Breaking News - Dr Dre Probably Has More Money Than You

Friday, December 12, 2014

Forbes have announced their annual list of the worlds highest paying musicians, and unsurprisingly rapper, producer, and boss of everything Dr Dre, earned an whopping 620 million dollars. Dre can thank Apple for the top position as they bought his Beats headphones for 3 billion. 

Coming in second is Beyonce, who earned approximately 115 million dollars. The Drunk In Love singer embarked on two tours this year including The Mrs Carter Show Tour (started in 2013, ended in 2014) and the On The Run Tour. At the beginning of the year, Beyonce unexpectedly dropped her fifth studio album. To this date, the album has sold an incredible 5 millions copies worldwide, outselling her previous album by 2 million copies. Unfortunately for her husband Jay Z, he came in at 12th place on the list, earning a still very high 60 million dollars, the same as Bruno Mars and Diddy

As expected, much of the musicians who appear on the list collect their dollars from touring. In this day and age record sales isn't what gives them their riches due to the rise in illegal downloads and music streaming. 

Scroll down for the rest of the list. 

1. Dr Dre ($620m)
2. Beyoncé ($115m)
3. The Eagles ($100m)
4. Bon Jovi ($82m)
5. Bruce Springsteen ($81m)
6. Justin Bieber ($80m)
7. One Direction ($75m)
8. Paul McCartney ($71m)
9. Calvin Harris ($66m)
10. Toby Keith ($65m)
11. Taylor Swift ($64m)
12. Jay Z ($60m)(tie)
12. Diddy ($60m)(tie)
12. Bruno Mars ($60m)(tie)
15. Justin Timberlake ($57m)
16. Pink ($52m)
17. Michael Bublé ($51m)
18. Rihanna ($48m)
19. Rolling Stones ($47m)
20. Roger Waters ($46m)
21. Elton John ($45m)
22. Kenny Chesney ($44m)
23. Katy Perry ($40m)
24. Jason Aldean ($37m)(tie)
24. Jennifer Lopez ($37m)(tie)
26. Miley Cyrus ($36m)(tie)
26. Celine Dion ($36m)(tie)
28. Muse ($34m)(tie)
28. Luke Bryan ($34m)(tie)
30. Lady Gaga ($33m)(tie)
30. Drake ($33m)(tie)

Courtesy of Forbes