Gerard Way releases a new music video for ' No Shows' - watch

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gerard Way’s New Music 
Video Is Cheesy 70’s Dopiness At Its Best
Article by Matt Doria 

My Chemical Romance music videos were never anything less than unique. The minds behind them were weird and inspired, and the products they produced were captivatingly powerful cork boards with severed hands pinned to them, bleeding angst and anxiety in the form of maniacally delirious characters walking licorice twists in place of tightropes and drinking kerosene from wine glasses. They were a coalition of Gerard’s weirdness, Mikey’s scariness, Frank’s darkness, Ray’s passion, and Bob’s funniness.

When you strip all of that back, though, and you leave Gerard’s mind to run free, you’re left solely with the “licorice tightrope” aspect. It was clear from the start that we were to expect some fun, gimmicky videos that made no sense, and his debut solo video ‘No Shows’ is exactly that. The clip was released at the cusp of last week, sitting on the edge of his then upcoming Reading and Leeds performances. If you haven’t seen those, by the way, stop what whatever you’re doing and watch them! Seriously, stop reading this! GO!! I’ll wait.

The whole thing is cheesy 70’s dopiness at its best; it totally looks like something you would expect to see on a really old episode of Channel 10’s Rage at four o’clock in the morning. There’s little more to the video than Way donning his faded pink hair and private school uniform, accompanied by his backing band The Hormones standing on a cheaply-built podium dressed in flashing lights and singing the song the only way he knows how to - like nobody’s watching. It’s a perfect late-night video to accompany some perfect late-night music. It’s freaking awesome!

Check out the video below, pre-order ‘Hesitant Alien’ (which comes out September 26th!!!), and then see Gerard at Soundwave 2015!

‘No Shows’ music video -