Feature: The Anatomy of ‘Shoot To Forget' with Olympia

Friday, February 22, 2019

This week, the ever-so-talented Olympia shared her enthralling new single 'Shoot To Forget'.  The release of the single is the second from her highly anticipated sophomore album. Olympia took time out to break down the story behind the single for us.

I wrote 'Shoot To Forget’... thinking it was a pretty straight forward love song. Once it was recorded, I could afford to step back and see there’s quite a lot packed into the little songs cargo pants.

The idea behind ‘Shoot To Forget' is... the value you let someone place on you — or you them. I love old 70s art videos, including the great mind that is John Berger. He has a great quote ‘the camera relieves us of the burden of memory. The camera records in order to forget’. It reminds me of the compulsion to take heaps of photos on your phone, almost as if the process of taking the photo is you saying to yourself ‘I’ll appreciate this later’, only to mass delete them one night while killing time at the pub. Did you really take it in at the time — or by ‘lay-bying’ with your phone, did you actually miss something?

My favourite lyric is... ‘you don’t need to learn to swim, the Beach Boys have life boats’.
It was made with my dear friend and absolutely maverick, Burke Reid.

My main inspiration was... frustration. I had set myself quite a rigid framework for writing the album; I was writing 9-6 every day — inspiration or not, trying to create this whoIe world. Whenever I would get stuck, Would start to experiment more, and this song is born out of a real sense of play and marked a huge turning point in the making of the album.

It sounds best... when singing along. Always.

You can check out 'Shoot To Forget' by Olympia below:

Catch Olympia on tour at the below dates:
Tue, Mar 5th – UOW UniBar| Wollongong, NSW
Wed, Mar 6th – ANU Bar & Refectory| Canberra, ACT
Sat, Mar 9th – The Triffid| Brisbane, QLD
Thu, Mar 14th – The Forum | Melbourne, VIC
Fri, Mar 15th – The Metro Theatre| Sydney, NSW
Sat, Mar 16th – Cambridge Hotel| Newcastle, NSW
More information is available here

Premiere: Reynier – ‘Lukewarm’ (ft. KESMAR)

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Before it's officially released tomorrow, we’re incredibly excited to share with you today Reynier’s newest single ‘Lukewarm’, which features KESMAR. ‘Lukewarm’ is the second single to be released by Reynier from his upcoming five-track EP Surrender, due to be unveiled in April. The single (as well as the EP) is set to be released via Exist. Recordings.

The enchanting combination of KESMAR’s vocals and Reynier’s intricate production will give you goosebumps each time you listen to ‘Lukewarm’. On the single, Reynier said, “This is one of the more upbeat songs on the upcoming EP. This song has an uplifting and positive energy to it. When listening I can imagine people on each other’s shoulders, in a crowd at a festival all singing along and grooving out.”

2019 is gearing up to be a huge year for the up-and-comer and we’re eagerly awaiting to hear what Reynier has up his sleeve for Surrender.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Listen to 'Lukewarm' by Reynier (ft. KESMAR) below:

Feature: The Anatomy of ‘Piochitas' with Haze

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Photo by Rowan Allen

Bristol's own Haze unveiled their single 'Piochitas' early month via Hate Hate Hate Records. Will from the band breaks down the track for us in its entirety.

I wrote ‘Piochitas’... when I was bed-ridden in my first year of university in Bristol, along with our other track ‘St John’. Being trapped in my room for a few days, for some reason, encouraged me to obsess over Trotsky and Kahlo.

The story behind ‘Piochitas'... is a hyperbolic and historically inaccurate take on Leon Trotsky and Frida Kahlo’s brief affair, unjustly reading it as some sort of symbol for the demise of international communism. ‘Piochitas’ translates roughly as ‘little goat’, Kahlo’s nickname for Trotsky, if one weird and unreferenced blogpost is to be believed.

My favourite lyric is... ‘from the motherland, hand in hand, more than comrades’. This is mainly due to the fact that ‘More than Comrades’ is also a dating site for anarchists and communists to find love.

It was made... in Limehouse Studios in London, recorded over two days with the brilliant Chris Lloyd Hayden. The main basis of the track was live tracked, with subsequent hours spent layering it up with maracas, cowbell and pipe organ, somewhat uncharacteristic of our regular stripped-down approach. They were fun days.

