Bob Dylan has played a show for only one person to enjoy !

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Bob Dylan
 has played a show for 
only one person to enjoy !

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Yes, you heard correctly ! Bob Dylan did a show recently for one guy, and that lucky guy was HUGE fan Fredrik Wikingsson who had the lucky opportunity to have a once in a lifetime concert experience. The concept was created by Swedish film series called Experiment Ensam (Experiment Alone),  which was created to discover what difference it makes to be with and without people and comfortable surroundings.
The concert took place at Philadelphia's Academy of Music on November 23rd. 

Fredrik Wikingsson said of the show: "I was smiling so much it was like I was on ecstasy. My jaw hurt for hours afterwards because I couldn't stop smiling." (nme)

What an experience ! Big Ups to Bob Dylan for participating in such a creative concept.