The night grew large at Howler to celebrate the return of Worlds End Press back in their home town in Melbourne . 

They have recently released their groovy new track 'Spirals' that has escalated quite quickly with their fans, it has grown such praise for being another solid pop track by the lads. With a past of supporting exciting tours acts including  Hot Chip, Primal Scream, Metronomy, Bloc Party and recently Phoenix on their recent 2014 Australian Sideshows for Future Music Festival, they have grown a respect for their array of influences from disco to punk, to Jamaican and pop putting on a raving collection of electric live performances that will dazzle you.

 The crowd were earlier entertained by DJing acts Speed Painters and Misty Nights. Tops to Misty Nights who got the crowd into a groovy swing on the dance floor.

 As the crowd crept closer to the stage and were visibly pumped up by expresses any dance move they liked, you knew you were in for a thrilling night.

As soon as Worlds End Press hit the stage the mood raised. Singer John Parkinson, kept the crowd very comfortable. He engaged with them, he was grooving along shuffling his feet in a trance, and you could just notice he was having a blast, especially too because his grandma had come along to the show and credited her with much love on the night for helping with the inspiration behind the bands name and for being a lovely human. 

The lads to not much surprise preformed their new track 'Spirals' , but with glee it gained a vast reaction from the crowd, which definitely put smiles on their faces. However songs from their Self Titled album were given the most praise, highlight tracks include 'Drag Me Home' and 'That Was A Loving House'.

 Big praise for all in Worlds End Press for delivering a raving performance. They are one that will not leaving our sights just yet, they showed such fresh influences with cool 80's like vibes and humbling natures. We can't wait until 2015!

Photographer - Karla Mariz

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