Photo Gallery: Miguel | The Forum | Melbourne | 18.7.18

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Miguel's Splendour In The Grass sideshows hit a home run in Melbourne last night. With a sold-out crowd and a performance that definitely brought the heat,  if you are heading down to SITG, this guy is a definite must see. 

Check out our live photo gallery of the night below.

Photographer: Kristy Smolcic

Now Playing: MØ & Diplo – 'Sun in Our Eyes'

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Danish popstar MØ has recently shared a new single, ‘Sun in Our Eyes’, in collaboration with the magnetic sounds of Diplo. Following the hype of their major hit ‘Lean On’ in 2015, this leading track defies all expectations and leaves us wanting so much more from MØ’s sophomore album, Forever Neverland, due to be released 19th October.

This summertime hit, both exciting and nostalgic, is guaranteed to be on repeat for your Splendour in the Grass road trip. And for those who couldn’t score a ticket, it’ll make you feel like you are there; “I feel the sunlight on my head/ The scent of summer in my bed/ When we were footprints in the sand/ Stealing liquor making plans”.

‘Sun in Our Eyes’ reminds us of summer and what it feels to be alive. As only one single from her first full-length record since No Mythologies to Follow, it’s just the beginning for MØ.

Written by Hannah Woodfield

You can purchase ‘Sun in Our Eyes’ here or stream it via Apple Music

Now Playing: Ralph Castelli – 'Shot Down'

It’s mid-December and you’re on a 'sort of date' with the person of your dreams. The walk to your house is filled with lively conversation and with hand holding added to the equation. It seems as though they’ve fully accepted the weirdo you are and your one-way ticket to romance land is checked & stamped. You arrive at your doorstep. At this point, you’re very vulnerable and you cannot stop throwing up emotions like you’ve had a bad case of food poisoning. Though however sick and naked you may feel, you lean in for the kiss. Most of us have been there. That unfortunate feeling that comes from being rejected by a romantic prospect. The kiss, the relationship talk, whatever it may be, being shot down is an uncomfortable feeling that erodes at your self-esteem.

I’m always in awe of artists who can take the most common of human experiences and masterfully craft them into pop tunes. Ralph Castelli has this aforementioned ability and his song 'Shot Down' comes across as both polished and ingrained with that D.I.Y. bedroom-pop sound that always comes across so personable.

Beginning the track is a vocal sample singing the words “Shot Down”. It weaves in-and-out, underpinning the minimal instrumentation. What stands out to me the most is the texture. This song utilises it with such skill and every single facet including the guitar and organic lo-fi-esque percussion all perfectly bring the focal point to the main vocal. It’s just a neatly produced song with massive replay value and it’s a must-play after the majority of romantically themed disasters.

Written by Roy Gordon 

You can purchase 'Shot Down' here or stream it via Apple Music

Now Playing: Niine – 'Only He Knows'

Avant-garde avalanche-pop just got a whole lot bigger as Niine has released her brand new single ‘Only He Knows’. Partly because she is the “world’s first avant-garde avalanche-pop artist”, but also because it doesn’t get much phatter than this.

The single is brought to life with its dangerously addictive groove, gritty synth lead, and longing, aggressive vocals. What starts out as a runaway train taking us through the deep, dense jungle that is Niine’s amazing storytelling abilities, we soon come to find someone is feeding this train more coal as it crescendos into an immovable object that this unstoppable track will eventually hit.

Niine tops off this enormous behemoth of a track with her incredibly passionate and virtuosic vocals, as she deepens the elaborate story she has laid out in front of us leading us to gain a rich feeling of empathy as we can feel the exact emotions she wants us to feel.

Hopefully, more music will be on its way very, very soon because we need more Niine!

Written by Jaspar Robinson

You can purchase 'Only He Knows' here or stream it via Apple Music

Album Review: Years & Years – Palo Santo

Monday, July 16, 2018

If you thought Years & Years were about to encounter the sophomore album blues, you’re very wrong. The British synth-pop trio has re-emerged with vengeance with their latest LP Palo Santo. Whereas their debut LP Communion lacked risk, Palo Santo sees the trio dive into a pool of risks, and the outcome is their most outstanding work to-date.

