Jenny Gillespie shares animated video for Holi. Also talks newalbum 'Chamma'

Sunday, September 7, 2014
Jenny Gillespie 
shares animated video for 'Holi'. 
Also talks new album 'Chamma'

Ok lets start off with a bit about the beautiful Jenny Gillespie. She is located in Chicago. She is an awesome folk/pop singer, songwriter and guitarist and she is a musician wife of Groupon CEO Andrew Mason,
 pretty badass.

She has a new album coming out soon titled 'Chamma'. It is interesting to discover that while in the production of her new album she captured sounds from her hometown of Chicago Humboldt Park of groups of children, natural objects and also conversations from her friends and family using her iphone.

Her new track 'Holi' has a sweet and romantic touch that is beautiful to listen too.

Her new album 'Chamma' is set to be released on the 27th of October

For more on Jenny Gillespie check her out at her facebook page or soundcloud
You can listen to 'Holi' below.