EP Of The Week: Maudlin Strangers - Overdose

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Maudlin Strangers, a solo project by Jake Hays, is set to debut Overdose on January 20th via Vagrant Records. According the Vagrant Records site, Jake started Maudlin Strangers as an "opportunity to play each instrument". Experimenting with different sounds and instruments has seemed to work in Jake's favour as Maudlin Strangers is now signed to Vagrant Records, joining such artists as Band Of Sculls, The 1975, Eels, and The Grates.

"AIM" hooks you in from the beginning. It's indie music with a dark, wicked twist. Even though the beats are hard hitting, Jake's vocals remain smooth as his voice glides over the grittiness effortlessly. The darkness of "AIM" cohesively continues on "Stay Young". Just like the previous track, there is something sultry and seductive about the track. Perhaps it's the way the instrumental remains weighted and abrasive, but his vocals are like velvet.

Don't write Maudlin Strangers off as only presenting the rougher stuff. 'Overdose' (sharing the same name as the EP) is a sure sign that things can be lightened up if need be. This track has some serious radio potential. Not only is it catchy, especially the 'It's Friday night, we're in my bed / We're all alone, you're in my head' lyric, but there is dreamlike element that makes it refreshing to listen to. "Penny" is another track that shows this lighter side. Just like the other tracks, Jake's vocals drift over the track with ease.

The thing I love most about this EP is that the tracks can easily be played on the radio, yet there is something unique about them. Maudlin Strangers' sound can't be compared to anybody else's, and it wouldn't be fair to do that. Jake Hays has created a project that's in it's own lane and I'm excited to see what's next. Maudlin Strangers in on track to become something very special.

As mentioned earlier, Overdose will be available to download via Vagrant Records site on January 20th.

Written by Amy Smolcic