Wednesday, October 29, 2014
With supporting acts -
We were lucky enough to catch this show last weekend at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne, and what a show it was! Here is our review of the very eventful night we had! 

The night began with an enthralling and very entertaining performance given by rocking band Them Bruins. Lead singer, Joel presented a very colorful performance by interacting with the crowd, he jumped into the pit and would pass the mic to spectators which was invasive and ruthless and brought a punk attitude to the scene. It showed the bands punk attitude that was very entertaining to watch and the lads could actually play ! They preformed quality tunes and seemed to give it all they had to offer on the night. Big props to them.
 This then got the crowd excited for the next local act Magic Bones.
Ahh Magic Bones, where to start. They brought a real mature spunk to the night. Crowds started to gather closer to the stage and get their boogie shoes on. The crazy dance moves were definitely out reflecting on their ultra funky tunes. All members preformed to a quality that was highly enjoyable and very old school rock like. The crowd erupted into a dance frenzy when they preformed their newly hit tune 'Anytime, Anywhere' which has been gaining such well deserved raves lately from music lovers. The adorable Kiri O'Connor belted out a tune like no one was watching with a very mature and confident delivery that expressed a reckless attitude that was alluring.  To our surprise it was interesting to see them changing instruments as well, To instant thought it was very Arcade Fire like. Mr Dylan Thorpe was definably one highlight to their very rockin' performance with his ultimate thrashing on the drums. The bands confidence and ripping tunes capped off a quiet legendary performance by all members.
After the crowd were warmed up they crept closer to the front in anticipation for the headliners British India, who are set to preform as supports with The Rolling Stones soon and were especially chosen for that accredited position. (And may i say, well done !!) 
Delcan Melia arrives on the stage with a very confident stance, as does bassist Will Drummond which showed a confident attitude that provided comfort for their hometown fans. They preformed tracks from their new album Controller such as  'I Can Make You Love Me' and 'Blinded' and mixed it up with their most loved older  tracks. A specific highlight was when the preformed 'Run The Red Light' which the crowd absolutely loved. Their new song 'Wrong Direction' was also preformed which gained a great response. It was great to hear some audience members knowing the song and helping the others out by keeping the electric buzz alive. Enthusiastic Drummer Matt O’Gorman drenched in sweat at this point with the lads preforming one of their most loved tracks 'Vanilla'. The concert is carrying on and members were keeping it strong.  By their set all members looked like they were exhausted with seat dropping and hair all a mess but they preformed like a bunch of soldiers, carrying out until the last song. But hey, the crowd want an encore right and what a song to play as an encore other than a cover of KISS's 'I Was Made For Loving You.' Guitarist Nic Wilson provided a ripping performance.  All members showed maturity and a real wise stance all night with cheeky grins happening here and there on the response their hometown gave them.  
Overall Melbourne had a jammed packed night full ruthless attitude's and tunes that kept the crowd humming after the night ended. A great choice on the bill for a very rocking night out at The Corner Hotel.