Single Review: LANKS – ‘Comfortable’

Multi-instrumentalist and producer LANKS has released his new song ‘Comfortable’. The release of the single coincides with the announcement of a tour in August and September, featuring stops in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. 

‘Comfortable’ was inspired by a close friend of LANKS, who works within the mental health industry. In a statement, he said, “I wrote this song to remind her how selfless she is and was, helping someone else through such an incredibly hard time and shouldering so much of their struggles and despair. The ending was heartbreaking, but I wanted to focus on how great of a human she showed she was”. ‘Comfortable’ is incredibly moving, and LANKS’ portrayal of this particular perspective is raw and eloquent. He’s done a brilliant job of telling a story that’s sincere and touching and it’s a story that I truly believe needed to be shared. 

You can catch LANKS during his tour at the dates below.

Written by Amy Smolcic

Tour dates:
19th August – Leadbelly, Sydney NSW
25th August – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD
26th August – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne VIC
2nd September – Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth

Single Review: Stonefox – ‘Talk Me Home’

Melbourne’s Stonefox have unleashed their new track ‘Talk Me Home’. Along with the release of their new single, they’re also set to play shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide soon.

‘Talk Me Home’ features delicate and airy production. The softness of the track works to create an aura of calmness and tranquillity. The subtle percussion acts as a heartbeat beating throughout. In a way, the irregular nature of this heartbeat is a reflection of the poignant meaning of the track, which is about the obstacles of a relationship that has run its course. In a statement, Jenna Russo says “’s about wanting to hold on even though you can feel it slipping from your reach". The lyrics are reflective in the way they capture this idea of a complex relationship. 'Talk Me Home' is the type of track that you have on repeat and you won't grow tired of it.

Listen to Stonefox’s exquisite new single below, and be sure to catch them on the road during their tour.

Written by Amy Smolcic

Tour dates:
23rd June – The World Bar, Sydney
7th July – The Grace Darling, Melbourne
8th July – Exeter Hotel, Adelaide

Single Review: Ziggy Ramo – ‘Same Script’

Same Script, but different. 22-year-old Ziggy Ramo has been named ‘One to Watch’ by triple j’s Unearthed team, and here at WC we have a keen eye on him, that’s for sure! His politically charged singles 'Black Face' and 'Black Thoughts' shone some serious light on the many day-to-day struggles and injustices/inequalities faced by Indigenous Australians. The songs easily stand up next to the strong content being pushed out by powerful US artists such as Kendrick, or even the likes of A.B. Original back home.

Enter 'Same Script'. Although on first spin it’s a catchy, super relatable ditty with seemingly fun lines like, “No you cannot touch my hair!”; subsequent spins reveal a deeper message of inclusivity despite difference and how we can all relate as we’re all related. That same line of, “No you cannot touch my hair!” (to an admittedly privileged, white listener) transforms from being novelty and fun to something that’s extremely thought-provoking; what was his experience or motivation behind that line? 

It takes a skilled writer to be able to make the listener reflect on lyrics several listens in. It’s about time Indigenous Australian hip hop artists have a platform to get their voices heard!  

Here’s what the man himself has to say about the track; he says in a statement: 

“(Same Script is) a self-reflection that acknowledges we are all unique individuals, no two the same, yet we, as human beings regardless of circumstances have the capacity for empathy as we all experience such core human feelings that are essential to our existence. Regardless of race, gender or sexuality, through both love and loss we can connect to the plight of our fellow beings and come to an understanding that no one is ever truly alone in what at times can be an uphill battle.”

It's a bloody ripper of a track, and we suggest that you add it to your playlist now!

Written by Kate Carnell

Single Review: Washed Out – ‘Hard To Say Goodbye’

With the release of his visual album Mister Mellow fast approaching next week, Washed Out has released new single ‘Hard To Say Goodbye’.

‘Hard To Say Goodbye’ is intriguing in the way it mixes elements of chillwave with upbeat electronic beats. The single serves multiple purposes — you can jam in on repeat when you want to lay down and wind down, but it's also perfect to spin during long drives in the car. On top of the soft yet bouncy production is Greene’s hypnotising vocals. The smoothness of his voice adds another layer to the track.