My main inspiration... was Devo, the ultimate source of catchy wonkiness. Piochitas attempts to channel discordant guitar work into the form of a conventional pop song, something I reckon Devo got right.

It sounds best... when played on vinyl. (We are very excited to have had these made) Or maybe live, in a rawer and sweatier form.

Listen to 'Piochitas' by Haze below:

Video Premiere: Down For Tomorrow – ‘What Could Have Been’

Grunge-punk quartet Down For Tomorrow today give us a sneak peek of their latest music video for their electrifying single 'What Could Have Been’.

Shot with photographer/videographer Brandon Lung, the video gives fans a personal insight into what life is like on the Northern Beaches. On the video, lead singer Cody Stebbings said, "We wanted to show that we’re four young adults who enjoy each other’s company, making music, and finding fun in the littlest of things. We got [Brandon] to come film some of our shows from last year, mucking around in the studio and just us naturally hanging out with mates. Basically, a compilation video of our time together."

Stay tuned, as along with the release of more music, Down For Tomorrow are also set to play live shows very soon!

Check out the music video for 'What Could Have Been'  below:

Now Playing: Pecas – 'T-Shirt'

Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Photo by Joshua Thomas via Pecas' FB

Brooklyn-via-Madrid up-and-comer Pecas brings the steam with her delectable new single ‘T-Shirt’ (released via Broken Circles). The track was also released alongside visuals directed by Joshua Thomas, and features Pecas bringing to life the story behind ‘T-Shirt’.

‘T-Shirt’ was inspired by Pecas own experiences with love when she stole an ex’s t-shirt after they broke up. Her vocals are utterly captivating and capture the introspective energy of ‘T-Shirt’. The juxtaposition between Peca’s almost-comical (yet passionate) lyrics with the old-school R&B sounds is captivating. The nostalgic energy of the single is also captured in the enticing visuals of the track.

Scroll down to listen to ‘T-Shirt’ and check out the visuals below.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

You can catch Pecas at SXSW 2019 next month

Video Premiere: Mosquito Coast – ‘Sweet Talking’

Photo by Jonty Knight

We're super stoked to today bring you the music video for Mosquito Coast's recent single 'Sweet Talking'. The release of the music video coincides with their tour, which is currently taking place across the country.

The dream-popsters from Perth draw on influences from the 80s in the video — the visuals perfectly capture the entrancing nature of 'Sweet Talking'. On the video, Naomi from Mosquito Coast said "We really enjoyed the costumes and faux stage setup of this film clip! The concept was left in Hiball’s hands and they came back with a powerful vision of 80's glamour".

'Sweet Talking' is set to appear on their highly anticipated debut album, which is due for release this year. Until then, you can devour 'Sweet Talking' over-and-over again.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Tour dates:
21st February - Henry’s Rooftop, Manly NSW
22nd February - The Chippo Hotel, Sydney NSW
23rd February - The Cambridge Hotel (Back Room), Newcastle NSW
28th February - Perth Festival’s Chevron Gardens, Perth WA (w/ Beach House)
8th March - Cats @ Rocket Bar, Adelaide SA
9th March - The Gasometer (Upstairs), Melbourne VIC
More information is available here

Feature: The Ingredients of Late Bloomer with Soft Streak

Sunday, February 17, 2019
Photo by Shannon Moss
LA-based duo Soft Streak are kicking their year off in style — along with the release of their majestic EP Late Bloomer, their also set to appear at SXSW next month! Learn more about the things that inspired them the most whilst creating their EP.

We really love watching movies and Tori keeps sort of obsessive lists about films (and books) she has watched and wants to watch. The films we watch often influence our soundscapes and writing.  Last year, Tori was particularly influenced by the film Victoria, starring Laia Costa and wrote the song 'Ride' after watching it.

