REVIEW: Tom Stephen releases his charming new EP 'Embers'

Thursday, October 16, 2014
Tom Stephen's
 Releases his charming new EP

Based in Sydney, the blissfulness talent of Tom Stephens has spent much of the last 3 years touring throughout New South Wales and Queensland, supporting artists such as Steve Smyth, Buffalo Tales and Mike McCarthy. It has now brought him to bring out his very organic EP titled 'Embers' which sets a mellow mood with a delivery that is very mature and rich with effortless bliss.

Lets start with the track 'Nowhere To Roam' which sets the mood for the whole EP. This track is melodically soothing with a depth of lower basses which are heard throughout your listening experience, setting the emotion of a melancholy feel. This song highly sets the vibe of what you will be brought to expect while listening to the EP and what tone he is set on expressing.

 These features explained are present in his next song 'Better To Be' as well, however his vocals become more broader almost sharpening his sound through expanding his folk like vocal range. The heartbeat of the EP would be 'There He Goes' it shows more exciting range from Stephens delivery.

Tom Stephen's delivers an EP filled with a very mature way of story telling and delivery that is charming. He musically gives a mellow tone through his dazzling use of strings and delicate guitar strums to produce an angelic EP.

Following the release of Embers, an EP launch event will take place a week later on Wednesday October 22 at Brighton Up Bar in Darlinghurst, NSW.
Stephens will be supported at the launch by fellow singer-songwriter Maia Jelavic and duo Telegraph Tower. Doors will open at 7pm and entry costs $10.

You can listen to Tom Stephens new Ep 'Embers' now ! 
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