Thursday, October 16, 2014

(Review written by James Frith)

Lovers of pop-punk rejoice! New Found Glory’s new album Resurrection is headed your way, and it’s everything you want it to be.

It may be hard to believe but these guys have been bringing their signature brand pop-punk for over 15 years now, and with Resurrection  these boys are  certainly showing no sign of slowing down. Despite founding member and guitarist Steve Klein leaving, NFG are definitely in top form.

Resurrection opens on the single ‘Selfless,’ leading off with a somewhat prog-ish riff, which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Dream Theatre album. With an awesome chorus and some frantic guitar riffs ‘Selfless’ is a standout track.

The title track follows making use of some downright aggressive vocals and killer guitar riffs, making it a worthy addition to the album. ‘The Worst Person’ follows, where the drums hurtles along at a breakneck pace, barely ever letting up.

‘Ready and Willing’ is the second single and easily one of the best tracks on the album, with some of the most infectious vocal hooks on Resurrection. This song is sure to be a crowd favourite.

‘One More Round follows using a beefy in-your-face guitar riff before launching into the rest of the song and putting out an awesome groove. ‘Vicious Love’ features a nice interplay between the guitar and bass and a huge chorus from vocalist Jordan Pundik.

‘Persistent’ has some creative riffs, using open harmonics on the guitar to build up a unique sound. ‘Stories of A Different Kind’ is an old school punk rocker, with an incredibly catchy chorus,

‘Degenerate’ is another standout track on the album with some inspiring lyrics and and huge sing-along bridge section. ‘Angel’ is a track reminiscent of Green Day, with a big focus on bass and drums and a slower tempo. Another standout song.

The next track, ‘Stubborn,’ is another great track with some great vocal work from Jordan. ‘Living Hell’ is short and sweet, coming in as the shortest track on the album.

Resurrection closes with ‘On My Own’ with crunchy guitars, silky vocals and huge bass and drums. 

New Found Glory is a band still in their prime, producing a polished and high quality record.

Resurrection drops October 7 on Hopeless Records, It comes out via iTunes on the 10th of October in Australia.

New Found Glory - Selfless 

(Official Music Video)

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