If you listen closely to the lyrics, Greene expresses raw emotions relating to heartbreak. In the first verse, he says “You said that I was all you'd ever want / You said that we were fine / You swore that you would never break my heart / You wasted all my time”.

Stay tuned for the release of Mister Mellow next Friday. You can watch a trailer for the album here.

Written by Amy Smolcic

Album Review: Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark?

The ability to produce a chart-topping debut rock album in the 21st century has been an achievement seen only by a few bands. In 2014, Brighton's Royal Blood soared to no.1 in the UK with their heavy hitting self-titled debut and received widespread acclaim. The band went on to win a string of awards including the Brit Award for 'Best Group' in 2015, which added to the meteoric ascent that proves reminiscent to the breakthrough experienced by the Arctic Monkeys during the last decade. Attracting attention from the likes of Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, Royal Blood’s ascension to the summit demonstrated that they were prepared to lead the way for the new generation of British hard rock.

Royal Blood have triumphantly returned with their Sophomore album How Did We Get So Dark? and it doesn’t sway far from the winning formula that’s worked so well for them. The album maintains the systemic elements of their debut faultlessly; roaring muscular riffs and vigorously rumbling bass that will shake you to the deepest of depths. Ben Thatcher’s definitive drumming returns as supercharged as ever, adding a more progressive approach that fits in very well with the substantial thumping wall of sound around him. The vocals of Mike Kerr feature a much broader vocal range throughout the album's forty-odd minutes. The duo has returned by polishing all the elements that made them the most talked about rock band this decade.

Additions in terms of sound are few, but they assist significantly in reinforcing the powerfully thunderous sound the band produce. On lead single 'Lights Out', Ben Thatcher takes a leaflet out of Matt Helders' textbook by taking a more rhythmic approach that appears comparable to tracks on AM. The band also implement the use of a piano on ‘Hole In Your Heart’, which echoes elements of an early Muse track by calmly introducing itself before the guitar riffs take over and show their absolute authority. The album's highlight however comes with the track 'Don’t Tell', which provides a warmly toned fuzz that shows that the band can slow their pace down only ever so slightly.  

Developing a second album successfully has often seen bands tweaking and expanding their sounds to showcase their wider strengths. This can’t be said of the acclaimed duo, who have followed the method that their first album took. Kerr lyrically hasn’t been able to find a way out of the romantic cave he keeps finding himself in which has offered vague and often tedious lyrics. The band seems low on brainstorming capabilities and fall short on newly developed concepts, however, their sound has an addictive catchiness to it. While they have relied on consistent sounds from their collection, the famed rock duo will have to formulate some new ideas if they want to continue leading the way for British hard rock into the future. 

Written by Mitchell Bazley

EP Review: Passerine – More Human

Melbourne trio, Passerine, made up of vocalist Phoebe Dubar, drummer Alex Gooding and producer Ben Murphy, have finally released their EP. More Human is half an hour of soulful vocals, electronic experimentation and beats that anyone should be happy to hear at a club. 

Passerine plunge straight in with title track ‘More Human.’ This is a cold song and feels like an overwhelming opener, but showcases Passerine’s passion and desire to experiment with sounds. 

‘Synthetic Heart’ is the highlight from this EP. It’s electronic yet emotive. The ambient tones during the first couple of verses ease us into the groove, allowing the intensity to climb as Dubar reaches the chorus and drums accompanied by overlapping vocals add to the texture of the song. This is what Passerine does best — using all their talents together to create an ambience of unique intensity 

The sweetness underpinning ‘White Shadows and Grey Light’ gives us a glimpse of the emotion Passerine can bring to their music. The song is well-structured and works as a narrative, with Dubar’s vocals providing a melancholy juxtaposition to the upbeat, yet cold, synths. 

‘Undergrowth’ is an interesting juxtaposition to ‘More Human.’ The piano floating in and out softens the mood and calms the listener. The gentle drumming renders a sultry feel. The vocalising in the background, as the electro takes centre-stage, is beautiful. Choosing to fade out at this point in the song allows the listener to feel like we have gone on a small, intergalactic journey and now Passerine are leaving us. 

