Thursday, July 10, 2014
We chatted to the lovely David Morgan from Bonjah about their awesome new album ' Beautiful Wild ' and recent national tour that is happening in Australia this year! Bonjah are a Melbourne based band with a cutting edge style of blues and rock n roll that will get you week at the knees.

  • So how are we?, great show at Cherry Bar in Melbourne recently!  A very beautiful and electric show ! How much do you enjoy playing live shows in Melbourne? 

Great thanks! I absolutely love playing live shows in Melbourne. We spent a good 5 years busking in Melbourne, building a loyal fanbase from the ground up. We’d literally play as often as we possibly could and these days our lives have changed a little to accommodate things like having long term partners and children so we play a lot less compared to those days. Now when we play a Melbourne show we definitely make the most of it.

  • Are you enjoying the response you are getting from playing your new songs? 

Yeah absolutely! The record is a bit more up beat, quite a fun record to make and even more fun to play live. It’s been great to see how crowds have taken it. I think they like it.

  • What was your main inspiration helping you produce new album ‘Beautiful Wild’ ? (Which we are loving by the way, it makes us want to say wooo! a whole lot and get our majestic swaying dance moves on haha)

Haha! Brilliant. There was a bit of time between Go Go and BW so a fair amount of ‘life’ went on and the majority of the album was written with the age-old theme of Love in mind. Our singer writes beautiful songs from the heart and you can pick out the ups and downs of that journey and as a whole we collectively wanted it to be more up beat and fun.

  • We did some research and discovered you worked with Jan Skubiszewski who has worked with some great acts including Cat Empire, what was it like working with him? 

I can’t speak highly enough about working with Jan and chief engineer Michael (Mixa) O’Connell. Jan instantly made us feel at home in the studio. He was really enthusiastic about the songs and that helped a lot. He’d play around with a guitar or keyboard and help work out arrangements and suggest ideas about parts and say try this try that. He had a really good way of making us feel comfortable and he knew how to take our songs in the direction we wanted. Once we got in the studio, watching the way Jan and Mixa worked together was something to see. They’ve known each other for years and work really, really well together. They’re at the point where they just do what the other is thinking without even saying anything, then looking at each other once it’s done and cracking up laughing cos it sounds so good.  

  • Do you guys have any favourite tracks? Why are they your favourite?

Favourites change every week. At the moment I really like the vibe ‘The Keeper’ has and I have a huge soft spot for the title track ‘Beautiful Wild’.

  • Any exciting news you would like to share with us? 

Well, apart from touring heaps in the next few months we’re all still really pumped about writing new songs, so once we’ve finished this monster tour we’re hoping to have a bunch of new tunes to work out.

  • We hope to see you guys again and maybe chat again sometime. Thank you so much for your time. Have a wicked day !

You too! Thanks a lot.

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You can check out the guys at Bonjah that these following dates: 

BONJAH Australian Tour 2014

July 26 | Darwin Fringe Fest – Railway Club | Darwin, NT

August 7 | Spirit Bar | Traralgon, VIC

August 9 | The Union | Wagga Wagga, NSW

August 14 | Northshore Tavern | Whitfords, WA

August 15 | Indi Bar | Scarborough, WA

August 16 | Amplifier | Perth, WA

August 17 | Dunsborough Tavern | Dunsborough, WA

August 30 | Pirie Social Club | Adelaide, SA

September 5 | Hotel New York | Launceston, TAS

September 6 | Republic Bar | Hobart, TAS

September 18 | Armidale Club | Armidale, NSW

September 19 | Newtown Social Club | Sydney, NSW

September 20 | Cambridge Hotel | Newcastle, NSW

October 3 | Torquay Hotel | Torquay, VIC

October 4 | Hi Fi Bar | Melbourne, VIC

October 10 | The Zoo | Brisbane, QLD

October 11 | Racecourse Hotel | Ipswich, QLD
Tickets: Door Only

October 12 | Surfers Beer Garden | Surfers Paradise, QLD
Tickets: Door Only

(interview with Bonjah by Kristy )