Sunday, August 24, 2014
 SIN COS TAN – Blown Away LP

RATING: 8/10
HIGHLIGHTS: Divorcee, A New World, Addiction

Sin Cos Tan are an eclectic duo hailing from Finland. Their latest LP ‘Blown Away’ provides an insight into a recently single man’s life, and exquisitely shows the band’s diverse range of talent across all platforms of sound. The duo, with names unpronounceable to an Australian, Juho Paalosmaa and Jori Hulkkonen, have worked on various projects before forming Sin Cos Tan, and their connection and understanding shines throughout the LP. After searching for a particular word that sums this synthpop duo, their music and their world are digital.
Paalosmaa and Hulkkonen have got a whole universe awaiting them. Both are musicians in their own rights, with fantastic works in their portfolio including producing for the Pet Shop Boys. This LP is much like a novel to them, as they tell the tale of Michael Burana- a man with an uncertain future ahead of him, who undertakes a surprising career change after a Mexican vacation. The LP is unlike any other; it explores a new kind of industry mixing electronic music with storytelling, and they pursue so in a very interesting way. The duo has received an extensive amount of credit for their previous records, including a nomination at the Finnish Emma-Awards.
This story starts off with Divorcee, a fun track with a beat that makes you want to get up and dance. It is absolutely the best song that Sin Cos Tan could’ve started their latest LP with. They entwine all kinds of different instruments into the one mood in an exceptional way. They follow this with Love Sees No Colour- I guess you could say that all of their songs are about the different people and experiences that Michael comes across along his way. A New World is similar to the previous track, however sounds more euphoric and adventurous. The track Colombia welcomes a new sound, louder and more confident. It sets the mood for following tracks Lifestyle, Traffic, and Cocaine. But let’s rewind a track to Addiction and admire that this is most definitely the best. The voice is perfect, the harmony is perfect, and the feeling it provides is perfection. The final tracks Blown Away and Heart of America end Michael’s journey, and provide a sense of satisfaction and remembering memories.
Sin Cos Tan’s latest LP shows that this duo is nowhere near slowing down. They’ve got what it takes, and if they just continue we could hopefully see them on an Australian festival roster. If we’re lucky.

(Review by Justine Gropper) 


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