We truly enjoy eating and love the food in LA. There is so much good food to eat around the city, it is sometimes hard to keep up. We took many food breaks during our sessions for this project. These are some of our favourite regular meals to stay full and inspired-

Korean bone broth soup from Han Bat Sul Lung Tang
Breakfast burritos from Tacos Villa Corona
Spicy salmon bowl from Yuko Kitchen
Anything from Palms Thai

Tori had a goal last year to read 50 books - and though it came down to the wire, thankfully she was able to squeeze in the last couple books to reach her goal in December. We try to read a lot - it gives us new ideas, and is a source of comfort and escape when we’re too in our heads creating. Some of our favorite books that we read during this project were:

The Neapolitan Series by Elena Ferrante, Sex & Rage by Eve Babitz, How To Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan, Normal People and Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney, Tender Points by Amy Berkowitz, Too Much and Not the Mood by Durga Chew-Bose, The Goldfinch by Donna Tart, Arbitrary Stupid Goal by Tamara Shopsin and The Idiot by Elif Batuman (we could go on and on).

We try and listen to as much music as we can to stay inspired. Here are a few songs we were obsessed with this past year while making the EP (some of which are from soundtracks to a few of our favorite films of the last couple years)

'House of Woodcock' - Johnny Greenwood
'Moon River' - Frank Ocean
'Wild' - Molly Burch
'goodnight n go' - Ariana Grande
'Hallelujah Junction' - 1st Movement - John Adams
'Saw You in a Dream' - Japanese House
'Motion Sickness' - Phoebe Bridgers

Los Angeles:
LA is a great place and a constant source of inspiration for us. The city can be quite hard to navigate at first, but once you’ve spent a little time here or have the right tour guide, you’ll find that there is an incredible unending supply of the amazing music, art, film and food. We also really love our friends and community here and they are a wonderful source of support and motivation.

You can listen to Late Bloomer by Soft Streak below:

Now Playing: Mini Mansions - 'GummyBear'

Photo by Brian Tamborello and Lo Nguyen

LA-based trio Mini Mansions have unleashed their infectious new single 'GummyBear'. The twisted disco-inspired track is set to join a whole bunch of new songs stemming from their new album titled Guy Walks Into A Bar..., which is set to be released on July 26th of this year.

The tune gives off a dark pop sound that effortlessly moves into a disco beat — it's a track you will definitely have on repeat.

The new album will feature the familiar tune of 'Works Every Time', which came off of their latest  EP (released late last year). Their upcoming release also features a collaboration with the one-and-only Alison Mosshart (The Kills, The Dead Weather).

Mini Mansions are set to play their new tunes in Australia very soon while supporting Arctic Monkeys across the country. Tour dates for the shows can be found below.

Written by Kristy Smolcic

Tour dates: 
Saturday 23rd February - RAC Arena, Perth
Tuesday 26th February - Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne SOLD OUT
Wednesday 27th February - Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne NEW SHOW
Friday 1st March - Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney SOLD OUT
Saturday 2nd March - Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney NEW SHOW
Sunday 3rd March - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
For more information and to buy tickets CLICK HERE

Interview: A Chat With Methyl Ethel's Jake Webb

Friday, February 15, 2019

Methyl Ethel's Jake Webb continues to reaffirm his status as one of Australia's most talented songwriters and his third album Triage, which is released today, showcases some of his best (and complex) work yet. We had the chance to talk to him about the album and the importance of creating continually.

Triage is out on the 15th Feb, are you ready to set it free?

Absolutely, couldn't be readier.

Awesome! Now 'Triage' is a rather meaningful word. Why did you choose it for the title of your third album?

It seemed appropriate, it seemed appropriate in many ways. A lot of the ways we are still realizing but it is one of the joys and powers of titling things.

How would you describe the physical space that you wrote Triage in?

A living room, converted into a recording studio, is how I would describe it.

Sweet, and did that work out well?

I think so... Do you think it sounded ok?

Absolutely, I think it was done really, really well. 


You have gone back to the same sort of set up as your first album?

Well, it is the same because I basically did it 100 per cent on my own and then mixed it over in London. Yeah, it was really good to get back into the hot seat.

Did you gravitate to other art forms whilst writing the album?

I think I am always trying to do that — trying to find it from all sources. I actually try to avoid listening to too much other music because it's too scary to think that you have accidentally borrowed too heavily from someone else, so I usually try to find things from books, or films, stuff like that.

