Thursday, October 16, 2014

 “Lift a Sail” 

There is no doubt that pop-punk band Yellowcard and their new album, Lift A Sail, packs a punch with the departure of their long-time drummer and founding member, Longineu Parsons. Originally from Florida, the Cali-based band is well known for their pop-punk versus folk-song vibes that have created nostalgic memories for over 15 years.

We are introduced to the first track of the album titled “Convocation”, which echoes with melodic violin resonance performed by Sean Mackin. Convocation, which means forming assembly, collectively reminds the listener of their pleasant roots and the reason for their defining popularity. This is challenged with the beating of powerful, rhythmic drums only that distinctive of Anberlin’s Nate Young, in the following track “Transmission Home”.

Yellowcard has stated “We are happy to let you know that our friend Nate Young of Anberlin will be playing drums on the new record. We’ve known Nate for a long time and can’t wait to work with him creatively.”

Compared to their older, more pop-punk sounding albums such as Ocean Avenue, Yellowcard intended to make their new album launch with an alternative rock ambiance. It is clear that Lift A Sail is filled with heavier compositions. This is evident in one of their songs “One Bedroom”, as it opens with a gentle melody, later transgressing into an astounding guitar solo and deep instrumentals and vocals. It certainly reaches the climax of the album, as the song preserves the band’s upbringing for melodic ballads, and the progression into newer sound.

Songs that reveal their old roots can be heard in tracks such as “Transmission Home”, “Crash The Gates” and “My Mountain”. They portray eccentric guitar riffs and dynamic vocals by lead singer Ryan Keys that engage new qualities projected by the band. “Make Me So” is reminiscent of Yellowcard’s typical sounds from the early 2000s through its upbeat tempo and familiar lyrical work.

Efforts to try out alternative sound are also manifested in the tracks “Madrid” and “California”, which strays away from the band’s usual fast-paced beat. Key’s vocals have slowed down significantly to emphasize on the acoustic arrangement, which is captivating to listen to. The track “MSK” concentrates more on the emphatic violin composition that is sure to satisfy fans.

Although there is some inconsistency in the flow of their album arrangement, their attempt to provide nostalgic sentiments in their movement away from pop punk is effective. The result leaves listeners with an album full of dramatic cadence and a tone that validates their maturation of sound. Be sure to check out Lift A Sail that’s out now.

 Reviewed by Karla Tolentino

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