Interview: We have a chat to Hands Like Houses

Thursday, October 16, 2014


 Kristy chat's to Trenton from Hands Like houses
 about their national tour and more

1)   Hi hey hello! Thanks for taking time to chat to us, how are we?

We are quite well thankyou! Great to be home for our first full winter in 3 years haha!

2)   You have recently toured supporting bands like ‘Sleeping With Sirens’ and ‘Pierce the Veil’, what was that like are they nice guys?

Both great bands of great people and love hanging out with them. Learnt a lot from them too and touring with them both gave us a sweet kickstart in the US and UK too.

3)   And You guys are now signed with Rise Records, how rad is that!? It’s great to see Aussie acts signed up to such a rad label.

It’s definitely been a huge help in reaching our audience – Rise are brilliant at online marketing and have been pretty supportive in our more ambitious ideas and projects (the Fire on a Hill video and Reimagine EP for example). And I have a feeling a lot more Aussie acts might appear on the roster in the not too distant future.

4)   AND you just announced a national tour in Australia. Are there just smiles all round for you guys right now? (I promise my next question won’t say ‘and’ haha)

Touring at home is fun – being spread out over a few weekends means we have a bit more of a chance to relax, enjoy the drives and catch our breath in between shows! So between that and our first shows in SE Asia on the way to the UK and Europe we’re pretty happy about everything over the next 2 months!

5)   What do you love about playing live shows in back home in Australia?

For me it’s seeing growth – Australia is hugely important to us personally and in a lot of ways Unimagine was our ‘first’ album here (there were some logistical problems with Ground Dweller not making it to stores for 2 months after release, plus in establishing ourselves overseas we didn’t have the opportunity to tour here much before Unimagine came out) so seeing the crowds and venues (and their associated enthusiasm) grow between tours is very rewarding. And plus, Australians love music and having a good time so it’s good vibes all around.

6)   Well done on ‘Unimagine’ too by the way, do you have any favourite songs off it you love to play live?

Definitely – Wisteria and Introduced Species always go well. Especially when the crowd gets particularly loud (or the music gets quiet – in Wisteria’s case). I love hearing people sing back louder than I am – even when I have a microphone. Trying out a new favourite on the next touring run though so looking forward to seeing how that goes…

7)   Do you have any more exciting news you would like to share with us? Maybe a story?

I don’t think we have any more exciting news we haven’t told anyone about already! We’re touring, we have a new EP of alternative versions of our favourite off Unimagine – (un)imaginatively titled ‘Reimagine’ out September 16, we’re heading to Singapore, Malaysia, the UK and Europe and between now and the end of the year when we aren’t on tour we’re beginning to write album #3. So there’s never really a completely dull moment with nothing to do for us – but I think that’s the way we prefer it.

Tickets on sale now :
September 12th - Fowler's Live, ADELAIDE | AA
September 13th - Ding Dong Lounge, MELBOURNE | 18+
September 14th - Wrangler Studios, FOOTSCRAY | AA
September 18th - Boambee Community Centre, COFFS HARBOUR | AA
September 19th - Crowbar, BRISBANE | 18+
September 20th - Small Ballroom, NEWCASTLE | 18+
September 21st - Bald Faced Stag, SYDNEY | LIC/AA
September 27th - ANU Bar, CANBERRA | 18+
October 1st - HQ, PERTH | AA
October 2nd - Amplifier, PERTH | 18th