The album’s title Palo Santo means ‘holy wood’ in Spanish, and is wood that derives from the magical Palo Santo tree — it’s believed that when the wood is burned, the smoke possesses healing powers. Listening to the album achieves this exact same effect with its wholehearted words an exploration of queerness, masculinity, and freedom.

Palo Santo places Olly Alexander as the protagonist of the LP — his romantic endeavours, both relationships and casual hook-ups, are unguarded and are on full display. Along with discussions of relationships, another prominent aspect of the album is its affiliation with elements of religion and faith. Throughout the album, Alexander connects the freedom and salvation people search for from religion to the release and liberation he feels from his love life, whether it’s engaging in a casual relationship or coming to terms with the end of something that he thought was serious. Religion evokes powerful emotions in its followers, and the album presents how the human experience of sexuality (which religion may deem as ‘forbidden’) can bring about these same feelings for those engaged in it.

The LP fuses various ports of inspiration, from 90s R&B to early 2000s 'I'm a Slave 4 U' and 'Outrageous' Britney — the latter particularly prevalent on the opening track ‘Sanctify’. The hypnotic track is about Alexander’s sexual encounter with a man who identifies as straight. He encourages the man to embrace his sexual desires and to not shy away from them. In the track, Alexander boldly declares, "Sanctify my body with pain / Sanctify the love that you crave”. The following track ‘Hallelujah’ describes a hook-up and the feelings of liberation that can come from sex. Alexander says he wants to dance “until our bodies are singing hallelujah”.

As expressed on ‘Sanctify’, Alexander’s encounter with a straight-identifying man was a source of inspiration. Even though it’s difficult to predict whether ‘Preacher’ and ‘Sanctify’ are about the same love interest, ‘Preacher’ also sees Alexander encourage his love interest to embrace his true desires and to be free. He says, “Cause I really wanna love you / But you're hiding, yeah, you're hiding / You should come on out / Come on out”.

The infectious and anthemic tunes Years & Years fans loved on the trio’s debut were not abandoned on Palo Santo, instead, they appear more refined and developed. ‘All for You’, which is about the end of a relationship, is designed to be played aloud and on-repeat. The track features Years & Years thematic use of religion. The lyrics, “And love's a bitter fruit if you choose to remain in your shame / But you couldn't listen, no,” is a play on the forbidden romance between Adam and Eve in the Genesis story. ‘If You’re Over Me’ is classic Years & Years catchy synth-pop — though the track appears upbeat, it's an expression of release from a relationship that has run its course. ‘Karma’ features the infectious goodness, but with an R&B twist.

Elements of R&B appear throughout the LP, with influences ranging from Michael Jackson to Justin Timberlake. ‘Lucky Escape’ is a soaring number that’s about the relief of getting out a relationship. Alexander admits that he dodged a bullet, the words “Don't lose perspective / We all get damaged, and some of us don't ever heal" hold weight. Written solely by Alexander, the track is surrounded by fervent feelings, as well as confidence. The words of ‘Lucky Escape’ have without a doubt left the guy in question embarrassed. Enwrapped in soulful R&B influences, ‘Lucky Escape’ is the ultimate break-up song for those looking to feel empowered by their decision to end a relationship that wasn’t working.

The album concludes with ‘Here’, which is reminiscent of a church hymn. Alexander’s vocals remain at the forefront with choir-like echoes backing him. The track is a fitting conclusion to the album and combines the prominent theme of religion with pensive lyricism.

Years & Years ascend to new heights with Palo Santo, each track appearing as a declaration of freedom and liberation — through evocative lyricism and anthemic tunes designed to be blasted aloud, Years & Years have set the benchmark for synth-pop that comes after them in 2018.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Feature: We Play 'What Song...' with Ukiyo

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

After dropping new single 'Clicky' late last month, and with the release of his debut EP Fantasy coming up this month (on 25th July), Ukiyo has been busy! Scroll through and check out some of the tunes Ukiyo loves the most.

