Eminem Gets Sued For An Alleged Sample In "Rap God"

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We see it happen a lot in rap music - producers 'sampling'/stealing a part of another older song hoping nobody will notice. Sampling isn't a bad thing, the only time it becomes a problem is when a producer/artist doesn't get authorisation to use it. It's now Eminem's turn to receive a lawsuit causing him of not crediting and gaining clearance of his 2013 hit "Rap God".

Suing Eminem is Chicago rapper Raymond Jones, a member of rap group Hot Stylz. They claim that he ripped sounds from their track "Lookin Boy". For the 25 seconds where the sample appears, the rap group are asking for 8 million dollars. Yes, you read that correctly, 8 million dollars. 

Now Eminem can't be the one to blame for this mess, he probably knew nothing about it. The track was co-produced by DVLP and Filthy. 

From the sounds of both tracks, it's definitely sounds like that might be a definite sample, we're thinking Slim Shady is going to have to pay up. Not only is the beat the similar, so are the flow and lyrics.

The alleged sample occurs around the 2:15 mark of "Rap God". You be the judge. 

"Rap God"

"Lookin Boy"