Was there anything specific that did that for you?

Nothing too specific, just always trying to be present and consume it all. That sort of stuff.

Were there any new things that you sought to experiment with, that you hadn't before, on the new album?

I sort of did a bit of study on things like classical techniques and harmonic study. I was sort of a bit more bookish in that way, rather than going on 'vibe' with this one.

And have you ended up having a favourite song off the album?

That changes a bit. I really like 'All The Elements' and 'No Fighting' I'm a fan of. But yeah, it does change a bit.

Methyl Ethel is your creation. How important is it to have the input from the rest of the band once you have written the songs?

Well once they're done, they're kind of doIt's Its more the input on a technical side of things, like how we can best replicate it in a live setting. I think the input from them as humans and as players is the most important thing when it comes to being a band and that's something that I enjoy a lot. Playing with these guys, everyone brings their own set of skills, so its kind of its own thing.

I hear along the grapevine that you are working on some new material. Is that correct?

(Laughs) That is my grapevine that I seem to be spreading — every time I have a record out, I seem to be talking more about the new stuff that I'm working on. Yeah, so I have stuff, you know, in the bank and working on it further. It's just fun you know, and I love doing it, so I will always be working on something.

So is this something that will be turning into an album that we will be able to hear soon?

I don't know how soon, but yeah it will be heard. It will definitely get heard.   

Great. How important is it for you to create constantly and keep that fire burning?

Very important! It's not so much a fire, as a muscle, it just kind of fades away or disintegrates if it's not exercised appropriately. Not to mention it's also kind of an addiction. I'm addicted to writing music.

Well, as long as its a healthy addiction and you keep turning out great tunes like you have been then that's awesome. 

(Laughs) Sure thing.

Thanks heaps for the chat and I absolutely love the new album, I think it's gonna do great!!

Thanks so much, nice chatting to you.

Written by Emily O'Brien

Check out our full review of Methyl Ethel's album Triage here 

You can catch Methyl Ethel on tour at the below dates. Presale tickets are available today 15th February, and general sale is on Monday 18th February.

Saturday, 15th June - The Astor, Perth
Friday, 21st June - The Forum Theatre, Melbourne
Saturday, 22nd June - The Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Thursday, 27th June - The Gov, Adelaide
Friday, 28th June - The Triffid, Brisbane

Now Playing: Paria – ‘Disappear’

Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Photo by  Fabian Framdal Fjeldvik

Oslo-based, Iranian artist Paria recently shared her heavenly debut EP Popsicle, and featuring on the release is her glorious track ‘Disappear’.

‘Disappear’ provides many stellar vocal moments for Paria, whose vocals drift across the charming nature of the track’s production. Though the intro section of ‘Disappear’ is minimal, Paria’s vocals shine through with force. Her lyrics will also give you goosebumps, especially with words such as, “We have a big love that can take care of anything / Even if it seems impossible / You're my only one”. Paria’s neo-soul ballad will leave you in a state of bliss.

If you love ‘Disappear’ just as much as we do, be sure to check out the rest of her EP Popsicle.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic

Album Review: Methyl Ethel – Triage

Created deep in solitude, Jake Webb’s latest body of work, Triage, continues to push the boundaries of what one might expect from Methyl Ethel. Prior to the release of the album, Webb admitted that he spent a large portion of time researching the science behind music and the technical structure of how songs are constructed. Much of the album was created in Webb’s makeshift studio in his Perth home. Triage invites listeners inside Webb’s mind and the physical world that the album was written in.

Because Triage dives into themes of belonging, identity and isolation, the words that appear on the album can be interpreted in different ways depending on an individual's own experiences, even if they were written from Webb’s own thoughts. Webb opening up his emotions enhances the connection between himself and listeners who seek to find solace and understanding of their own place in the world through his words.