What song reminds you of your youth?
'Dancing in the Moonlight' by Toploader
One of my first memories ever is pretending to play along to that song with my mate.  Who could ask for a better introduction to music.

What song would you love to sample?
I really love Ahmad Jamal’s theme from M*A*S*H, I’ve always wanted to have a crack at sampling it, but Gramatik did such a fantastic job with it in their song Skylight that I’ve never let myself.

What song did you last listen to?
'Solstice' by Brian Bennett
Right now, I’m listening to 'Solstice' by Brian Bennett, just discovered this album today!  Such a cool space vibe adventure and the album art is breathtaking.

What song do you wish you collaborated on?
'Shelter' by Porter Robinson & Madeon 
The song is perfect already, but a boy can dream, right?  Those guys seem incredibly genuine and sincere as well, I’d love to be in a room with them.

What song is your ultimate party track?
It’s a playlist really, but it starts with 'Close To Me' by The Cure.  I’ve also got this crazy Salsa remix of Coldplay’s Clocks that I pull out whenever I can.

What song has been your favourite track of this year so far?
'NUMB' by Hayden James & GRAACE
Everything about this track is so damn cool and unique.  Hayden’s new track is fantastic as well, can’t wait to see what’s to come.

You can purchase 'Clicky' here or stream it via Apple Music

Interview: Odette on blending poetry and music

Last week, Odette shared her highly anticipated debut album To A Stranger. The album is an impressive debut, with each track featuring honest and reflective lyrics by Odette. Odette gives us a little insight into the album, as well the influence poetry has on her artistry.

Congratulations on your debut album To A Stranger, what lessons did you learn whilst creating your first LP? 
I figured out who I am as a writer. It gave me so much confidence in myself and my abilities. I also learnt so much about my own presence in the studio. Often in sessions, I would be either very quiet or manically social out of stress but working with Damian gave me this calm confidence. It was really something to be able to think clearly and know that the end product was going to be exactly what I was envisioning.

You got to perform on triple j's Like A Version last month, which must of been very exciting!! What was the experience like? 
It was so wonderful. The other musicians and singers I played with, lots of which were childhood friends, really brought everything to life. The strings were so beautiful and the backing vocals were smooth and lovely. I got goosebumps as we were playing.

'Watch Me Read You' features samples from an interview with Maya Angelou, what draws you to poetry as a songwriter/musician? 
Poetry, I think, is something that conveys a message in a very short time. I love that you can fit so much about a landscape, emotion, person or whatever in just a few pages. I love its varying styles and I love how personal it can be. You really hear someone’s voice or see through somebody else’s eye when you’re reading their poetry. Of course, not all of it’s good. Lord knows I’ve written so many bad poems in my life. I just think that poetry and writing, in general, is a form of expression that is timeless.

What’s similar about poetry and the processes involved in songwriting? 
I mean there are a lot of similarities. Sometimes you can read someone’s lyrics and it’ll be in perfect prose. Other times it’s a stream of consciousness and has no rhyme scheme. I think the one thing that poetry and songwriting has in common for me is that you can create your own rules. You can write however you’d like. I know that sometimes I’ll write in iambic pentameter or tetrameter but halfway in be like ‘screw this I’m going to change the tempo and everything about the song’.

Are there any other poets who you seek inspiration from? 
Definitely poets like Sylvia Plath, Walt Whitman, Maya Angelou and Keats.

Pablo Neruda once said, "Poetry is an act of peace", what's this mean to you as a songwriter and creative? 
That’s beautiful. I’ve never heard that before. Honestly, I’d say that poetry is a calm moment. It clarifies what might be convoluted in your mind, I know this is definitely why I write. I suppose it’s an act of peace for the individual.

How do you plan on celebrating the release of the album? 
Honestly? Sleeping. I’ll hang out with my closest friends and maybe we’ll go a little crazy but I just really need a good sleep.

By Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

You can purchase Odette's album here or stream it via Apple Music

You can catch Odette live during her 'To A Stranger' tour:
Friday 10th August - Ed Castle/Rocket Bar, Adelaide - SOLD OUT
Saturday 11th August - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne - SOLD OUT
Sunday 12th August - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne - SOLD OUT
Tuesday 14th August - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne - SOLD OUT
Wednesday 15th August - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne  - SOLD OUT
Friday 17th August - Newport Hotel, Fremantle
Saturday 18th August - Amplifier, Perth
Friday 24th August - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney - SOLD OUT
Saturday 25th August -Transit Bar, Canberra - SOLD OUT
Sunday 26th August - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Friday 31th August - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane - SOLD OUT
Saturday 1st September - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane - SOLD OUT
More information is available here 

Video Premiere: Foemen – ‘Magnetic Form’

With the release of upcoming EP Magntisz fast approaching, Foemen shares the brand new video for 'Magnetic Form' with us today.

‘Magnetic Form’ is about the immediate attraction two individuals feel and the ability for those feelings to take control.

The video features Foemen amongst captivating scenes that contrast light and dark. Some scenes in the video see Foemen singing in pitch darkness, however, his backdrop then transforms to complete light — the use of contrast works impactfully with the themes of the track and the sentimentality behind it.

Foemen's EP Magntisz is set to be released on 20th July.

You can purchase 'Magnetic Form' here or stream it via Apple Music

Review: Polish Club | Corner Hotel, Melbourne | 7.7.18

Monday, July 9, 2018

Over their tenure as a live band, Polish Club has been known to exemplify many things — including sassy stage presence, flashy fast-paced songs and snappy performances that leave the crowd always wanting more. Both David Novak and John-Henry have excellent stagecraft, with their quick wit and quips never far behind. With a full horn band behind them on Saturday night, the duo and their five-piece looked near unstoppable.

They were joined by trio Sweater Curse and folk four-piece All Our Exes Live in Texas, the evening at the Corner Hotel was highlighted by the many different musical genres it brought with it, as well as the formidable dancing of David Novak.


Sweater Curse was a lively prospect for the bandroom in Richmond. The trio, who hail from Queensland, were the right choice for an opener for the equally fast-paced Polish Club, starting the evening off with full energy.

With a set reaching a touch over half an hour, Sweater Curse was able to display their musical abilities to the growing crowd — who, by the end of the set, were terribly excitable by the young band’s prospects. With only a couple of singles released, much of their set was made up of Sweater Curse’s new material intermixed with their current singles, 'Can’t See You Anymore', 'Don’t Call Me' and 'Fell Asleep'.

With a classic indie, rock and grunge mix, Sweater Curse had a sound reminiscent of modern grunge unit, Tiny Little Houses, but kept their unique vibe through the tender vocals of lead vocalist and bassist, Monica. Sweater Curse closed out their set with their soon-to-be-released single, 'Mon’s Song', filling the room with their laid-back indie sound for one last song.


All Our Exes Live In Texas was the second act, and their folk charm was a refreshing change of pace before Polish Club. With their only form of percussion being the tambourine on the foot of Elana, the foursome relied on their pleasant harmonisation and voicing to deliver a thrilling performance.

Hannah, Georgia, Elana and Katie each swapped the lead vocal duties with their individual vocal tones painting a different picture with each song.  Their set was powerful and lyrically reflective including their popular singles, 'Tell Me', 'The Devil’s Part' and 'When The Sun Comes Up'.

'World War Three' was a highlight of their set — the song, which is about violence and abuse against women, moved the crowd. The song was a beautiful ode to the current predicament of the world with their heartfelt vocals taking hold of the room.

It was their vocal prowess and hard-hitting, yet sometimes light, lyrics that foster such awe in the crowd,  plus their beautiful folk music, that delivered an air of quiet excitement leading into Polish Club.


As far as power duos in music go, it’s generally hard to go past Polish Club’s punchy, sassy performances and Saturday night's show reaffirmed this sentiment. Now with their new five-piece brass section, Polish Club’s level of fun soared to new heights.

Both David Novak and John-Henry relished having a horn section and used it to full effect, arriving on stage to a full brass fanfare before immediately exploding into 'Give It Up'. A quick intro was followed by a roll of brass based jokes, Novak asking the crowd if they were “ready to get horny” and that they were “already horny enough” on-stage.

