy instrumentals and candid words.

Men I Trust continue to deliver and we're eagerly anticipating their next move on Oncle Jazz.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)


Men I Trust will be embarking on a worldwide tour next year, click here to get more information.

Feature: 10 Artists We Can't Wait To See At SXSW 2019

Friday, November 30, 2018
Pictured: CHAI (photo via Chai's FB page)

Next year, we're super stoked to be attending SXSW for the first time. There's under 100 days left until Austin is surrounded by the best sounds from across the world. To celebrate all things SXSW and their impressive music line-up for 2019, we've rounded up the 10 artists we're excited to catch live.

The quirkiness of CHAI is what captivated me at first — their badass tunes made me fall in love instantly. I'm excited to see them because they project an artistic energy, which could only be a great thing to see during their live showcase.

I'm a sucker for musicians that share obscure stories through their lyrics and aren't afraid to experiment with unique sounds. Deerhunter does all these things and let's just say that my mind is totally ready to jump into another universe with them at their showcase.

Acid Tongue
After I heard their song 'Dive', I just knew that it was fate. Their music lures you into their world of mystery. Their album Babies is a total jammer. Fate is a beautiful thing, and seeing them will be the cherry on top at SXSW.

Body Type
What can I say, they're badass musicians making badass tunes. I have seen them a couple times now and they just keep on getting better. They have a glowing presence on-stage and their shows make you want to dance like no ones watching. Watch out SXSW, I've got my ruby red boots already packed in my suitcase ready to boogie to Body Type.

Willie J Healey
Chill grooves mixed with reflective lyrics is what make's Willie J Healey's music ever-so beautiful. His latest EP 666 Kill is one of my favourite EPs of the year. My body is ready for all the goosebumps he will give me at his showcase.

Say Sue Me
I’ve been watching these talented humans from Busan on the sidelines for over a year now and I’m so excited to finally to witness their magic live. Listening to Say Sue Me always takes me to another universe. If you’re looking for superb indie-rock mixed with alternative, along with a sprinkle of surf-rock, you’ve found it.

Featuring on the most recent SXSW lineup announcment, Odette is one of Australia’s best songwriters. As a poetry nerd, seeing her bring poetry to life in her music is incredibly special. Each time I listen to Odette, I’m hit by a million goosebumps. She truly is one of Australia’s shining lights.

The Glasgow-based four-piece released their EP Cheap Talk recently and it was damn incredible. The EP sees them revive vintage rock in the best possible way and I was hooked from the get-go. Their sound is powerful and confident and it’s a guarantee that they’re going thrill whoever witnesses them in action.

Soft Streak
This duo from LA know how to create pop music gems. When I first heard their single 'Orogeny', I was instantly left captivated. Their brand of pop is more focussed on capturing human emotions, which is a beautiful thing.

Taylor Janzen
I still remember the moment I stumbled across her debut EP Interpersonal — listening to the project from start to finish felt like being lost in a novel. The singer-songwriter from Winnipeg is an artist on the rise and I’m eagerly awaiting to hear what she does next.

SXSW's Music Festival runs from 11th to 17th March 2019. They recently shared their second line-up announcment — you can check out the current list of artists appearing here. To find out more infomation about SXSW, head to

Feature: The Anatomy of 'I Miss You' with Whethan

Photo: Supplied

Chicago-based Producer Whethan has racked-up an impressive CV of production credits, this time he's unveiled his latest track 'I Miss You', which features on Life of a Wallflower Vol. 1. He recently shared the story behind 'I Miss You' with us.

I wrote 'I Miss You’... at a real time in my life when I actually was missing someone who had been in my life for a while.

The story behind ‘I Miss You'... is that I was playing around with programming a robot’s voice in this song and I landed on the idea of the robot being lonely and missing someone and wanting them to come back. I found this interesting because robots don’t have emotions yet the character in the song does. I think the sad vocals clash nicely with the happy production.

My favourite lyric is... really the only lyric in the song, “I miss you”. Even though it’s a relatively simple lyric I think the feeling behind it is pretty complex.

It was made... by myself in my room one day when I was having all these feelings. I feel like this song is a solid representation of my emotions at the time.

It sounds best when... it’s played at a show but also fits when you’re alone and just want to play it off your phone. I think this song can work well in multiple situations.

You can listen to 'I Miss You' below:

Tour dates:
29th-31st December 2018 - Rhythm and Vines, NZ Gisborne
30th-31st December 2018 - Origin Fields, WA Perth
1st January 2019 - Field Day, NSW Sydney

Premiere: Osopho x OK Sure – ‘Chimes’

Thursday, November 29, 2018
Image: Supplied 

 and Ok Sure are the dynamic duo who are about to take you playlists by storm — and we're pretty damn thrilled to today share their majestic single 'Chimes'. 'Chimes' marks Osopho's first single, and it's a monumental start for the up-and-coming producer.

Osopho and Ok Sure merge their worlds together and it works. Despite coming from different backgrounds, the two friends find common ground to create a single that's unforgettable and utterly captivating. 'Chimes' is surrounded by a shadowy aura — the use of intricate and organic sounds, and discrete yet haunting vocals will give you goosebumps.

Osopho are Ok Sure are cooking up more sounds together, and if it's anything like 'Chimes', we're all in store for a real treat.

Now Playing: TANNERS – ‘Venus'

Wednesday, November 28, 2018
Photo by  Ethan Covey via Tanners' FB

Just when you thought Tanners delivered pop perfection on 'Empress In Reverse' and her self-titled EP, she's back at it again with 'Venus'. After stumbling across Tanners earlier this year, we fell in love with her approach to creating pop music and 'Venus' has given us another reason to jam her on repeat.

Her latest gem 'Venus' was inspired by the cosmos and the night sky. In a statement, she notes that the song came to her during a trip to Asia, "In Asia, at night the sky was jet black, with some practice, I got pretty good at identifying stars and planets and it kind of became my party trick. Venus was the earliest to rise and was also the brightest point in the sky, so it became my reference point throughout my trip". 'Venus' is pop music at its finest, featuring soaring production that transports her enchanting vocals to another galaxy. 

Tanners can do it all and we're eagerly awaiting her takeover.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Learn more about Tanners in an interview we did with her earlier this year here.

Feature: The Anatomy of 'Bamboo' with CHILDCARE

Photo by Wolf James via CHILDCARE'S FB

Earlier this month, South London quartet CHILDCARE unleashed one of our favourites songs of 2018 with 'Bamboo'. Ed from the group dives into the story behind the single and how it came together.

We wrote ‘Bamboo'... over the course of a few months earlier this year. I'd had a chorus and an idea for the song for quite a while but it wasn't until Emma started singing it and wrote the verse that it all came together. We then sat round hers, tweaked it, drank Lady Grey tea and ate chocolate bourbons until we felt sick.

The story behind ‘Bamboo' is... as follows... Bamboo is a metaphor for ego in this song. Bamboo is this super strong flexible, fast growing material but it's also brittle if bent in the wrong way and highly flammable. We're writing about our relationship with our egos.

My favourite lyric is… "I wanna be your sister, I wanna be your love, I wanna feed you berries and colour" I like the confusing hints of incest and food.

It was made... in Hackney Studios with our producer Ben Jackson. Despite the drum room being really small we managed to get a big, almost 90's-ish rock sound.

Our main inspiration was... well actually on the drum sound, we were struggling to get it right in the mix but when we were on the way to a gig we were listening to Stone Roses "I wanna be adored" and that's when it clicked that we needed to go bigger and more reverby.

Listen to 'Bamboo' by CHILDCARE below: