God Damn release a new heavy dirty and rock n' sexy single 'Horus' - listen

Friday, September 12, 2014
God Damn 
release a new single 'Horus'
If you like your music loud, heavy quick and ultra groovy you are going to fall in love with God Damn!
Lets start with a bit of an intro. God Damn are a musical force hailing from the heart of the Black Country, God Damn are a epic band with a dirty metal sound.

“We can’t wait to take this new material out on the road! We are known for being one of the rawest on the circuit using heavy dynamics with a quiet/loud/jet-engine decibel range…a sing-along nosebleed kinda vibration,” laughs vocalist and guitarist Thom Edward. “We've made a very textured, visceral and angry record with those pop barbed hooks. We’re fully intent on making layered studio albums with depth and then gloves off, knuckle dusters on for the shows!”

God Damn are proud to announce the release of their new single ‘Horus’, due for release this coming October 27th.

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You can listen to new track 'Horus' below !