Again, the energy lifted on-stage as the duo and their newfound friends burst into their popular track 'Money'. The crowd immediately responded, singing, screaming and dancing to one of Polish Club’s best-known tracks.

The set, made up of fifteen tracks, was a perfect mix of Polish Club’s fast-paced winners, as well as some of their slower numbers such as 'Don’t Fuck Me Over' and 'How To Be Alone'. The rest was made-up of their well-known magic with 'Come Party', 'Divided', 'Beeping' and 'Whatuknow' all featuring on a packed setlist.

Apart from being a great set-up for the many horn-based puns Novak and John-Henry had worked on, the brass section they brought along with them for the show assisted in fattening out the lower bassy, end that Polish Club sometimes lacked — using the wide sounds of the tuba, trombones, trumpet and suave baritone saxophone, they made a real impact.

Doing an encore at random hasn’t really been Polish Club’s style, so telling the crowd that they were going to do it felt much more natural. The encore was everything a Polish Club fan could wish for, with the band closing out on 'Stop' by the immortal Spice Girls. With Novak and John-Henry duetting with each other in the roles of the spice girls (John-Henry reading the lyrics scrawled on a piece of paper). It was the perfect way for the show to end — the spicy passion of Polish Club, the fun fanfare of the horn section and the bouncy energetic lyrics of the Spice Girls, setting the crowd off and leaving everyone fulfilled from Polish Club’s performance.

Written by Daniel Hanssen (@dangigman)

You can catch Polish Club this Saturday 14th July at Factory Theatre in Sydney. Tickets are avaliable here.

Gig News: YG Announces Australian and New Zealand Dates

Whilst in town for Canberra's Spilt Milk festival, YG is set to appear across the country (as well as in New Zealand) this November.

With an array of singles such as 'Big Bank', 'Fuck It Up', 'Still Brazy', 'Why You Always Hatin?', 'Twist My Fingaz', 'Ride Out' and 'FDT', the Bompton rapper is set to dominate stages when he hits Downunder. Next month, YG is also set to unleash his highly anticipated album Stay Dangerous, which is due on 3rd August. The release of a new album also means that he's set to perform new material during the tour.

YG was in Australia first in 2015 with Ty Dolla $ign, as well as in 2017 during his headline sold-out tour.

Presale tickets go on sale 10am Friday, July 13th. General sale tickets go on sale 10am Monday, July 16th.

Tour dates:
Friday 16th November - Festival Hall, Melbourne - ALL AGES
Saturday 17th November - Spilt Milk Festival, Canberra - SOLD OUT
Wednesday 21st November - Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland - 18+
Friday 23rd November - Hordern Pavilion, Sydney - 18+
Sunday 25th November - Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane - 18+
More information is available here.

Now Playing: The Attics – 'Ultramarine'

Friday, July 6, 2018

If you've have a crazy week, then 'Ultramarine' is the perfect tune to help wash away all your troubles. The Attics have just shared their latest tune 'Ultramarine', and it's the perfect combination of smooth beats, hypnotic melodies and floating vocals. 

The track features an array of intriguing elements — especially with the airy nature of the vocals acting as a buffer between the intricate combination of driving guitars and the lushness of the chorus. It's a contrasting combination, but it works beautifully and the end result is utterly entrancing. 'Ultramarine' gives listeners a glimmer of summer and an escape from the dreariness of the cold.

If 'Ultramarine' is anything to go off, The Attics have some magic saved up their sleeves and we can't wait to hear what they do next.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

You can purchase 'Ultramarine' here or stream it via Apple Music

Now Playing: Maja – 'Woman I've Become'

Last month, Maja, who is based in Melbourne, unleashed her moving single 'Woman I've Become'. 'Woman I've Become' is another expressive and eloquent addition to her collection of beautiful songs — including 'Hurting Now' and 'Wake Up and Find' from her 2017 EP Still Bleeding.

'Woman I've Become' showcases Maja's poignant vocals in their rawest form. Her stunning vocals elevate the depth of emotions within the lyricism — especially with lyrics such as, "So don't you wait for the woman of your dreams / she's crying out to be heard and to be seen". The deeply personal track appears like a story and you'll be hanging onto every word as they appear.

