REVIEW - Us Amongst The Rest - Follow The Truth

Monday, September 22, 2014
Us Amongst The Rest -  Follow The Truth
 Album Review

Written by James Frith 

UK hard rockers Us Among The Rest is most likely a name you’ll have never heard before. However with their debut album ‘Follow the Truth’ you’re likely to hear a lot more from them. Their sound falls somewhere between alternative rock and metalcore, following in the tradition of other recent UK bands such as Asking Alexandria and Axewound, albeit with a heavier focus on clean vocals.  Despite only forming 2 years ago, these guys definitely know what they’re doing and how they want to go about doing it. Us Among The Rest are very possibly the next big thing to happen to the UK hard rock scene, with an addictively inescapable sound.

Though the bands mix of energetic choruses, breakdowns and shredding, has been done many times before, Us Among The Rest’s sound is refreshingly original. The album is full tight punchy guitar riffs, powerful vocals and a thunderous rhythm section. This bands sound has a big focus on guitars and the inspired riffs often become the driving force behind each track. Frontman Karl Sandor’s passionate vocals help define the sound with some strikingly powerful choruses.

The album opens on a short instrumental track entitled Info which expectedly builds tension towards the second track, Fields of Fray. This track doesn’t hold back in letting you know what Us Among The Rest is about. Precise guitar riffs, throbbing bass lines, tight drum beats and catchy vocal hooks abound.

Love Is the Bull is the second single from the album and encorporates some of the most melodically impressive vocal lines on the album. The varied use of dynamics help build the chorus into something truly colossal which stays with the listener long after the song is finished.

Bring The Fuel is another balls to the wall single, featuring another formidable chorus supported by tasty instrumental and solo sections. Blood In Me follows, highlighted by an anthemic chorus and some genuinely complex guitar riffing.

The next few songs really allow lead singer Karl Sandor’s vocals to shine. Angels is the ballad of the album, and an incredibly powerful one at that. Even the acoustic guitars on this track show of the technical proficiency of Us Amongst the Rest’s guitarists. This track really showcases the talented songwriting this band employs. The title tracks, Follow the Truth, first section starts stripped right back, but quickly builds into another in your face rocker, climaxing with one of the best guitar solos on the album.

The following tracks, despite still being great songs begin to feel a bit like filler, as is typical at this point on most albums. Silver and Lead channels one of the bands biggest influences, Alexisonfire, and the band on this track meshes together particularly well. Horizons uses some interesting phaser effects on its intro guitar parts and is supported again by a memorable chorus.

Unforgettable picks the album back up again with a some soaring guitar leads and another great Us Among The Rest chorus. Restless has a quite eerie intro, curtesy of the dualing guitars. With another anthemic sing-along chorus, this is sure to be a fan favourite. 

Falling Skies closes the album as one of the heaviest tracks on the album. The guitar solo holds nothing back, easily becoming the best on the album, going from haunting to virtuosic and back again.

Follow the Truth drops through Two Star Records on September 29. For more details check them out at their facebook page ! Do yourself a favor and check out the incredible sound that is Us Among the Restless.