Four Year Strong say YES! to moshing at US Warped Tour - watch

Thursday, July 24, 2014

 Four Year Strong 

say YES! to moshing 
& drop a new EP

Punk rockers , Four Year Strong are back in full force dropping their new EP 'Go To Down History'. This exciting new EP brings back the intensity that are Four Year Strong and provides some solid tunes with heavy guitar riffs, heavy beats and epic expression. To put its simply its some ace punk rock. 

(photo from Four Year Strong new track Go Down In History)

Four Year Strong have published a video for new track 'Go Down In History' from one of their US shows at Warped Tour. In the video there are one of those signs that imply that festival go-ers are to NOT MOSH. Four Year Stong fans in this video show an attitude of screw the system and do what the hell you want and shows their fans create a circle pit in their performance.


Fingers crossed them come back to Australia soon (maybe for soundwave 2015 eh?)

You can also grab a copy of their new epic EP also titled 'Go Down In History' at itunes.

Check out the intense track of 'Go Down In History' Below

Four Year Strong - Go Down In History