Maja also recently shared a music video for 'Woman I've Become', which you can watch below. She's also set to play a series of tour dates this month, scroll down to find out where.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

You can purchase 'Woman I've Become' here or stream it via Apple Music

Tour dates:
7th July - Miami Marketta, Gold Coast
12th July - Junk Bar, Brisbane
20th July - Handle Bar, Bendigo
21st July - Old Church on the Hill, Bendigo
25th July - Irish Murphys, Hobart
26th July - Republic Bar, Hobart
More information here

Music video for 'Woman I've Become':

Now Playing: Demon Days – 'Disco Baby'

Thursday, July 5, 2018

I don’t know what sparkly neo-soul/disco/funk water the musicians in Perth drink, but I want some, I want some now. Clearly having been baptised in said waters then re-baptised about infinity times, Demon Days’ 'Disco Baby' has been blessed by the groovy funk gods. I’m so flawed by the sheer musicality and groove of this track and I haven’t been able to stop bobbing my head (I may need to seek medical attention).

The track begins with a gritty riser and drums then we are treated to some tasty synth licks and bouncy bass. By now, the song catches you and you are swimming through a perfectly crafted song form with precise rhythmic vocals and harmonies floating atop. It’s just so crystal clear that this band have more chops than a karate studio.

Their influences of jazz, pop, funk, and hip-hop come through so cohesively on this song and I cannot begin to recommend you listen enough.

Written by Roy Gordon

You can purchase 'Disco Baby' here or stream it via Apple Music

Now Playing: Dean Lewis – 'Be Alright'

Not Since Same Kind Of Different, have we seen a release from Dean Lewis, but through his highly anticipated new single 'Be Alright', he has fixed this and given his fans a first glimpse into his impending album.

'Be Alright' epitomises the long, searing pain of betrayal in love. In this stirring ballad, he lays bare this bitter and complex feeling through saddened vocal work sitting alongside his signature stripped back acoustic guitar, making the sting his experiences vivid for the listener.

Dean’s powerful storytelling and lyrics in 'Be Alright' paint a soul-bearing picture, and the track match up to the heights of his earlier singles.

It’s his emotive vocal work that powers the song and lays the groundwork for an exciting album in the future. 'Be Alright' showcases Dean Lewis at his solemn, yet explosively emotional best. His music allows listeners to feel the lyrics and musical accompaniment reverberate in their own hearts.

Written by Daniel Hanssen (@dangigman)

You can purchase 'Be Alright' here or stream it via Apple Music

Review: Quinn XCII | Corner Hotel, Melbourne | 1.7.18

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The closing show to Quinn XCII's Australian tour (and his first visit to Melbourne) had it all, brilliant indie-pop, a performance that truly engaged Quinn’s fans and even a surprise shoey or two.

Opening for Quinn XCII was Ukiyo, a local Australian producer who hails from Perth. While he seemed a little nervous when he first jumped up on stage, it soon dissipated, as his music did much of the talking for him. His production work was refreshing, coupling the dancey bass ridden tracks of modern electronica with simpler moments of purity through clear chiming samples. This blend of themes was a feature for much of Ukiyo’s work. Still heavily influenced by dance, Ukiyo’s tracks explored other elements of electronic music including light influences from techno and trance floating into the grooves of his production.

Ukiyo’s set included many of his current releases, 'Clicky', 'Go' and closing on his popular title track from his 2016 EP, 'Calling'. Brilliantly, each track was able to inspire a different mood in the room and as such, was a brilliant opener for an artist like Quinn XCII, who inspires so much feeling in his music.

Michigan born, Quinn XCII was an exciting and interesting prospect for the Corner Hotel stage, the artist finishing up his Australian tour on the back of his 2017 debut album The Story of Us. His talent for melding various genres through his music has played a large role in him standing out from other musicians

His set was an eclectic combination of his The Story Of Us album, the new releases from the album’s deluxe mix and old singles that made him the artist he is.

