'Cherry Bar' goers fund $30,000 to help keep music alive in Melbourne

Friday, July 25, 2014

'Cherry Bar' goers fund $30,000 

to help keep 

music alive in Melbourne

 (photo courtesy: timeout, Australia)
Cherry Bar is one of the most influential Rock'n' Roll bars to hang out at in Melbourne, Australia. And done AC/DC lane is is one of Melbourne's nightlife hotspots. It's a great place to hang if you want to hear/see some seeexxxy Rock 'n' Roll tunes.

However the bar hits total 'high voltage' and has hit some nerve on residents that live in the area. 

Bar owner James Young has taken to patrons to help fund for soundproofing so the bar can keep rocking and so far have raised an astounding $30,000. The goal is to fund $60,000, this will to help keep the venue complaint free and to keep the live music scene very much alive in Melbourne.