Friday, January 9, 2015

The scene was set just right for a night basking in punk rock vibes and rocking good times and the Hi-Fi in Melbourne. Spectators were dazzled and captivated with two support bands to help warm up the crowd for Black Lips big appearance. 

Steve Miller Band were the first band to perform. They turned heads as soon as they hit the stage and made you take notice with their ruthless style. Dirty, Sexy Rock ‘N Roll was present and well alive. 

The next band to perform was Frowning Clouds. Punk was definitely brought the minute these lads were switched on. The young lads performance was both grooving and inviting. While they were playing you could notice the crowd were creeping closer and even throwing a dance. Even with a minor glitch in their set due to a sound technicality, they presented a performance that was well executed and a buzzing watch. 

The crowds gathered closer to the stage and were now all fired up ready to party before Black Lips made their entrance. Their last performance in Australia was back in 2010. Since then, they have recently released a new record titled Underneath The Rainbow. If their performance could be described in one word it would be reckless. Their energy was both intense and infectious and fans weren’t left disappointed with their enthusiasm. It can be assured that not one fan exiting Hi-Fi was left unfulfilled with their performance. Stand out tracks for the night included ‘Leopard’, ‘Dead Growth’ and ‘Our House’. 

Photographer - Kristy Smolcic
Start - Steve Miller band, Frowning Cloud, Black Lips.