At this point, the suite of remixes feels separate to the rest of the album. Perhaps where More Human lacks coherence is in its inability to choose whether it is ambient or hard. The beat holding the song together lacks punch for most of the song. A smoother, loungier sound feels like the stronger pull in the EP and at the time, the two tones don’t work together as much as they confuse. Passerine’s EP showcase their ability to do both of these genres well, however, this collection of songs feels like it never reaches the power the group’s talents promise.

Written by Iryna Byelyayeva 

Album News: Queens of the Stone Age announce new album + new song

Your faves Queens of the Stone Age are back, and are set to drop a new album! Entitled Villans, the album will feature nine tracks and features production by Mark Ronson and Mark Rankin. There are zero doubts that the album is bound for just as much success as their previous album Like Clockwork..., which was their first #1 album in Australia. The album is set to be released on 25th August.

In a statement, Josh Homme said:

“The title Villains isn’t a political statement. It has nothing to do with Trump or any of that shit. It’s simply 1) a word that looks fantastic and 2) a comment on the three versions of every scenario: yours, mine and what actually happened… Everyone needs someone or something to rail against—their villain—same as it ever was. You can’t control that. The only thing you can really control is when you let go."

To get you pumped up, they've dropped their first song from the album, 'The Way You Used To Do'. Listen to it below. 

You can catch QOTSA at the below shows when they hit Australian shores for Splendour in the Grass. Let's hope they squeeze a couple of new tracks in their set whilst they are here. 

Gig dates:

Thursday 13 July - Logan Campbell, Auckland NZ (18+) SOLD OUT

Sunday 16 July - Convention Centre, Darwin NT (All Ages)
Wednesday 19 July - Horden Pavilion, Sydney NSW (All Ages) SOLD OUT
Thursday 20 July - Festival Hall, Melbourne VIC (All Ages)

Single Review: Samsaruh – ‘Golden To Thrive’

last week released her debut single ‘Golden To Thrive’. It’s hard to believe that the singer/songwriter from Melbourne is only 18 years. I can’t exactly remember what I was doing when I was 18, but it wasn’t as cool as working with Peking Duk, Way of the Eagle, Just A Gent and performing at Splendour in the Grass.

‘Golden To Thrive’ is dynamic right from the beginning. You can feel the deep thumping drum in the background, and it gives the impression of something approaching. The confidence of Samsaruh’s vocals shines through. She remains in control of the track with her voice even though the production is robust. Samsaruh’s soaring vocals are extremely impressive and are a true highlight in 'Golden To Thrive'.

Samsaruh’s sound is well beyond her years. If she’s creating incredible music like this for her debut single, imagine what she’s going to do next.

Written by Amy Smolcic

Single Review: The Money War – 'Right Kind Of Love'

‘Right Kind Of Love’ is the latest single from Perth duo The Money War. Along with the release of their single, they also announced the exciting news that they’ll be joining Holy Holy on their national tour. 

Their new track is smooth listening. Dylan Ollivierre’s vocals harmoniously blend in with the instrumentals and create the feeling of floating on a cloud. Despite the density of the instrumentals, they feel incredibly delicate and serene. There’s also quite a few intricate layers, which work together ever so beautifully. In a statement Ollivierre said, "this song is about focusing on something that is worth being celebrated - something that is pure”.

‘Right Kind Of Love’ is set to feature on their highly anticipated forthcoming second EP. We’re excited to hear what they release next! 

Written by Amy Smolcic

Interview: Jaimee from Major Leagues on their 'Good Love' clip, debut album + handmade merch

Our faves Major Leagues released their debut album Good Love today! Jaimee gave us a bit of insight into the album, the challenges and how they created the clip for 'Good Love'.

You released the clip for ‘Good Love’, which was very cute btw! How did you come up with the idea for the clip? 
Our good mate, Luke McDonald (from the John Steel Singers) came up with the concept and filmed with us in the early morning and evening every day for just over a week, we're in love with the finished product. Luke is the biggest angel, he did the whole thing in his own time, and on top of that has a baby and a full-time job. What a guy!

How did you create the video? Did it involve any DIY work?
We all had to wake up early, or in Vlada and Anna's case stay up all night! To be honest, it was all Luke and his vision, we were happy to do anything he asked of us, for my afternoon shoot she had to stand on a tall wooden stump in the park near her house for about an hour to get the perfect lighting. 

