Friday, January 9, 2015

Earlier in December we learned through the release of the track 'Pagans' that Dizzee Rascal was making his return to his natural home of grime - nothing made me more excited. In the last few years, everyone has started rapping over trap-esque beats, and honestly a lot of it has been mediocre. The fact of the matter is, Dizzee was doing it way before everyone else. Not only that, he's master of grime.

The first track shares the same title as the EP. 'Pagans' is a demonic and hauntingly powerful. The dark beat is both strong and heavy as it remains repetitive throughout the track. The lyrics are hard hitting in true Dizzee fashion. He goes in on everything from next top model, reality tv, social media, and youth today. Even if it does take a few listens to get an idea of what he is saying because he is rapping with such intense flow, his word play is on point.

The second and final track on the EP is 'Couple of Stacks'. This track is just as grimey and dark as 'Pagans'. Where it is different is that unlike the previous track the beat variates, as in it twists, slows down and then quickens again. The bass of this track is heavy as it thumps in the background. Like the previous track, there is something demonic about it. Behind the base there is a sound that kind of sounds like chime bars. Even though it is faint, it reminds me of those chime things you hang outside and make noise in the wind. It has the same chilling effect. It can also be argued that this sound is oriental inspired. Dizzee's energy is again full forced and lyrically he rides the track effortlessly.

The EP is a true sign that Dizzee's true home is grime and that he has come back with a bang. It's also reaffirmed his status as one of the UK's most inventive and unique artists.

Rating: 9/10

Written by Amy Smolcic