There are elements to Triage that mirror the idea of existentialism and the work of Jean-Paul Sartre. Just like Triage, much of art inspired by existentialism focusses on individual experience. Another parallel between the album and existentialist art is the prevalent themes of solitude, isolation and despair — which is present throughout Webb’s body of work. On ‘All the Elements’, he positions himself in various places in his home pondering existence, “Lying on the living room floor waiting for something to be said, there’s something in my head, but I can’t get it out”. Though not directly alike, ‘Scream Whole’ shares some close similarities with Roquentin from Sartre’s Nausea, who in the book slowly loses his grip on reality. ‘Scream Whole’ depicts a state of bewilderment and that itching feeling where you’re slowly losing touch of your surrounds. The track’s chorus captures this haunting state, “Scream, "I'm whole!" one more time / Can't remember why it stopped / Go rewind”.

This artful exploration of existence from a place of isolation is consistent throughout much of Webb’s songwriting on Triage. On ‘Post-Blue’, Webb opens up with the words “I was alone again / couldn’t see it all”, and continues to describe witnessing something creeping up the walls. The winding nature of the track feels like falling deep into a surreal nightmare. The album’s opener ‘Ruiner’ sees Webb dive into self-doubt and feeling inadequate, where he descends deep into an introspective frame of mind. The repetition of the words “That’s not good enough” slice through like a stab wound. The insomnia-ridden track ‘Trip the Mains’ positions him as gradually drifting away from reality.

Webb has presented his most exquisite and contemplative body of work to date with Triage, with each track carefully curated to tell a personal story — though consumers of the art will interpret his intent in an array of ways, the album ultimately pushes us all to ponder our own sense of existence alongside Webb and that's a beautiful thing.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Triage is set to be released Friday 15th February. You can watch the video for 'Trip the Mains' below:

REVIEW: Laneway Festival | Footscray | Melbourne | 2019

Monday, February 11, 2019

Year-after-year, Laneway Festival continue to slate themselves as one of our premier music festivals — providing attendees with not only a mixed selection of musical flavours but also a range of ways to experience the festival.

This year marked a change of venues for the festival, which moved from the Footscray Community Arts Centre precinct to Footscray Park. One of the positives from this transition was that the space between the stages was much closer, meaning attendees were able to squeeze in more music into their day. In previous years, the festival’s main stage was located way too distant from the rest of the festival, making it more difficult to constantly dash between sets.

This year also saw the festival use their partnerships to create immersive experiences for fans wanting to enjoy music away from traditional festival stages. In their partnership with Mojo Kombucha, Laneway presented a GIRLS ROCK! area of the festival where female artists performed acoustic performances to intimate crowds lounging on the grass. Melbourne attendees were treated to an acoustic performance by local hero Courtney Barnett, with the area overflowing with fans hanging onto her every word. There was also the ever-so-talented Thelma Plum, who shared small tidbits in between performing some of her tunes. The festival also had a partnership with Jamieson, which saw Aussie punk faves The Chats set the tent alight.

To no surprise, our local acts received an immense amount of love on the day. We caught parts of Middle Kids and Baker Boy’s early afternoon sets and despite being on the exact time, both drew massive crowds.  Middle Kids fans were treated to a stunning show featuring the sounds from their impressive debut album Lost Friends.

We witnessed the latter part of Baker Boy’s set, where he put on a firey exhibition, where everyone was having a good time. There wasn’t a single person in the vicinity who wasn’t dancing or even mildly grooving to ‘Mr La Di Da Di’ and everything else that he served up. Baker Boy also showcased his moves, performing a couple of thrilling dance breaks with his friends. Later in the day, Crooked Colours brought the house down at the Future Classic Stage.

It’s impossible to forget about Methyl Ethel, who pulled one of the biggest crowds of the day. Though they were marred with a couple of pesky sound issues, which were probably caused by the wind, they dominated their set. It was also exciting to hear the newest tunes Jake Webb has written and witnessing how they evolve from recording to a live setting. ‘Scream Whole’ took on a whole new life, with Jake and the band slightly adapting the sound. They ended their set with their mega-hit ‘Ubu’, also leaving us with a mental note to go catch them live the next time they return to Melbourne.

On the main stage, Mitski performed one of our favourite sets of the day, giving Laneway attendees a dose of both fine music and performance art. Each moment of her set was one that deserved to be savoured.