Your debut album comes out on 16th June, are you excited about finally getting it out?
Oh yeah! It feels like we've been holding on to this for a really long time, and we are excited for everyone to finally hear it! We are super proud of it! 

What was the most challenging part?
Probably Anna and I having raging head colds during recording that we had caught from my housemate Emily (aka. Patient Zero) on the days we were recording vocals, luckily Jake makes killer hot toddy's and my girlfriend's dad Phil gave us some essential oil cough lollies that helped too!  

Where did you write most of the album?
Anna was writing in Melbourne, and I was writing in my Brisbane bedroom, we did some demos in my basement last January over a few days too and wrote a bit more then.  

Once you release the album, do you hope to play some shows soon?
Yes! We have a BIG juicy tour coming up in August, playing around the country and in Adelaide for the first time, I hope Maggie Beer comes and brings us some treats! Punters can buy tickets off our website + we have some handmade merchandise that will be on sale at our shows, which will become very valuable when we are selling out stadiums in the future. 

Album Review: Tora – Take A Rest

Byron Bay’s Tora have spent the last few years touring the globe. It’s hard to believe with the amount of work they’ve put in that Take A Rest is their debut. The title of the LP isn’t a coincidence — Jo Loewenthal from the band told us recently that “the title is an invitation to the listener to sit down, put in their headphones and take a rest from their daily problems”. This is exactly how the album makes you feel. Take A Rest is the type of album where you can get lost in its calmness without skipping a single track. 

The LP opens up with ‘Rudie’, which ultimately sets the backdrop for the rest of the project. The instrumental is ambient goodness and is absolutely hypnotising. It’s easy to feel chilled out from those liquid-like synths. Next up is ‘Another Case’, which was previously released as a single. The most intriguing part of this track is the electronic percussion — though it’s deep, the tranquil vibe is still on full display. ‘Another Case’ makes you feel like you’re in a rainforest of smooth electronic beats, it completely takes over you in the best possible way. 

‘Love Life’ is surprising — it still has the serene feeling of the previous tracks, but it’s sexy and sultry. The following track ‘Blame’ is intriguing in the way it combines an array of diverse sounds that delicately compliment one another. The sounds weave around one another beautifully, and though it could've sounded messy if they got it wrong, it sounds perfect. The highlight of the track is at the 1:03 mark where the intensity picks up for a brief moment. Picture the dreaming image of a sun gazed Sunday afternoon, where you’re chilling on the grass in the middle of spring, then listen to ‘Too Little’, you’ll get it. Though ‘Too Far’ makes you want to have a rest, there’s also a degree of intensity to it, particularly the beat at the start. 

The first song I heard off of the LP was ‘Amsterdam’, and I was instantly hooked. I actually listened to it on repeat for two weeks. It’s a moving track, and you can feel every word. ‘Amsterdam’ is utterly brilliant and it’s probably been one of the finest releases from 2017. Next up is ‘Mercury’, this track has an underlying energy that’s waiting to burst. It begins to slow down for a little while with ‘Dope’ (featuring Sam Lawrence). The ending of the track is reminiscent of a plane taking off for liftoff. 

‘Entity’ (featuring Merryn Jeann) is immensely sophisticated. Merryn Jeann’s vocals are ever so hypnotising and add a nice touch to the track. Next up is the incredibly poignant ‘Too Much’. The driving force in ‘Too Much’ are the perfectly layered synths, which combine beautifully with the subtle strings. I envision ‘Bridges’ (featuring Grace Pits) becoming extremely popular. There’s an aura of clarity that bursts from the track. ‘Bridges’ proves that Tora can provide different variations of the chilled out/ambient vibe that they’re going for. It’s incredibly easy to fall into a trap and make every song sound similar, but Tora go beyond this and present a scope of sounds that represent the overall themes of Take A Rest and ‘Bridges’ reaffirms this.

Though ‘Want Me Gone’ isn’t one of the standouts from the album, it’s still interesting and compliments the rest of the tracks. The main focus of ‘Empyrean’ is the instrumentals, and they progress through different stages as the track plays through. The last track is the album’s title track, which will have you ready to get that rest that you’ve been yearning for. 

If you’re not feeling mellow and well rested by the time you get to the end of Take A Rest, you’re doing it all wrong and need to go back to the start and relisten to the album. Tora’s debut is dazzling and showcases their superb sound. If you’re looking for the perfect album to help you escape for a little while, look no further than Take A Rest.