Opening with 'Candle', the mellow R&B and pop combination of sounds sent the crowd into an immediate tizzy. The well-known track quickly amped up the already buzzing crowd. Leading out of 'Full Circle', Quinn XCII was drawn into the “Shooey” chant by the crowd and after some quick introductions of his band, Patty Anne Miller, Quinn XCII’s drummer and Gregory Hugel, his keys player, proceeded to complete a schoey while to the tune of 'Seven Nation Army', creating a touch of on-stage excitement as Quinn promised another by the end of the evening.

The highlight of Quinn XCII’s set wasn’t so much a song, but his presence, honesty and engagement with the crowd coupled with his ability to blend so many musical genres without making an audible mess. Quinn XCII’s songs are influenced by pop, hip-hop, electronica and a measure of reggae, and this could have easily become a mess live, but he and his band made it work perfectly.

Quinn XCII was bubbly, constantly wanting the crowd to raise their hands, dance and sing along with him, it was these moments that led to such a high-quality performance throughout the evening. This almost stream of energy channelled through Quinn’s renditions of his songs, making each song special and unique in its own way.

Rolling through older tracks such as 'Bootleggin’', and newer recordings 'Make Time', 'Iron & Steel' and 'Always Been You', Quinn XCII completed the main part of his set on 'Kings Of Summer'. The electronic track resonated through the bandroom with the heavy beats and lyrics making many members of the crowd sing and dance with joy. The crowd hit fever pitch as Quinn XCII walked off of the stage, beginning a combination chant of “one more song” and “shooey” fuelled by the evening's earlier events.

After arriving back on stage, he fulfilled his promise of the second shoey. He also had the idea of performing his encore in only socks, which quickly led into his popular track, 'Flare Guns'. The crowd was waiting for this one, the dreamy pop track being belted back at Quinn XCII by the crowd. His passionately boisterous vocals made a massive impact and the added fact he had the crowd singing Chelsea Cutler’s part made the song a stand out moment from the evening already full of memorable events.

The crowd engagement didn’t stop with 'Flare Guns' though, even his closing track 'Straightjacket' had a large part for the crowd to play, with both Quinn XCII and the crowd competing in a vocal call and response through the closing lines of the track. Having both Patty and Greg’s instrumental parts stripped away, Quinn XCII and the crowd could be heard reverberating until the end of his show.

Written by Daniel Hanssen (@dangigman)

Now Playing: Cut Copy – 'Standing in the Middle Of The Field' (Tensnake Remix)

Sunday, July 1, 2018

MJ’s glitter-socked feet are shimmying and shamone-ing at a dizzying speed in a conga line, resulting in fist-sized bunions and a severe case of Hammer Toe. And who is to blame? Cut Copy (and paste) and their Hamburg cocktail re-mixer sidekick Tensnake.

Rested in the retirement home of 2017 release ‘Haiku From Zero’, Tensnake’s 6:31 long SodaStream renovation carbonates the original, ‘listened to 1000 times but still bearable’, into funkadelic Daft Punkish popping candy. A compatible divergence of a deep upfront riff, backdropped by sprinklings of marimba percussionitzy ear ticklers.

“Find love, lying on the shore...drifting out to sea, lost forevermore” they sing.

SITMOTF is in need of a nurturing grandma embrace and 5:20's “holding on is hurt” conclusion expresses it so. Despite lack of, the echoey fade-out seal to the envelope is a delish ingrain in the membrane chilling finish. #TenOutOfTensnake

Written by Sally Hui (@sally__hui)

You can purchase Tensnake's remix of 'Standing in the Middle Of The Field' here or stream it via Apple Music.

Now Playing: GOSH – 'Isle Of Pines'

We may be deep into winter, but Wollongong five-piece GOSH brings the summer vibes back with their track 'Isle Of Pines'. They initially released the track a few months ago, so we're a little late to the party — but, we're so damn happy that we stumbled across GOSH and 'Isle Of Pines'.

