INTERVIEW: MILLIONS - Max Relax , things get weird.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
(Interviewer Tylah Allen)

1.     Well first of all thank you so much for speaking with us, what are you up to today?
We just woke up at our house that we're staying in on the west coast of mexico, might go for a swim and a wander in a bit.

2.  How did your wonderful band form?

 Campbell and my old band ended and we wanted to continue playing so recruited Dom and then later james and just started jamming.

3.     You have already had amazing feedback and great success from your previous releases so; on a scale of 1 to 10 how excited are you for the release of your debut album Max Relax? Are you nervous at all?
 10, it's been a long time time coming.

4.    Where did your interests in music start?
 I think maybe when I was 8 and I heard Robbie Williams - let me entertain you

5. What makes Max Relax different from your previous EPs? 
 I think it's just better in general, everything is more expanded, thought out and sounds nicer.

6.     What is your song writing process like? Do you do any weird thinking poses or things you have to do in order to write a song?
 I usually like to sit in the classic thinker pose with my fist beneath my chin, guitar poised at the ready for when the idea comes, then I just sit and wait.

7. What can audiences expect from you on your up coming Max Relax launch tour?
 A real humdinger of a show. 
Ok Lets have some fun now.
8. If each of you were one of the seven dwarves which one would you be?
Ted - grumpy
Louis - happy
Dom - dopeyCampbell - bashful

9.  If there was a Millions year book what would your most likely to’s be? For example; most likely to succeed or most likely to end up in jail?
 Jail - Dom, number one dad - ted, moustachioed actor - Campbell, plumber - Louis 

10.     Who are your musical inspirations and heroes? 
 The Beatles, david Bowie, foxygen, girls, the Rolling Stones, michael jackson, king krule, Mac demarco, Connan mockassin

11. What is your favourite album of all time? 
 Too hard to say but I love off the wall by michael jackson at the moment

AND finally lets end off on a lovely note,
12. If you could send a message to all of your fans what would it be?
 Don't Woz, just max relax 

 Thanks for your time! Have a wicked day !