Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We have a lovely chat to Pete (Keys Player) from Melbourne band Tully On Tully. We talk about their new single 'Two Birds', the music scene in Melbourne and we ask a very nessacary question that will leave you giggling.

Interviewer- Kristy (wickeddchildd)

-Well hello there ! Thanks for taking the time to chat to us ! What have you been up to today?

Hello, and no problems! Today all I've done so far is move to the kitchen so I'm closer to the food. It's working out pretty well for me.

-Congratulations on the release of your new single 'Two Birds' are you enjoying the response so far?

Absolutely, there's been a fantastic response. We've been getting a tremendous amount of love on local community radio stations and even on Triple J which is always very exciting. We've had some great feedback from friends and family too - they're always the first to let us know what they think!

-We caught you guys at your Bonjah gig recently in Melbourne and you were all so electric ! You definitely made us put our boogie shoes on and chuck a dance (we lined dance and you brought that out of us and it was awesome haha so thank you). What do you enjoy most about preforming? Do you have a technique you like to use to get the crowd all giddy and excited?

Haha, I'm excited at the idea that we inspired someone to line dance. That's a skill right there! I think the best part about performing is seeing the reactions on people's faces, seeing them move their bodies in response to the music. Unlike recordings - where you don't see people listening to it and you have to wait for a written or spoken reaction - playing live gives us instant gratification where we can engage with the audience and they respond immediately. I don't think we've honed any techniques or anything, but we've learned over the years that the more we look into it the more they will be. So we move a lot more now on stage.

You also had your single launch show at Shebeen in Melbourne recently (another congrats to you), how did you find the vibe on the night?

It was huge. Such a great night. The support bands (Wire Bird and Machine Age) were already playing to a nearly-full room and they really stepped things up for us and warmed the crowd up. By the time we got on, the whole room was moving. We had lights and a smoke machine and it all added up to one fantastic show to play.

You guys have such a strong following in Melbourne, what do you love most about playing in your hometown? Do you feel more comfortable when performing?

Actually, surprisingly not always. Melbourne's music scene is so diverse but also very saturated. It's hard to stand out with so many incredibly talented and tight bands around, so sometimes that increases the nerves a bit. But we still love playing at home, mostly because that's where our core fans are. Those fans started as just friends and family, but has since expanded to include people that we don't even know, which is a pretty exciting thing for us!

What do you any exciting news you would like to share with us?

Our sophomore E.P. is shaping up to be something pretty special. That's not really news, but there's a few things we're not allowed to announce yet so that'll have to do for now!

Are you planning on touring again soon?

It'll be dependant on our plan of attack for the EP release next year. I would imagine we'd definitely be going interstate to promote and play for that, hopefully we end up overseas again though!

Now we like to end our interviews with a very highly appropriate and question, what is your best dad joke? We want your BEST!
A son says to his father "You don't make any dad jokes. I'm concerned". Dad replies "Hi concerned, I'm dad!".

We can't wait to catch you guys live again and put our boogie shoes back on and maybe bring a cowboy hat for laughs (its our 'we are having so much fun' dance we can't help it haha)! Thank you so much for your time. Have a wicked day !

Look forward to seeing you in full country kit at our next gig!