Going to a rock concert for the first time? never fear we are here to help !

Friday, October 17, 2014
Going to a rock concert for the first time? 
never fear we are here to help !
Now if you are freaking out because it is your first time going to a concert here are some tips we have for you on how you can optimize your spectator experience. Take them however you will, use them , abuse them LEARN from them.

1. If you are planning on moshing ladies, don't wear heels:

 Lindsey Wixson falls at Versace

No matter how great your legs look in those heels you will not feel so great after your moshing experience. The best thing about wearing heels in a mosh pit would only be that you can be taller then that tall guy that is always right at the front of the mosh pit so everyone behind him can admire how amazing his back is. But that's about it really.

2. If you clap at the wrong time IT IS OKAY, don't freak out.

You are going to a concert with a friend and you don't know any of the artists music. You are grooving along, everyone is clapping to the beat then shit, you are the only one clapping. The answer is simple, you pretend you are just loving what your are hearing by clapping for a couple more times then show the people around you your having the best time by raising your hands or dancing your heart out and scream 'wwwoo!'. That will show those people you love that band playing that song that is totally your favorite for sure.

3. Don't try and push to the front for the barrier, it ain't gonna happen.

Will will discover that the people that started lining up at about 6am 2 days before the concert are highly more likely they are going to get the barrier. They are tired, they probably have hemorrhoids from sitting on concrete for so long and they are on a mission to grab onto that barrier. Now you come along and say to your friend 'Hey! lets try and get the front'.  Lets call the Ned (the one wanting the barrier). Ned ain't going to be happy that you have just come in and you are trying to push them out from the front. Ned ain't going nowhere ! Ned will get angry and Ned will probably kick your ass after the show. So don't piss off Ned, you will have a bad time.

4. Don't take a backpack into the venue/moshpit

Now, if you take a backpack to a concert, especially a popular one you will immediately regret it. It is like carrying a baby around the whole time. Baby isn't at the concert, baby is at home probably sleeping and pooping everywhere, you don't need that. Yeah you might want to bring your fold out chair for the hangs before anyone is playing and you will probably need to bring a hairdryer and a towel for after if you get all sweaty and want to dry up quicker but other then that, leave the back pack at home.

5. Couples - take notes

Just for the courtesy of all your fellow concert-goers please don't just hug the whole time. Dance with each other and make it fun, there is nothing like a couple next to you when you are single and trying to have a boogie and your both just standing their smiling at each other. Yes, we are jealous and wish that were us but you don't need to rub it in guys, we just want to dance out our sadness away and are hoping to attract someone with our lovely animal like dance moves.

6. Cameras/phones...I think you know where we are going with this one...

Take a photo to show people where you are and who you are seeing so they know you have a life, sure! Go for it. Take a selfie with you and your friends to show people you have friends and you guys actually go do cool things together, great ! Plan on filming your own live music dvd so you can watch it at home later and show everyone on your badass projector. Nahhh. You are there to experience what the musician has to offer, if they wanted a live dvd made they would have done it themselves so then you can at least get some awesome vision of them looking sexy and not grainy.

7. Go nuts !

You are there, you paid money, go there and just have the best time of your life ! You have alot more fun and the musician will love you for it and so will everyone else. Set the vibe and you all will have a killer time. WIN WIN.