The 1975 are coming to Australia this week ! Lets talk about the track 'Robbers' - read more

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


& Australian Tour 2014 Details 

The 1975 are returning to Australia (just after 6 months of last visiting) before the week is out and damn are we excited! The highly anticipated alternative pop band, that fans just can’t get enough of, are due to play Saturday 26th of July, smack bang in the middle of the madness at Splendour in the GrassAustralia’s favourite music festival, running from Friday 25th until Sunday 27th of July.
The walking talents are also generously playing two sideshows! The first, on Thursday the 24th of July, at the Capitol, in Perth. The last show, takes place after Splendour, Wednesday the 30th of July.  Originally set for Sydney’s Metro theatre and almost instantly relocating to the larger venue Enmore theatre at Newtown, due to extreme demand!
The Manchester boys have also recently taken on an extra member for this leg of their tour, a saxophonist, John Waugh, who is old friends with the bands lead singer, Matty Healy! After The 1975’s intriguingly dramatic Big Day Out shows earlier this year, it’s certain that every Australian fan is ecstatic as they wait for the return of the uniquely electrifying 1975! 

The latest video clip released, ‘Robbers’ Track 10 on the 1975's debut album “The 1975” is a surprisingly beautiful ballad that captures hearts and provokes emotion in anyone who has the pleasure of hearing it. Robbers adds a calm twist to the album, setting it apart from the artists usual up beat sound revealed throughout the remaining 15 tracks. The inspiration behind Robbers comes from the 1993 film True Romance, of which lead singer Matty Healy is quite fond. The song is based on the theme of being on the run and encountering major mishaps while deep in love. This alluring track is a narrative lyrical masterpiece; listeners are being provided with a vivid story equipped with eerie and profound instrumentals bringing together this fascinating anthem. The climax of Robbers shows off Matty Healy’s, god like, vocals revealing great despair and loss while still withholding the feelings of love, desire, strength and passion between the two lovers.

This enticing song offers the listener a soft depiction of the intensity, obsession, attraction and persuasion involved in the relationship between Clarence and Alabama, lovers from the film.. The English Indie pop band originating in Manchester performs this song with extreme passion and feeling, the best way to describe Healy’s stage presence throughout this song would be to call him an extremely love sick and talented drunken sailor, which let’s face it, is why a vast majority of teenage girls and countless fans absolutely adore him! 

The whole 4 minutes and 14 seconds of robbers reflects on the bands unique yet 80’s based style! This song is definitely worth listening to and could more than likely become your new favourite song (the video is too a work of art in itself!) 

(Article written by Tylah Allen)