INTERVIEW: We have a chat to THIS WILD LIFE ahead of their Soundwave 2015 gig.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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(article/interview by James Frith)

Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso are the two talented Californian’s that make up the acoustic duo This Wild Life. Their sound is a cross between the pop-punk sound they grew up with and a mature acoustic approach to their craft. With an infectiously angelic voice, truthful lyrics and beautiful guitar arrangements, This Wild Life are not to be missed. . Speaking via phone call, I had the opportunity to ask singer Kevin Jordan a few questions.

How did your songwriting process change when moving away from pop punk to a purely acoustic style?

I think it’s generally the same, we still write the music before the vocals. I think what probably changed the most is the lyric and melody writing process. With the vocals, being as there isn’t a whole lot to hide behind with acoustic music, you have to put a little bit more thought into what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Everything comes across, you can pretty much understand every word that I’m saying. So I guess I just, for me I pay a little closer attention to the lyric writing process.

Where do find inspiration for your lyrics?

I try to only write about personal experience. I’m okay with other people writing songs if they’re just making stuff up, or writing about other people, but for me personally it would feel weird to write about something that isn’t honest. So I only write from stuff that is personal experience.

What are your feelings towards your debut Soundwave tour?

Yeah we’re super excited! We went over there (Australia) in April with a guy named Jonny Craig, and I mean we felt like we were lucky just to be there for a couple of weeks. While we were over there we talked to the labels president of Australia for Epitaph Records and he mentioned that he had pitched us for Soundwave. We had never been to Australia before that, but of course I’ve known about Soundwave for a long time, because every year I saw that lineup and just wished that I could go there and see it. And I mean as a fan it would be incredible to go, because there’s always so many good bands on the line up. So he mentioned pitching us for the tour then and we were just happy to have our names on the bill.

How do you find the Australian crowds hold up against else where in the world?

You know the only international touring that we’ve done has been in Australia and the UK, and it’s really not all that different, than it is here in the States. We feel at home being in Australia and in the UK.

How did the signing to such a legendary label Epitaph, come about?

Last year in August we were in the studio with a producer named Aaron Marsh and while we were there they just kinda reached out to us after we an acoustic cover of a Bring Me the Horizon song that kinda went viral. They contacted us and wanted to hear what we were working on. So we sent them some demos of the album we were working on and they basically signed us before even hearing the record.

Your most successful song is arguably your cover of Sleepwalker by Bring Me The Horizon, which currently sitting at over 5 million YouTube views, and made it onto Cloudless. What was it about this song that drew you to cover it?

Well first of all when I heard the record I just thought that the whole album was really really incredible and all of the songs I kinda heard this underlying melody. Especially in Sleepwalker, I heard this beautiful melody being screamed you know? And I just thought to myself that it would be really neat to do an acoustic version of our own. We were actually in the studio at the time and we just threw it together and filmed it ourselves and we had no idea it would be such a big change in our careers. It’s really shocking that it did so well, so quickly.

What was the inspiration for the video clip for “Over It”

We actually ended up getting some scripts to make a music video, we didn’t actually come up with that idea ourselves. That was the first time that we’ve let someone else take the reigns on a project before. But when we saw the treatment of it we just thought it was a really good representation of the song that we wrote and we just kinda gave the director creative control. If you’ve seen it, we’re barely in the music video, which is awesome because I mean, we don’t know how to fucking act!

Is there any chance of an Australian headline tour or Sideshows
Yeah we’re doing two Sidewaves while we’re there but we don’t know who we’re playing with yet. So Fall Out Boy if you’re listening, let us play with you!

Do you know which cities you’ll be playing?
You know I’m not sure, we didn’t get much info. I didn’t know what the lineup for Soundwave was until they announced it. So we’re in the same boat as everybody else, we’re excited to come down.

If you’re going to Soundwave make sure you check your timetable and get down to see these incredible musicians, and stay tuned for information about their upcoming Sidewave shows.

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You can check out their rad cover of ‘Sleepwalking’ below.