Review: Multiply - A$AP Rocky

Thursday, October 16, 2014
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I'm going to admit it, Multiply Is the best thing A$AP Rocky has released in years. It's also one of the darker and more gritty songs he has in his catalogue. The song gives me the same vibes as Long Live A$AP from his last album. Like that track, Rocky is fearless in Multiply. He isn't afraid of who he calls out and shows a level of confidence that is audacious.

It's clear Rocky loves Southern hip-hop. In his intro and parts throughout the track, he repeats "igh, igh-igh-ign". Here he is sampling Stay High from hip-hop group, Three 6 Mafia. You might also notice that Juicy J's voice is heard on top of Rocky's sample (Juicy J is a member of Three 6 Mafia). Rocky also references Pimp C when he says "f--- with a n---- like me, RIP my n---- Pimp C". Pimp C was Southern hip hop royalty and is ultimately responsible (along with Bun-B) for the word "Trill" being so popular.

Rocky has pulled back in the last year. During this time, we've seen the emergence of A$AP Ferg. I think it was the correct decision by Rocky to let Ferg have his time. It's Rocky's time again and he has come back with vengeance.

Rocky isn't afraid to throw disses throughout the track. Despite the popularity of street wear brands such as HBA and Been Trill, Rocky isn't a fan and he makes that very clear in Multiply. I think this diss has more to do with the fact that he has so much money now that he doesn't need to wear street wear brands everyone else is wearing. It's his way of showing his superiority. He hints that street wear doesn't excite him anymore, it's about exclusive designer stuff these days.

Like I mentioned earlier, he's a big fan of Southern hip-hop. Like the best rap songs from the South, Rocky has incorporated a sonorous beat with a heavy bass. Also, his lyrics are straight to the point. If Multiply is a glimpse of what we should expect from his new material, then I'm excited. This is what he should be creating. It's tracks like this that could send him to top of the game.

Rating 10/10

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(Written by Amy Smolcic)