Written by Amy Smolcic

You can catch Tora at the below shows:
23rd June - Howler - Melbourne
24th June - Oxford Art Factory - Sydney 
30th June - Brightside - Brisbane
1st July - The Northern - Byron Bay
7th July - Jive Bar - Adelaide 
8th July - Amplifier Bar - Perth
9th July - Mojo's - Fremantle

Gig News: Migos Are Heading To Australia For The First Time

Start practising those ad-libs, as Migos are heading Downunder for the first time ever.

We all know Migos don't do things small-scale, their first ever tour including massive venues like Melbourne's Hisense Arena and Hordern Pavillion in Sydney. 

Though their latest release Culture saw them skyrocket in pop culture, Migos have been dominating for years, especially with major hits like 'Hannah Montana', 'Versace', 'Handsome & Wealthy' and 'One Time'. 

Now lets hope our government aren't lame and deny Offset his VISA, because a lot of people will be mad and Australia deserves to see the culture live. 

Friday, 13th October - Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (All Ages)
Saturday, 14th October - Riverstage, Brisbane (All Ages)
Sunday, 15th October - Hisense Arena, Melbourne (All Ages)
Tuesday, 17th October - Metro City, Perth (18+ only)

P.S. Can they sell Rap Snacks at their merch desk?

Single Review: Susanne Sundfør - 'Undercover'

Susanne Sundfør's 'Undercover' is a fresh cut from her upcoming album Music For People In Trouble, which is set for release on Friday, August 25th.

'Undercover' will cover every inch of your body in goosebumps. The track is absolutely stunning, and it's exquisite and carefully crafted arrangement is dripping in emotions. Her voice is just as mesmerising and adds weight to her lyrics, especially with words such as "You're a teasing little twister and they're dancers in the dark". If you're an emotional mess at the start, wait until you get towards the end, that's when it hits you the most.

Let's hope that the Norwegian singer-songwriter heads to Australia in the near future, I have to witness this magic live.

Written by Amy Smolcic

Single Review: Low Dive – 'Common People'

Dream-pop duo Low Dive have released their new single 'Common People'. Low Dive only formed eight months ago and are set to create waves.

The raw, lo-fi drums and subtle synths sound like you're in the middle of your favourite 80s rom-com film — bear with me, I watched Sixteen Candles the other day and I'm still feeling the vibes. The track is dripping in nostalgia, and the lush melodies play a big role in this. 'Common People' is the kind of track you want on your playlist when you need time to zone out. I can almost guarantee that after one listen, you'll have this one on repeat for hours.

The duo will be playing a special launch show at The Foundry in Brisbane on Thursday, June 29thPool Shop and McKisko will be supporting them.

Written by Amy Smolcic 

Single Review: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – 'The Lord Of Lightning'

Only four months has passed since the psych-rock group released their ninth studio album Microtonal Banana, and they show no signs of slowing down. Merging dystopian themes with an exhilarating prog rock atmosphere, they released 'The Lord of Lightning', which features the second chapter of their highly anticipated tenth studio album Murder Of The Universe

Resembling sounds that seem reminiscent of a Black Sabbath track, Stu Mackenzie tells a story that depicts a battle between a heroic figure known as ‘The Lord Of Lightning’ and the ‘Balrog’. This conceptual story draws on themes presented in their powerfully looping Nonagon Infinity and builds on the post-apocalyptic nature portrayed in that album. The track straps listeners in for a hypnotic five-minute ride through scorching riffs, roaring drums and infectious vocals that never fail to lack energy. It’s fair to call the track a psychedelic rollercoaster, dipping and spinning at every corner, it rarely gives those listening a chance to take a breath.

Consisting of an impressive seven members, the band's ability to evolve their hallucinogenic sound and remain creatively unique is just as remarkable. 'The Lord Of Lighting' has all the hallmarks of a traditional King Gizzard song; mind-bending, multi-dimensional and satisfyingly wild. This is a band at their peak, and they show no signs of falling from that level.

Written by Mitchell Bazley

Interview: Jo from Tora on Take A Rest, travelling and their tour

Tora released their debut album Take A Rest today! Jo Loewenthal from the band shared what inspired the title of the album, their travels around the globe and what they have in store when they finish up their tour.

