INTERVIEW: We have some fun with Cam Gilmour !

Friday, September 26, 2014



Kristy had a chat with the ever so lovely and all round good dude

 Cam Gilmour, about his new EP 'Anhedonia',

 what his influences

 are and what Tom from Myspace is doing these

1)    So how are you today? Thanks or talking to us.

Thank you for taking the time.

Aww, Well aren't you sweet ok lets begin,
2)    What was your main inspiration helping you produce your new EP ‘Anhedonia’ 

I set out writing the Anhedonia EP the same way I do with all creative projects: hopeful, ambitious and utterly terrified. Making art (for me, anyway) is less an inspiration and more a compulsion, less head up in the clouds and more face planting on the pavement. It’s a slog and though I have brief moments of delight or inspiration from something I think is altogether brilliant, they are always brief, and then I just get back to the job at hand - writing fifty terrible things for every one with any merit.

3)    Are you excited to be releasing a second EP, does it get easier or is it just as intense to get done? (congrats by the way)

Thank you. It doesn’t get easier and I am convinced that it never will. At least, it never should. If you’re going to survive as an artist you have to be prepared to have a really decent crack every single time. Sure, you get better at what you do, but then your expectations expand and it feels as impossible as it did the last time. Anne Lamott masterfully phrased the belief that creating art will get easier as ‘the fantasy of the uninitiated’. For example, I used to write a music column every week. I did this for forty-six consecutive weeks and each week I went into a blind panic, certain that I could not complete the work (to the same standard as I had the previous week). My back would seize up and I would be a total mess, mortified that I had gotten myself into such a jam yet again. Of course I always did, and the knives in my back withdrew. But it says a lot about the mental effort required to attempt new creative things. You just have to get on with it. I don’t wait around for inspiration to hit me like a lightening bolt, I just get stuck in and eventually (hopefully) start to hear something that sounds somewhat like music.

4)    Your harmonious sound present in your new EP Anhedonia is absolutely beautiful, it really does take you to another place.

Geez, that is a bloody lovely thing for you to say. I really appreciate it. Music, and art more generally, has enriched my life so much. My EP and the Zine of essays I’m releasing along with it is just a little contribution to this marvelous world of ideas.

I really enjoyed it man ! You seem to have put alot of effort and consideration into it, you also have such a great mind for music, its really awesome to see passion and also hear it in your music.

5)    Do you have a favourite track? Why is it your favourite?

In true pessimistic style I could easily tell you my least favourite track, but I’ll resist the urge to self-sabotage. I am very proud of ‘The Old Man and his Tea’. The title for this track is a play on Ernest Hemingway’s 30-gram thumper The Old Man and the Sea, which is a book I implore everyone with a steady pulse to read. Anyway, that story is about one man’s great ambition and great struggle. It represents, to me at least, the attempt to do something brave and bold whilst being relentlessly dogged. It is also a story of loss and defeat, but in a way that is courageous. That song, (‘The Old Man and his Tea’) felt a great deal like this. Without exaggeration, it took me months to write and I spent a lot of long nights out in my shoebox studio, drinking my own weight in tea and feeling completely crushed by the task of not being able to budge this beast, while not wanting to give up either. The fact that I regard it in this way has a lot to say about struggle and its rewards.

6)    Any exciting news you would like to share with us?

Exciting news? Certainly! Just let me put on my captain planet suit. I’ve read that San Francisco has banned the sale of bottled water on city-owned property. McDonalds and Subway have promised to no longer stock cage eggs. 31 Million people recently marched the world over urging governments to take action against climate change. And finally, France has just pledged $1 billion dollars for a climate change fund at the recent UN summit.

Sorry to diverge from talking about myself (which is sometimes a bit much) but aside from being an artist, conservation and environmental issues are the things I’m most passionate about. I’m an out-and-out tree-hugger and bloody proud of the work being done by so many people in our local communities and across the world.

Thats a good thing man , talk away ! The more awareness the better and there ain't nothing wrong with having too much love to give in my eyes. 

7)    How nervous are you to play your new songs live?

Not at all! *Hyperventilates into paper bag*

haha *passes bottle of water and starts fanning*

Ok now a bit about you…

8)    Which musicians inspire you?  Who are you listening to lately?

-       Ian Mackaye & Henry Rollins are my punk rock paternal figures who instilled the bulk of my values around music.
-       Vladimir Horowitz is my favourite pianist.
-       Sidney Bechet, I can listen to him play all day.
-       Louie Armstrong. Again, I can listen to him all day.
-       Kanye West. His music has always been a huge inspiration, which I keep separate from his fish dicks egotism.
 'she a hobit' sorry couldn't help myself haha
-       Tegan & Sara are truly the only musicians I have ever been star struck around. (I made a fair arse out of myself when I was on a festival tour with them… oh gawd.)

Local music: The Jezabels, Kate Miller-Heidke, The Smith Street Band, Harmony, most bands on Resist Records (past & present), Northlane.

Honestly, there are so many. I’ll stop, before it gets out of hand. Let’s assume I’ve been listening to these artists, lately.

9)   Where is your favourite place to play?

I’ll play anywhere and be pretty happy, as long as I don’t have to compete with a bar for people’s attention – that really shits me.

10) If you could be any animal which one would it be and why?

Great question! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to fly, so I’ll go with Peregrine Falcon for maximum speed and wicked stealthiness. Although, I should say that I think I’m most like the Octopus. A bit of a loner, I tend to shuffle about from rock to rock looking continually pissed off. Also, my chief weapon of defense against an enemy is to shit myself and then run for my life.

oooooo i can tell you thought about this ! haha

11) What do you think Tom from Myspace is doing right now?

Waking up from a sex change operation? Holding desperately on to hope? Masturbating? I honestly don’t know, but there’s a fair chance it could one or all three of those.

Haha what a life Tom is living right now, his probably just sitting at home on Facebook plotting his revenge, while masturbating, obviously.

12) Anything else you would like to share with us today? give us your best a dad joke maybe.

I’m not great with jokes, they tend to just evaporate out of my head. Limericks on the other hand, I’ve got more than a few. I’ll give you a clean one and a filthy one.

There was a young lady named Bright,
Who travelled much faster than light.
She set out one day
In a relative way,
And came back the previous night.

There was a young barmaid from Sale,
On her breasts sat the prizes of ale.
And on her behind,
For the sake of the blind.
Was the same information in brail.

Very well done, sir !

13) Thanks so much for talking to me today! I hope you have a wicked day and hopefully see you perform soon!!

Cheers. It was my pleasure. 


Anhedonia EP will be available digitally and physically on Tuesday October 7, 2014 via

 CD w/ bonus Zine 
As Dire As Its Title
Instantly download new song ‘The Old Man and his Tea’ with every pre-order!
Cam Gilmour’s Anhedonia EP will be independently released on Tuesday October 7, 2014 via