Tuesday, November 25, 2014
- DING DONG 21/11/14

(Photograph by Karla Mariz)

Review written by Kristy (Wickeddchildd)

On Friday night music lovers witnessed a collection of rockin' artists showcased at Ding Dong Lounge in Melbourne. 2014 has seen a burst of wicked releases from talented local Australian artists and with such appeal lately within the industry this collection were out to show all they got, punk style! 

With a chilled out audience anxiously waiting for a kicker of a show, expectations were blown out the window as soon as the first act DUMB PUNTS hit the stage and the party times were brought. The crowd at first were digging the intensity of the group and seemed somewhat nervous and were politely enjoying their wicked performance. Lead singer James Gallagher then enticed the crowd calling them 'frigid' which then sparked them to let loose! Drummer Ciarn Gallagher display such a quirky presence that was adorable to gaze upon with her beating skills. Also bass player Brent Lockhart was casually smiling through-out the whole performance while ripping out smooth base lines. The group played songs from their new EP including stellar track 'Chiller' which was definitely a crowd pleaser. With their ripping performances and comedic breaks they played a set that was punktastically enjoyable to watch ! 

Then it was time for Sincerely, Grizzly to slay the stage. 

This gig/tour was to celebrate the release of their new album ‘Halves. Crowds started to gather forward to the stage and the room started to fill. You could sense that people were keen to catch a glance at the talented bunch of dudes. And they did not disappoint! Coming down from Adelaide the lads presented a ruthless performance that did have sketchy parts including some sound issues and even lead singer Joshua Calligeros breaking a guitar string near the end of their set but even so they ripped out a smooth recovery and in true punk style played even harder! It was very thrilling to watch. Also they had a very intriguing backdrop that showcased troubled basketball players, why? not sure but hey it looked rad and you would ave thought it would be distracting but Sincerely, Grizzly's preformance was to captivating to comprehend what was going on in the background. A definite highlight was when the band preformed 'Kafkaesque'.

 In summary Sincerely, Grizzly swiftly delivered a set that was electric to watch! Big ups to them ! 

The room was now filled with people and Headliners Bad//Dreems were up and the crowds were pumped up after the killer preformance from Sincerely, Grizzly. Bad//Dreems expressed a highly energetic performance, the crowd and the lads almost worked together to almost shoot the roof off at Ding Dong. 

Skater Punk Night was a success and what a show people witnessed that night at the groovin' Ding Dong Lounge.

(photographs by - Karla Mariz)