Your debut album Take a Rest is coming out soon. Is it exciting to finally get it out?
Damn right it’s exciting, we’ve been working towards this for a very long time, we can pretty much taste it now. 

What inspired the title of the album?
After touring for 7 months straight in 2015, we decided to come home and 'Take A Rest' while we finished the album. But the title is an invitation to the listener to sit down, put in their headphones and Take A Rest from their daily problems.

You've spent the last few years travelling a bit, how did your travels inspire the album?
Every experience we’ve had over the last 2-3 years has contributed to this album. A bunch of the songs on the album were started while we were touring but a lot of the writing happened when we got back home and had time to reflect on our travels.  We’ve done so many stupidly long drives, to get to places we never even knew existed, to play our music to all kinds of people. We’ve had times where we’ve been too broke on tour to even book a place to sleep, so ended up sleeping under the stars freezing cold. But we made so many friends along the way and learned so many valuable lessons from it all and basically packed all that inspiration into ‘Take A Rest’.

Is there any city in particular that inspires you the most?
There are so many I can’t choose one haha, but I really really love Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Oslo.

You've got tour dates coming up after the album. Is there a song from the project that you can't wait to debut live?
Personally I am really looking forward to performing ‘Too Much’ because it’s a song that I think is quite easy to sing along to, so hopefully, I’ll have some help from the crowd with that one.


After wrapping up the tour, are you heading back overseas?
Yes, we are heading back over to Europe in September for a bunch of shows and will likely be travelling to other places in the not too distant future.

You can catch Tora at the below shows:
23rd June - Howler - Melbourne
24th June - Oxford Art Factory - Sydney 
30th June - Brightside - Brisbane
1st July - The Northern - Byron Bay
7th July - Jive Bar - Adelaide 
8th July - Amplifier Bar - Perth
9th July - Mojo's - Fremantle

Interview: A Chat With Kirin J. Callinan

With his album Bravado dropping this Friday, Kirin J. Callinan shared the deets on his new album, working with Jimmy Barnes and filming in Cuba.

Emily: Now, your album Bravado comes out soon, are you getting super pumped for that one?
Kirin: I couldn’t be more pumped! I am restless and can’t wait for it to come out. Having it completed, even though it’s not out yet, I can see it on the horizon and I am so excited about sharing it and getting it out. Yeah, can’t wait.

Awesome. And, so are there any behind the scenes secrets you can share about the album?
Behind the scenes secrets? You want the juicy goss?...well there are some really great contributions. Having Jimmy Barnes email me whole heaps of screams that I have been able to put on the record was unbelievable, and I can think to myself, hey, if no one likes it at least Jimmy Barnes did, and no one can take that away from me. But all the collaborations, Mac DeMarco singing a backing vocal was great too. 

When you are writing an album what are some of the things you do to keep inspired?
Collaborations I guess, when you’re by yourself it gets very boring, but when you work with other people that inspire you and share with you, that’s the best thing for me.

You shot the video for 'S. A. D.' in Cuba, why did you choose Cuba and what was it like there?
Cuba was absolutely ridiculous. I had this dream about colours, and there was just something Cuban about those colours, and we just went for it. It felt right.

Did you get much off time to explore a bit?
Not at all. It was just get there, start shooting and leave. Maybe next time.

Just coming back to your album Bravado, do you have a favourite song that you are dying to be able to play live?
‘Big Enough’! I can’t wait to play 'Big Enough’ live. We first recorded it in London, and it was an absolute joy. I just can’t wait to work out the arrangements live. It's going to be great! 

You are going to be hitting the road for a tour in June. What’s your favourite part about touring?
The responsibility I have. The fact that I am going to put on a great show and that’s purely my responsibility. The fact that at the end of the day I feel like I am in my element, it's just the best!

Written by Emily O'Brien

You can catch Kirin J. Callinan on the road at the below dates:
Fri 9th June - The Foundry, Brisbane
Sat 10th June - Oxford Arts Factoy
Thurs 15th June - The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Fri 16th June - Ed Castle, Adelaide
Sat 17th June - Rosemount Hotel, Perth
Sun 18th June - Mojos, Fremantle

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