Thursday, October 16, 2014

 (Review Written by Kristy (Wickeddchildd)

It's time to escape with the emotionally charged Melbourne songwriter 
Cam Gilmour with his new EP 'Anhedonia'. He is a musician who has performed and recorded as part of Melbourne rock outfit Behind Crimson Eyes, as well as playing drums on tour for Aussie hip hop artist Illy. This is his second EP to date and it seems like he is getting comfortable with his sound and expressing his talent more. Gilmour presents impressive blends in beats through-out his songs that are electrifying and emotionally spine tingling good. It is alot more darker than his other work which shows his skillfulness.

'The Blues Is The Blues Is The Blues Is The Blues' is the opening track of Gilmours Ep. This song eases you into the experience, with a gorgeous collection of notes. It is almost fairytale esc with a twist of melancholy that is beautiful yet an emotional listen. 

'Black Bones' adds some heart beat into the Ep moving slightly away from the fairytale and into a more up tempo positive energy. It shows Gilmours diversity in his interesting blending talent.

'The Old Man And His Tea' is up next with and adds a real vibrancy to his EP. It is also alot more heavier than his other songs which again provides the fact that Gilmour is definitely a diverse character. This song is also alot more darker with more long notes being engaged with heavier beats.

'Swimming With Water Bears' would have to be the Ep's lightest track. Its a buzzing scream of delicate and ultra fun grooves. It is very pleasing to listen to with a powerful edge that works altogether like a charm. Groovy yet wicked is the best way of describing it. 

'The Long Game' is a vivid way of ending this EP listening experience. It provides you with a sound that captures the end of an inviting experience. It has elements that were included in all other songs within the EP from the fairytale sound to the heavier beats , this song is an expression of all of them blended together to create an ending to an EP that really was and angelic experience to listen too.

Cam Gilmour's new Ep Anhedonia is Out Now !  Anhedonia EP is available for purchase from CamGilmour.bandcamp.com.