Wampire release a buzzing new music video for 'Wizard Staff' - watch

Thursday, October 16, 2014
release a buzzing new music video for 
'Wizard Staff' 

Wampire have released a very alluring new music video for their Alternative and hypnotic track 'Wizard Staff'. The tale begins of two chilled out detectives on a mission to catch wizards. They are on the hunt however for one specific wizard who a gorgeous lady is out to find. It is a creative concept that will keep you intrigued to watch on and discover what the outcome will be. There are some moments in the clip that provide some wicked entertainment for you as well !. In one word, its just 'cool'.

Wampire's new full length album 'Bazaar' is out now!
You can purchase it from Polyvinyl Records http://bit.ly/ZrUqL6