Hip hop also had a moment on the Future Classic stage, with artists like A-Boogie Wit da Hoodie and Denzel Curry mixing things up. Fresh from hitting number one spot for his album Hoodie SZN on the Billboard Charts, his set gave everyone a chance to let loose and have a good time. Frequently giving us all a glimpse of his blinding smile, A-Boogie Wit da Hoodie treated us to ‘Look Back At Hit’. ‘Swervin’’ and ‘Drowning’. Closing out the Future Classic stage was Denzel Curry, who artfully recreated the structure of his critically acclaimed album Ta13oo through his set, separating it by three acts ‘Light’, ‘Gray’ and ‘Dark’. His set was action packed and probably provided one of the more sweatier moments of the festival, especially with his performance of ‘Clout Cobain’, ‘Sumo’ and ‘Ultimate’. When his set came to an end, he draped his hood back on a quickly departed as if he was in a video game. 

Laneway Festival’s Melbourne leg provided an incredible display of the finest sounds from both home and around the world, as well as a safe environment where the music can be relished and enjoyed by all.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Feature: Things You Didn't Know About Flint Eastwood

To celebrate her upcoming shows in Australia this month, Detroit's Flint Eastwood dives straight into some facts that you might not know about her — check them out below!

1. Every song I've released for the past two EPs has a secret message in it to someone I know. It's mostly inside jokes, but I never tell the friend about it- I just wait to see if they notice. They usually don't.

2. The only rap verse I know all the way through is André 3000’s first verse on Outkast's “Bombs Over Baghdad”. See fact 6 for the reason as to why I know it.

3. The only way to change the world is to change yourself and dance through your problems. It doesn't have to my literal dancing - everybody's dance is different. Your dance could be cooking a healthy meal for yourself or meditating; for me, it's actual dancing.

4. My brothers are my best friends. One of them gets me so well on my left-brained creative side; the other has helped me logic myself through this crazy little thing called life. I'd be lost without them.

5. The earth is going to turn into molten lava someday. So none of this shit matters. Might as well enjoy life and help others enjoy it with you.

6. I grew up without cable or internet & once spent an entire summer learning to do shitty balloon animals because I was so bored.

7.  If I wasn’t doing music I’d be a travelling portrait photographer, hopefully capturing the experiences of people who aren’t enamored by celebrity culture.

8. I have a cat named Pancake. I found her near my mother’s gravestone when I went to bury her ashes. She stayed near the grave all weekend & my partner at the time nearly murdered me for bringing her home. She eventually fell in love with her. Sometimes you have to trust your gut.

9. I will never regret naming my cat pancake. Period.

Watch the clip for 'Hurt' here:

You can catch Flint Eastwood at Gaytimes Festival in Melbourne from 15th to 17th February, Farmer & The Owl Festival in Wollongong and the below shows:
27th February - Howler, Melbourne
28th February - Lansdowne, Sydney
More info is available here

Gig Review: Denzel Curry | Melbourne | 8.2.19

Saturday, February 9, 2019
Photo by Kristy Smolcic

Anyone passing by 170 Russell might have assumed that there was a punk show on with the queue outside the venue featuring a long line of fans dressed in all black weaving around the surrounding alleys. Over the past few years, punk and hip-hop continue to become more closely aligned and Denzel Curry’s live show showcased why the two distinct genres are a perfect match.

If you ever plan on seeing Curry live, expect to see crazed jumping, headbanging and circle pits. It can be argued that his energetic live shows are an extension of his 2018 album Ta13oo, with each track in his setlist strategically placed to recreate the energy of the album’s three Acts ‘Light’, ‘Gray’ and ‘Dark’.

Just like the beginning of Ta13oo, Curry’s night kicked off his set with tracks from the album’s ‘Light’ portion of the album, including ‘Taboo’, ‘Black Balloons’ and ‘Cash Maniac’. ‘Black Balloons’ featured a guest appearance by Sampa the Great, who oozed confidence and poise. The opening section of the show was as calm as the night was going to be. By the time Curry reached ‘Sumo’, everyone knew that things were going to begin darkening and the fans in the room were eagerly awaiting the chance to unleash.

From this point on, 170 Russell turned into a boiler room, with fans turning up the temperature.  The next portion of his set also allowed room for his classic hits, like ‘ULT’ and ‘This Life’. As the night progressed, the crowd’s moshing amplified and saw the show transition from a rap show to a punk show in a matter of tracks.

