ANTISKEPTIC are back with a catchy as HELL new song and video and talk new album - WATCH

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
are back with a brand new single/music video
'Hey Dissident' 
 and talk new album ! 
Melbournite rockers Antiskeptic have returned with a vengeance to the music scene from a six year absence. The pop-rock dudes have blasted back with them a sense of determination, some catchy tunes and a resilient attitude that will be respected for fans new and old.

 They have come back with an exciting third album titled 'Stare Down The Ocean' which will be released independently on September 19th.

Antiskeptic have worked with the heavy acclaimed Robot Army Productions (who have also worked with House vs Hurrican and Bodyjar) to create a video recollecting film moments of old school 80's film 'Back To The Future'.  

'Hey Dissident' is out now and is catchy as hell ! Antiskeptic are back and are back in full force.

Check out the fun the boys get up to in their new music video for 'Hey Dissident'