YETIS release new single 'DANGEROUS' - INTERVIEW

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yetis are an Indie folk band from Sydney, Australia. 
Their quirky sound provides a charming presence that will make 
you feel all soft and gooey inside. 

 They have recently released a new single titled 'Dangerous' which is now available for download on itunes !

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We spoke with the ever so lovely Dave from Yetis about their new released song 'Dangerous' and sing-a-longs.

1) Hi there! Thanks for chatting to us, how has your day been?

 Fine, thank you. Shaking off a cold but I have a day off and all the raisin toast I desire.

3) I’m really enjoying your song ‘Dangerous’, I feel like it’s describing bittersweet love, a love hate relationship song. What was your main inspiration for the song?

Well, they got married last Saturday conveniently, so sweet won over bitter it seems. Curtis, our pop-classic maestro wrote this song with his tongue poking well and truly through his cheek. He’s not prone to too much dangerous behaviour, marriage excepted. That and barking at strangers.

4) The sing-a-long in the song is also a very rad touch! Don’t you think we need more sing-a-longs in music today!?

Well you’re talking to the right band. I remember speaking to someone about organizing a flash mob to break into that Abba song ‘Money’ at a busy ATM. You should come.

5) Tell me, what is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

Well, I just put my raisin toast down a second time and forgot about it. Could have gotten out of hand real quick.

6) We are looking forward to listening to your new EP! Do you have any more exciting news you would like to share? Even some news about the EP and what to expect?

Oh lordy me, we are excited to get this material out there. We’ve got some final mixing touches, but it’ll be out well and truly before year’s end. What to expect? Many harmonies, many good feels, and a sax solo. 

7) Thank you so much for chatting to us and I hope we chat again soon! Also Congrats on all the rad releases! Have a wicked day! 
Thank you for having me, and for your persistent use of the word ‘rad’ in conjunction with our material x