INTERVIEW: We have a chat to YOUNG MAGIC (tour details included)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
We have a chat to 

We have a lovely chat to Young Magic about their new album 'Breathing Statues' and talk about their Australian tour, which is set to begin very very soon! (Tour Details are below)
(interviewer Kristy(wickeddchildd))
Hi! Thanks for taking time to chatting with us!

Of course, thanks. 

Congratulations on your new album Breathing Statues! I did some research and discovered you traveled far and wide to write this album, how did that influence you in your writing process, did anything interesting happen on your adventure's ?

The time in Morocco was intense and inspiring – I’ve always enjoyed dipping out of social media world and just making music in an environment like that. We took long overnight trains and buses around the country staying in small towns and little fishing villages, or up in the mountains, meeting people along the way with these exquisite and grandiose stories, of which I can imagine only half are true. It was exhilarating, scary, and somehow meditative, which aren’t three adjectives that seem to live together well, but whilst making this album seem to pop up constantly.

Also shooting the “Fall In’ video in Xilitla Mexico blew our minds. It’s a tiny town famous for a surrealist garden that an eccentric English patron of the arts started building in the remote Mexican mountains 50 years ago. The landscape is ridiculous. I read somewhere that he sold his life’s collection of Dali’s and Ernst’s to fund it then spent 30 years making his dream a reality. It’s a kind of looming, disorientating series of dangling surrealist structures that stretch over a fantastic amount of jungle. It sits up there alone, rarely poking it’s winding spires through a constant low-hanging fog. Seven days up there with the locals felt like a year had just passed in a waking dream.

Are you enjoying the response you are receiving for your new LP Breathing Statues? It is an enchanting listen.

Thanks, yes.... we can be pretty private in terms of ignoring the commercial/commerce side of music, but in the end it’s about experience and music should be shared. Every few days or so we get these lovely little notes from people about the record and it’s humbling and inspiring. It’s something that we never take for granted.

'Breathing Statues' is your second LP release, How different was it recording this LP compared to your first 'Melt' did you have more confidence this time?

We definitely had more a vision of what we wanted to achieve and how to capture that. It was finished in the dead of winter in upstate New York as white snow fell at all our windows for weeks – a deep winter with deer and bear tracks surrounding the cabin and only a huge orange glowing sun centre stage in this crystalline frozen landscape. It mirrored our internal worlds and personal lives at the time:  a huge changing point in our personal lives -a death in the family, moving out of the city to record- so we felt this terrific freedom and to explore and make what we really wanted to make. It was a hard album to make but because of that, probably the most rewarding thing we’ve ever done. We experimented with new ways of creating sounds… we used a lot more hardware this time, letting things evolve from analogue loops, finding voices and life in the machines, finding life in the seemingly inanimate. Looking back, it became about the subtlety in experience, the little gestures meaning much more to us than the big bombastic strokes, and meditating on these details. The world has enough ‘entertainers’ desperately vying for attention. We didn’t want to be a part of it, so we made something we loved. 

Do you a have favourite song to preform off the new LP?

Fall In is a favourite, there’s an extended end section live which is always really cathartic. Holographic, Cobra and Something In The Water too have been fun to play on the last run of shows too. 

Your set to start your Australian Tour soon, are you excited to see how crowds take to your new material?

Very much looking forward to it and the good vibes! 

Are you planning on exploring any specific places while your on tour in Australia?

Swim in that amazing ocean again, eat yummy food and meet new people… and go wherever people take us….

Lets end on a sort of lame but completely relevant note, give us your best dad joke.

Me: Dad, what time is it?
Dad: I don’t know, it keeps on changing.

We can't wait to catch you guys at one of your shows ! Thank you so much for your time. Have a wicked day ! 

Thankyou, can’t wait . 

Strange Yonder and Tone Deaf Presents...

Friday, 21st November 2014
Oxford Art Factory - Sydney NSW
with guests Moon Holiday, Avivva and Phondupe

Saturday 22nd November 2014
Shebeen - Melbourne VIC
with guests Rat & Co and Queen Magic

Sunday 23rd November 2014
Strawberry Fields Festival - Melbourne VIC

Thursday 27th November 2014
Black Bear Lodge - Brisbane QLD
with guests MTNS

Friday 28th November 2014
Elsewhere - Gold Coast QLD
with guests The Delicates 

Tickets On Sale now.
"Breathing Statues LP" out now through Strange Yonder.