Monday, December 1, 2014
With special guests - White Summer & Lime Cordiale 

(photograph- Kristy (Wickeddchildd)

With a sold out show in Melbourne to celebrate their new stellar album release of 'Dipz Zebazios' and a year filled with vast heart pumping news ,The Delta Riggs put on a show that oozed such sass and pure funky magic that dazzled their audience's on a warm night at The Ding Dong Lounge. 

The heat was intensified with acts that amped up the crowd before the psychedelic hosts hit the stage. 

The night started with Melbourne band ,White Summer. The crowd were hesitant before they took the stage unsure what to expect, however once the lads were plugged in and fired away  their funk cradled you into a twisted nostalgic state of mind. Singer James Stanfield had the crowd weak at the knees, especially with their new track 'Smoke Screen', with a voice that was organic with a filthy dirty rockin' range, making it terribly difficult to turn away. The crowd were seen getting loosened up ready for more magic planned for the night.

The room began to fill and crowds, (especially the ladies) were sweeping closer to the stage, to score a dance floor position for Lime Cordiale's set. They brought a jazzy presences with trombone solos , chilled upbeat sounds and raging vocals by brothers Oli Leimbach and Louis Leimbach. The crowd were left buzzing!

Everyone was now fired up and ready, squished together into a beautiful bunch , it was The Delta Riggs turn to hit the stage. 

This year has seen The Delta Riggs gain much deserved praise from the music world, even including the highly credible Mr. Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) catching a glimpse of the lads at one of their shows when they were on their recent US tour. They also supported Kasabian earlier this year for their latest Australian tour. And it doesn't stop there, they will also be apart of the supports for Foo Fighters when they hit Australia next year for The Sonic Highways tour. With a success year the lads still continue to deliver and definitely delivered at Ding Dong. 

From the moment they hit the stage the crowd became ecstatic  It was then hit to high gear when colourful Lead Singer Elliot Hammond leaped into the crowd to chuck a sing-a-long with punters. It wasn't even 10 minutes into the show and Hammond had already captivated the audience while raging tune 'The Records Flawed'. He was pulling out his signature funky dance moves and peace sign making hand gestures getting right up into the crowds faces.

Elliot Hammond's charismatic stage presence was a definite highlight. However as the gig went on other members were firing up creating an energy that was difficult not to bask in. Guitarist Alex Markwell was blistering out riffs that were reckless, so reckless he even decided to get in with the crowd at some point. Drummer Simon McConnell was slamming out ultimate solos, meshing well with bassist Michael Tramonte (Monte) who was belting out solid bass lines that were slaying the crowds to move their hips round and round.

 It was intriguing to notice that stand out tracks from the show were new songs from their latest album. These tracks included 'No Friends', 'Bobby's Flowers', and 'Telescope House'. Even though Markwell and Hammond joked that only 8 people in the crowd had bought their new album then later said a possible 12.

Their performance oozed such style, it's no wonder why they have gained such recognition and well deserved respect. Their wickedly psychedelic nature and tunes that display such a solid Brit-Pop Alternative influence done in an Aussie like fashion that is humble and true. 

You won't be seeing the last of The Delta Riggs anytime soon. Bring on 2015!