INTERVIEW: We have a chat to ELIZA HULL on her new single & exciting debut album!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

We have a lovely chat to the gorgeous Eliza Hull about the release of her new single 'Used To', her highly anticipated debut album 'The Bones Of Us' next year
and a discussion on what drives her to make music.

1) Congratulations on the release of your new single 'Used To'! How stoked are you on a scale of 1-10?

I have to say 10! I am a positive person. I have had an amazing response from online websites/blogs and from my listeners!

2) Your recent EP 'The Ghosts You Never Catch' has gained such rad attention, congratulations! (Again hehe) May i say it is very well deserved!

Thank you! I am really proud of the EP. It was a really beautiful process working with Hayden Calnin at his Peninsula Beach House. I also got the chance to work with Pat Dillett (Julia Stone) in New York on track 'Skin' that was a dream come true.
3) Your song 'Echoes' was also used on 'Teen Wolf' and 'Awkward', what was that experience like?

That has been such amazing exposure for me, it is always interesting the day after it airs the amount of people I get contacting me and reaching out. Also watching the YouTube hits go up. Syncs on TV shows has a lot of power to reach people.
4) Are you a fan of the shows? 
To be honest I am not!

5) You have completed an European tour recently , where did you adventure to and how did you find the response ? 

I absolutely loved that experience. I will never forget being in Turkey and having a whole crowd singing along in a Non English speaking country that was a real mind blow! I traveled and performed in Berlin, London, New York, Boston, Turkey and Berlin. I loved every moment of it!

6) There must have been some interesting influences on your travels, please share a travel story with us! 
I got a chance to perform at The National History Museum in London which was crazy. I was in front of hundreds of people with the huge animals all around. The building is such a beautiful one, with amazing acoustics. This was due to winning a competition I entered, I didn't think I would win so had a plane ticket out of London that day. I had to cancel it so I could play!!

7) How do you feel about the release of your debut album 'The Bones Of Us' next year? Your Melbourne fans seemed to love you with a sold out launch show! 

I am excited to release it next year. Looking forward to playing more shows next year also. The launch show was amazing. I announced on stage that I am actually expecting my first child! So next year is going to be a big one for me.

8) Do you do anything special before you hit the stage?

Breathe! Sounds crazy but sometimes you can get so nervous that you forget to breathe properly! I always just make sure I eat something, drink lots of water and relax.

9) It looks like we have reached the end of the interview, Do you have any exciting news you would like to share with us?

Next year I will be releasing my debut album in March! I look forward to hearing your thoughts. xx

We cant wait to hear your newest music, you seem like such a gorgeous soul, best of luck for 2015! Thanks for the chat.

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(Interviewer: Kristy - Wickeddchildd)