Sunday, December 7, 2014
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Reptiles & Teen Sensations
//THE TOFF//6.12.14

With a rising status and celebratory year APES , a band who hail from Ballarat have gained immense experience through their opportunities to support Band Of Skulls, Manchester Orchestra, and Kingswood. Apes also played on the Big Day Out Red Stage in Melbourne as part of Triple J's Unearthed in 2012. This experience has contributed to the band's on-stage confidence.

On the bill as supports for the night were Reptiles & Teen Sensations. Unfortunately we could only catch Teen Sensations on the night. 

Not many bands can get away with writing a song about a vampire who builds an indoor beach for a girl because he can't go out in the sun. Teen Sensations isn't one of those bands, they do it so flawlessly. Each song in their set had the power of transporting everyone in the crowd to happier times where the summer sun is shining bright and we're all splashing around in salt water. The whole time during 'Surf & Sway',  I couldn't get those images out of my head. Especially when Melbourne is cold and rainy at the moment. They concluded their set on a high note with 'Monster Beach Party'. The track which was released to celebrate halloween ensured everybody was hyped up for Apes.

They had everybody inside the Toff on their feet and moving around after one song. Even though the venue may be regarded as small and diminutive, Apes had the place rocking. Their energy was infectious. I couldn't spot one person who was bored or unimpressed with the band's high powered performance. A crowd favourite from their setlist was 'Napalm' from their 2013 released EP Helluva.

They also played their latest release 'Strange Tastes'. The sultry garage rock track had the crowd swaying and dancing awkwardly. I feel like this track shows amazing growth and maturity. They also played one of their most well known tracks, 'Pull The Trigger'. The track is an astounding live track that reinforces the fact that Apes will be a permanent favourite of lovers of great Australian live music.

Apes are growing in confidence, and their charismatic and energetic stage presence ensured that everybody was entertained. Watch this space. Big things are coming their way.

Review written by Amy Smolcic

APES //THE TOFF//6.12.14
Photographer - Kristy (Wickeddchildd)