Friday, July 11, 2014

Recently touring Australia for Soundwave festival this year for their 25th Anniversary Tour , punk royalty Pennywise have released a new album titled 'Yesterdays' TODAY (in Australia) It will be released in the US on July 5th.

'Yesterdays' is the bands Eleventh studio released album with Jim Lindberg back as the front man!

With 26 years of being a band, this album shows no stopping them. Pennywise have stuck to their bad ass attitude with this album (yet again). It's in your face with attitude that will make you feel ruthless and appreciate them more has a solid part of Punk music of the yesterday's today.

We are going to go grab a copy of this beaut,

 You can to at epitaph records or your local Jb-hifi

HOWEVER the boys have provided a chance for their fans to stream the album online. So we are going to be super nice and provide you the link to check it out. Enjoy x

Heres your track listing:
01. What You Deserve
02. Restless Time
03. Noise Pollution
04. Violence Never Ending
05. Am Oi!
06. Thanksgiving
07. She's A Winner
08. Slow Down
09. Public Defender
10. No Way Out
11. I Can Remember