Towards the third portion of his set, which was the darkest part of the night, Curry played homage to his friend XXXTentacion by performing ‘#ImSippinTeaInYoHood’ and ‘Look At Me!’. Though the former rapper’s life prior to and after his death has been ridden with haunting allegations of abuse, Curry knew him on a personal level and should be allowed to grieve the death of his close friend if he chooses to do so.

The end of the night saw Curry recreate a wall of death, which has been a staple in his shows for a few years now. Though the venue’s moshpit area isn’t large, he divided them in half showing a clear split in the middle. Once the beat dropped, they unleashed fury on one another and crashed their bodies in true punk style.

After a chant for ‘one more song’, he returned to the stage to play his unleashed Flying Lotus produced track ‘Black Balloons 2’, ending the night on a satisfying note.

Denzel Curry shows aren’t for the lighthearted — he presents an alternate form of hip hop that imbraces styles well beyond its borders and his shows are a reflection of this.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)
Photos by Kristy Smolcic (Folio)

Now Playing: Barrie – ‘Clovers’

Friday, February 8, 2019
Photo by Alexa Viscius

Brooklyn five-piece Barrie has announced the release of Happy To Be Here via Winspear, which is due to drop on May 3rd. Set to feature on the LP is lead single ‘Clovers’, which is a tune you’re about to fall in love with.

Listening to ‘Clovers’ will make you feel like you’re floating. The track’s airy vocals evoke a sense of calmness and you can’t help but feel the dreamy energy that they bring throughout its duration. Along with the stunning vocals, the synths on ‘Clovers’ are a wonderland of intricate sounds. ‘Clovers’ was made for basking in the sunshine and absorbing all that goodness.

If you love ‘Clovers’ just as much as we do, stay tuned for more music from Barrie this year.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Premiere: The Avenue – ‘Bourgeois Bitch’

Thursday, February 7, 2019

We’re stoked to bring you The Avenue’s brand new video for their electric new single ‘Bourgeois Bitch’. Their new single is set to feature on their upcoming EP BODIES, which is set to be unleashed into the wild next Friday 15th January.

With the video, the band wanted to capture the shadowy energy of the track. To help bring the track to life, they linked up with director Tom Thomas.

On the video, director Tom Thomas said:

“The concept for the Bourgeois Bitch music video pretty much came to me as I was hearing the song for the first time. It was obvious that the video needed to be high energy, with lots of fast cuts, not dissimilar to what is typical for a hip-hop music video. It was important to maintain stylistic consistency with the music videos from the previous two EPs, so elements were taken from both of those videos and incorporated into this one. We all agreed the overall atmosphere should be more moody and gritty compared to the previous videos. The video came as close to what we initially envisioned as I think possible, and overall captures the essence of the band really well, which is what's important.”

The band from Melbourne have been making major strides in the past year, having refined their songwriting and sound, and we're super keen to hear what they have in-store for BODIES next week.

Check out The Avenue's video for ‘Bourgeois Bitch’ below:

You can catch The Avenue live at the below dates:
Thursday February 28th -  Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney (Free Entry)
Friday March 1st - Netherworld, Brisbane (Free Entry)
Friday, March 22nd - Old Bar, Melbourne
More information is available here

Premiere: Pleasure Coma – Naked

Tuesday, February 5, 2019
Image - supplied

Today, we’re incredibly excited to bring you a first listen of Pleasure Coma’s vibrant debut EP Naked. The EP will be officially released Wednesday, February 6th.

Spanning three tracks, the band from Coffs Harbour (via Guyra) dive into life and explore bigger picture thoughts about the world. On the EP, songwriter and frontman Tasker said, “The 3 tracks on the Naked EP capture 3 different memories of my time living in Redfern, fresh out of Coffs Harbour via Guyra, doing fuck all tryna figure out how the world works and disorientated as to what my life is and should be.”

The EP opens up with 'Waiting', which is a tune that details Tasker's and the band's experience with the music industry. The next track 'Jonny' is a buoyant and thrilling track about a friend who crashed on a couch for a week and ended up staying for six months. The EP closes with the title track 'Naked', which ends the EP with a huge exclamation mark.

