Artist Discovery: The Bennies

Thursday, October 16, 2014
Artist Discovery: 
The Bennies

Article by Matt Doria

I’m not even fucking with you here: it’s 4:20pm right now. Like, right as I write this sentence. Total coincidence, too.

Anyway, if you’re the type of dude/dudette to spark in the park or light during the fight, then The Bennies are your new go-to band. They’re a Smith Street Band cross High Times hybrid fresh out of Melbourne, and their unique brand of stoner-ska-punk is as awesome as the sensi-mi they’re fueled by, a task quite difficult to achieve indeed.

With two albums ‘Party! Party! Party!’ and ‘Rainbows In Space’, and a tonne of tours both local and international under their belt, The Bennies have a lot to show for their effort. They’ve absolutely blown up over the past year and you’ve probably heard ‘Knights Forever’ a billion times if you’re a regular Triple J listener. One of the coolest things they’ve done is land a spot on next year’s Soundwave festival as a nationwide act. At this year’s jaunt, they were a Melbourne exclusive affair, and if I had known of them around that time, I would have been all over that set like grease on KFC.

If I had to describe their style of music, I’d probably just copy what they have listed on their social media outlets, “Psychedelic Reggae Ska Doom Metal Punk Rock From Hell,” because that is 100% accurate.

Their songs are mostly about having a good time with some mates, which is exactly what their music is best for. Their debut album ‘Party! Party! Party!’ can be summed up entirely by its title - It’s a party album through and throughout, and listen after listen never comes down from its high. With thick riffs and shattering drums accompanying every amphetamine-laced song, it’s difficult - nay, impossible - to stay still whilst listening. You have to dance. It’s not even a choice, your brain forces you to. Their sophomore ‘Rainbows In Space’ can also be summed up by its title... It’s a record BY stoned dudes FOR stoned dudes. It’s energetic, dancey, and heavy, but at the same time, it’s totally chilled and super-psychedelic.

Their name comes from the historically aged drug Benzedrine, which was often referred to as ‘bennies’ by users and in literature. As quoted by William S Burroughs, “Take two bennies and two goof balls. They get down there and have a fight. It’s a good drive.” The exact same quote is in the vinyl insert of ‘Party! Party! Party!’, of course.

Check out their hit single ‘Knights Forever’ below, fall in love with their crazy party tunes, and check them out on tour this month on their co-headline tour with Morning Glory. I’ll be at the Annandale show, no doubt.

The Bennies - Knights Forever 

The Bennies / Morning Glory tour dates
Friday 12th September – The Spotted Cow, TOOWOOMBA, QLD
Saturday 13th September – The Lab, BRISBANE, QLD (ALL AGES ARVO)
Saturday 13th September – Crowbar, BRISBANE, QLD
Wednesday 17th September – Cambridge Hotel, NEWCASTLE, NSW
Thursday 18th September – The Beachcomber Hotel, TOUKLEY, NSW
Friday 19th September – Valve Bar, SYDNEY, NSW
Saturday 20th September – Blackwire, SYDNEY (ARVO ALL AGES) |
Saturday 20th September – Corrimal hotel, WOOLONGONG, NSW (18+)
Sunday 21st September – Magpies, CANBERRA, ACT (ALL AGES)
Wednesday 24th September – Karova Lounge, BALLARAT, VIC
Thursday 25th September – Barwon Club, GEELONG, VIC
Friday 26th September – The Evelyn, MELBOURNE, VIC
Saturday 27th September – Crown and Anchor, ADELAIDE, SA
Sunday 28th September – Crown and Anchor, ADELAIDE, SA