Songs to Make Sandwiches to

Wednesday, July 2, 2014
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Written by Victoria Saule

On a four month vacation from the real world, I found myself basically enslaved at a sandwich shop. Aside from learning genuine facts that will stay with me for the rest of my life (for example; don’t ever place cucumber on-top of alfalfa when making a sandwich) I wasted my time coming up with the ultimate sandwich factory vibes – to help any poor soul found in a similar situation. If you’re reading this and not even remotely connected to the sandwich industry then this is essentially just a list of damn good tunes.
1. “No Hope” The Vaccines
The Vaccines are like an English version of the Strokes. This song epitomizes the bands flair for pessimistic yet incredibly catchy choruses.
2. “Right Action” Franz Ferdinand 
A song which was once to me the only way I could remember a key Buddhist practice became an adequate description of how one copes with working 6 days a week in a place that smells of onion, fried food and broken dreams. The debut track for Franz Ferdinand’s most recent album is like a tub of vanilla ice-cream on a hot summer day; simple, rather repetitive yet undeniably addictive.
3. “Jah No Partial” Major Lazer ft Flux Pavillion
Nothing like a good party tune to get you through the final few hours of hell. This track combines Major Lazer’s Jamaican roots with the dancey vibes contributed by DJ Flux Pavillion in one milkshake of awesome. Essentially, this song would make a brilliant soundtrack to Sonic the Hedgehog simply running on a treadmill. The song is a hyperactive slap of energy to the face, lacking any serious, gut-wrenching drop in the bass which would cause Sonic to fall off his metaphorical treadmill.
4. Random Mix, Dj Pfel of C2C
This 24 minute epic by Dj Pfel of C2C was/is the ultimate “hey I’m here and ready to make some fucking brilliant sandwich” vibe. The track takes you on a journey starting in a Parisian ghetto and ultimately becoming some suave French bar crawl which takes a slight detour through the French version of Chinatown. Just like hot chocolates and bread the French do dj-ing incredibly well – and this track is solid evidence of that.
5. Wake, Skate, Bake FIDLAR
This modern-day band of grunge Jesus’ that never left high school belong in the 90s. Whilst their debut album was not entirely golden – fast paced and essentially chaotic tunes such as this are the reason I dig FIDLAR.
6. Gimme A Knife, Wavves
The title speaks for itself. #sandwichshopfeels
7. 1/4 D’Heure BB Brunes
These guys are like a French version of the Arctic Monkey. This musical energy drink will basically make anything you may be doing feel like it’s being done whilst speeding down a highway in some kind of fancy convertible to some beach-side mansion hosting some kind of insane rave party (aka not on your way to earn $10 an hour).