Tuesday, July 15, 2014
We spoke to the very colourful Aussie band, The Dead Heir for their upcoming single release of song 'Cooked'.
Listen to the track

You can check them out at their launch which is on the SATURDAY 19th JULY
Details below:
tickets $5 on the door
Sat 19 July - Alia Arthouse, Fitzroy
w/ The Laughing Leaves, Breve, Gang Darts

• First thing’s first, how are you guys doing?
We're good.

• You have released a new track titled ‘ Cooked’ and worked with Mr Joey Walker from King Gizzard, what was that like?
Boozy and fun. It was a great experience, Joey saw a couple of our shows and is a friend of ours so we went to a warehouse and recorded a few songs. The process was real chill. We tried to emulate our live performance as much as possible but also did some weird things to give the single and our EP an interesting flavour. Joey had fresh ears and it was fun bouncing ideas off each other and we were really able to dissect the songs. Joey's a real cool guy.

• What helps you in your writing and developing process? Do you need to have break times during the process of for example Mario kart then get back into it or do you just go go go the whole time in the studio?
The recording process was pretty much the opposite of 'go go go'. The songs had developed over time from rehearsing and playing shows, so we went in and laid the tracks down as we would do live and then spent a day or so with Joey putting cool sounds and things over the top. We didn't have Mario Kart but we did have beer and some really creepy doll that was left in the warehouse to keep us company and the Murlocs having band practice in the next room.

• Digging your previous music and also loving your new song we feel that the song ‘Cooked ‘ is a more ‘matured’ Dead Heir band, what are your thoughts?
We definitely feel we're moving towards our own sound with the newest EP. Our first release was pretty much a random collection of songs that Shaun wrote, which we turned into Dead Heir songs. Whereas now we're very much writing collaboratively as a band with more of a direction, as opposed to just any old idea that popped into Shaun's brain hole. We do love Shaun's brain hole though.

• What is your favourite part about playing in your hometown, Melbourne? How excited are you to Launch ‘Cooked’?
So many rad venues to play at and so many great bands. It seems like every time we book a show with a random band, we end up great friends and gigging with them again and again. For example, guys like Luna Ghost, BREVE and The Citradels are sick bands that we only discovered through organising shows together. There is so much bloody good music being made in Melbourne right now. That, and the fact we pretty much all get laid after shows except for Chris who doesn't have a girlfriend.

• Any exciting news you would like to share with us?
We're excited for the single launch and then the release of the whole EP, which is all sounding as cooked as the single. We've got plenty of stuff cooking for the future too.

• We hope to see you guys at the launch on Saturday 19 July at Alia Arthouse, hey maybe we will chat again sometime. Thank you so much for your time. Have a wicked day!
You too.