'Isle Of Pines' provides smooth listening for anyone who is looking for the perfect tune to blast aloud. The track is intriguing in the way it combines relaxing elements like dreamy vocals but then weaves in charged-up and electrifying guitars.  This transition moves the track from your standard Sunday chill-out tune into an intricate and elaborate alternative rock song — yet, 'Isle Of Pines' also appears effortless and natural.

Do yourself a favour a kick your week off with 'Isle Of Pines' by GOSH.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

You can purchase 'Isle Of Pines' here or stream it via Apple Music.

Now Playing: Fabric Bear – 'Without You'

Edinburgh-based three-piece Fabric Bear may be young, but their tunes are polished and sound well beyond their years. Last month, they shared their single 'Without You', which was produced by Baby Strange.

There's an aura of confidence to 'Without You' — the track's vocals work harmoniously with the grittiness of the guitars and the final product is utterly electrifying. The track also balances the rawness of the Scottish underground scene with lustrous sounds of alternative rock. 'Without' You is also immensely catchy and you'll have it stuck in your head for hours.

Though it might be a little while until they make their way to Australia, we're eagerly awaiting to see what they do next.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

You can purchase 'Without You' here or stream it via Apple Music.

Feature: We Play 'What Song...' with Andie Zarins from Zenith Moon

Friday, June 29, 2018

Aussie rockers Zenith Moon unleashed their single 'Inhibition' this month, as well as the accompanying music video — which you can watch below! Here's a glimpse into the favourite songs of Andie Zarins, who is on drums in the band.

What song reminds you of your youth?
'Feel Good Inc.' by Gorillaz
For me, it’s gotta be an equal tie between 'Feel Good Inc.' by Gorillaz or any song that charted during the 80’s. The former because listening to that song was my choice, and the latter because Mum and Dad would smash on 80’s pop compilation cd’s every chance they got - thanks Mum and Dad, those tunes really do spin me right round, like a record baby, right round round round.

What song would you love to sample?
The Zorba
I’d love to sample a tune like the ‘Zorba' old Greek classics. I say this because Kahli is Greek and a lot of her family come and see us play. I’d love to see a whole room full of people dancing the Zorba and screaming ‘opa’ while taking shots of ouzo during one of our shows. Plus, I’ve fallen in love with Greek music.

What song did you last listen to?
‘Four Cypresses’ by Grizzly Bear
'Four Cypresses' by Grizzly Bear. I’ve been following these guys for years now and they’re so damn captivating. Can’t wait to see what new stuff they come out with, every new record is simply so fresh and gives me a new perspective on songwriting.

What song do you wish you collaborated on?
Anything by Flume, funnily enough. The beats are so very groovy and the music he creates is invigorating and fresh. Plus, it’s the soundtrack to almost every Aussie summer I’ve had in recent years… (So all of them since he became popular.) I would just add even more layers to the drums.

What song is your ultimate party track?
'Green Light' by Lorde 
It brings me literally zero shame to say… my ultimate party track is 'Green Light' by Lorde. The track’s an absolute banger. Or maybe September by Earth, Wind and Fire. Try to be unhappy and have a bad time to that song, I dare you.

What song has been your favourite track of this year so far?
'This is America' by Childish Gambino
‘This is America’ by Gambino. Hate to sound bang-wagon-y but this song caused me to have a soft spot for trap, how is that even possible? Either way, a banger is a banger, no matter if it’s trap or not.

You can watch Zenith Moon's video for 'Inhibition' below:

You can purchase 'Inhibition' here or stream it on Apple Music 

Premiere: Aspy Jones – ‘Hatches’

We're super excited to bring you 'Hatches', the debut single by up-and-comer Aspy Jones. The single is also on-track to appear on his forthcoming EP, which is set to be released into the wild later this year.

'Hatches' is an emotionally-charged track that was inspired by the struggles of a close friend of his. In a statement, Aspy says that it's a feeling everyone can relate to and that "it’s important to let your friends and family know that you’re there for them and to remind them to keep moving forward". The sentiments and feelings he sings about are not only captured in the track's lyricism, but also in the ferocity of the guitars and the driving force of his vocals.

Hit play and take a moment to take in the reflective words of 'Hatches'.

You can purchase 'Hatches' here or stream it via Apple Music.


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