Monday, July 21, 2014



If you’ve ever wanted to experience the New York skyline, start by listening to this album. The four-piece band hailing from Brooklyn, NY have been working on their first full-length record, Hold Still Life, for a while now, and it definitely shows in the quality of sound on each track.  For a band that have been together for a maximum of only four years, they sure know how to create blissful shoegaze music that makes you want to watch your life on the sideline.

It goes without saying that songs grab the world’s attention if they’re about utterly depressing shit, all categories of love and loss, or life in general. Field Mouse have got that covered. Rightly so, all tracks from start to finish flow from one story to the next and make you truly wonder about life and learning to live in the moment- “Bright Lights” being the soundtrack.

Let us start by saying this: Rachel Browne knows what she wants and how to get it. She puts her music first and holds a strictly business approach. Since meeting producer and musician, Andrew Futral, the pair have gone head first, deep into Field Mouse. Adding two extra members, Saysha Heinzman and Tim McCoy, the foursome have all the expertise they need. Browne has come a long way since her “Just A Girl” days.

Co-produced by Futral and Browne at Seaside Lounge and Let Em In, in Brooklyn, this perfect mix of mellow guitars and synthesizers gives space rock a new definition. The dim guitars suit the humming melodies, as if it were too good to be true.  Each track may sound similar but they each have their own personal quality and differences if you only listen closer.

 “A Place You Return To In A Dream” may or may not have been the right choice when choosing their opening track to the album. Although it is the shortest track, it is the most silent of them- if you will, and does make you unsure about the rest of the tracks. In saying this, when you do make it through the rest of the album you won’t be disappointed. “Two Ships” is a track you will very much fall in love with. It is the perfect mix of indie rock and catchy lyrics, making you sway from side to side. Imagining seeing this track played live, will give you chills. The remainder of the record flows delicately through each track, finishing with “Water In The Valley”- a great ending to a galactic experience.

Ever wondered what the perfect soundtrack would be when you’re reminiscing about the past summer and just how much exhilarating fun you had? This is it.

RATING: 8/10

HIGHLIGHTS: Two Ships, Horizon City, Bright Lights

(Review by Justine Gropper)

You can check out more from Field Mouse by visiting their,

Their new album will be out on the 22nd of July and has been gaining rave reviews. 

"With a vintage sound boasting raw post-punk, finely juxtaposed with Rachel Browne's delicate vocals, Field Mouse manage assured nods at the likes of The Cure and Elastica" - NME

Check them out, give them a listen, you won't regret it !