You can have a sneaky listen to Pleasure Coma's EP Naked below.

Feature: We Play 'What Song...' with Max Lawrence

Monday, February 4, 2019
Photo by Jeff Andersen Jnr.

Melbourne artist Max Lawrence recently shared his glorious debut EP Chlorophyll. To celebrate its release, he takes us through the story behind some of his favourite tunes and why they're special to him.

What song reminds you of your youth?
My big brother always used to BLAST Chop Suey by System of a Down in his room and I would always join him in a head-banging sesh, rocking out around his room and being scoundrels, and whenever I hear them nowadays it takes me back there.

What song would you love to sample? 
I've always wanted to sample a Kate Bush song, maybe 'Waking the Witch' with all the voices whispering 'Wake Up' and the beautiful, simple piano in the intro of the song. That song always get's me really emotional.

What song did you last listen to?
I last listened to 'Fruitflies' by Gabriel Garzon Montano, it's one of those songs I always keep coming back to, and his whole 'Jardin' album is soooo incredible.

What song do you wish you collaborated on? 
Oh damn, I wish I could work on anything with John Grant, namely 'Pale Green Ghosts'. I think it's a really cool synthesis between electronic music and orchestral elements, and he's an amazing songwriter.

What song is your ultimate party track?
'Let's Dance' by David Bowie never fails to get me turnt up, but also an honourable mention to 'Forget Me Nots' by Patrice Rushen. As SOON as I hear that bass line I lose my mind (I'm a big sucker for disco)

What song was your favourite track of last year?
Oh my god, so many. If I was to whittle it down to one it would be 'Rank & File' by Moses Sumney. It's such an incredibly crazy song not only musically, but vocally and lyrically. That man continues to blow my mind again and again, and is a massive inspiration for my music.

Listen to Chlorophyll by Max Lawrence below:


Photo: Kristy Smolcic 

In a night that saw three legendary acts — The Prodigy,  Slash, and Phil Collins — all packed in the same vicinity, it was a busy evening for music lovers in Melbourne. In a crowd that was mixed with Prodigy fans of both young and old, an array of fans gathered to see the English electronic trio do what they do best.

In town after releasing their 2018 album No Tourists late last year, the night provided little room for talk or banter from them, and instead back-to-back hits and little reprieve or rest for excited revellers.

The show opened up with a sea of lights, with The Prodigy’s Keith Flint and Maxim inspiring the passionate crowd with their eager moves. Their set kicked off with ‘Breathe’, bringing the energy from the get-go. They then moved into ‘Resonate’ and ‘Nasty’, ensuring that the opening of the show left a good impression on everyone in a stadium.

Photo: Kristy Smolcic

There weren’t many moments where it felt like the show dragged or felt like it was going longer than it should of. Each moment that was provided by the trio was one that the sweating and over-excited crowd savoured. Though there were so many, notable moments in their set included their performances of 'Need Some 1', 'Light Up the Sky' 'We Live Forever' & 'Timebomb Zone', the latter two featured during their encore.

The night closed up with their huge hit ‘Smack My Bitch Up’, which ended the night on a high. The performance of the song also included a note by Keith Flint to respect one another.

The Prodigy are icons and through their unique and energetic show in Melbourne that left everyone leaving feverish by the end of the night, they proved why they're so damn good.

Written by Emily O'Brien  
Photography: Kristy Smolcic 

Now Playing: LUCIA – 'Blueheart'

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Glasgow's LUCIA has unveiled their brand new single ‘Blueheart’, which follows in the footsteps of their thrilling EP Cheap Talk last year. 'Blueheart' was released via Sweet Jane Recordings.

On the single, Lucia Fairfull said, “Blueheart is about the frustration you feel when someone close to you is trapped in a toxic relationship that they are too scared to let go of”. These feelings are reflected in all aspects of the track — whether it’s in the opening lines “boy you are a heartbreaker’, the vigorous guitars or Fairfull’s assertive vocals. ‘Bluehart’ was produced by Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys) and mixed by Mark “Spike” Stent (Muse, Arcade Fire & Ed Sheeran).

‘Blueheart’ is another exquisite addition to LUCIA's growing list of hits.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)