INTERVIEW: We have a chat to Anthony Raneri of BAYSIDE !

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Interview with Anthony Raneri of Bayside

By Matt Doria [@DEEninetysix]

New York punks Bayside have been on the scene for fifteen years, and have encountered more than their fair share of blood, sweat and tears. But while it seems like all great punk bands from our yesteryears are either falling apart of going on “indefinite hiatus,” Bayside have stayed strong and are still kicking today like they were in ’03. The quartet are about to make their way down under for the Soundwave festival - 
the THIRD time they’ve played the event! - giving Matt Doria the perfect opportunity to squeeze all of the juicy details from frontman Anthony Raneri.

WickeddChildd (W): Soundwave is just a month a way and you guys are making the trek down under to play the festival for the third time. How does it feel to be coming back?

Anthony Raneri (A): It’s great, I can’t wait. It’s an honour to be a part of that lineup and have our name next to all of those other bands. This time it’ll be our third time doing Soundwave, and it’s going to be a blast.

W: For a lot of fans, this is the first time they’ll see you guys live. That said, what is the Bayside live experience like?

A: It’s just going to be a great rock show. We try to entertain people with our music, not with what we say, not with how we move. There are no gimmicks.

W: Earlier this year you released the new album ‘Cult’, but of course, there are the other albums, EPs and singles in the discography to pick and choose from - what is your setlist going to look like at Soundwave?

A: We’re definitely going to try our best to include everything. All of 2015, we’re celebrating fifteen years of the band, so we’re going to make sure we can include a bit of everything. With six albums out, though, it’s a bit hard to create a half hour setlist that covers all of it.

W: When you’re not tearing shit up onstage, what are you going to be getting up to?

A: I’m definitely excited to see all of our friends, so I’m going to be spending a lot of time with our friends that are going to be a part of the tour. I just heard that The Smashing Pumpkins got announced a while ago, so I’m definitely excited to see them. Smashing Pumpkins and Soundgarden especially, because those are the bands that I would listen to when I first starting learning guitar and wishing I could one day be in a band.

W: Sidewaves! Do you have any plans to play some while you’re here?

A: Yeah, we’ve always done them in the past. We’ve heard that we’re going to do them again, but I’m not entirely sure.

W: As you mentioned before, 2015 is just a lot more than just some concerts and some festivals; this year marks the fifteen year anniversary of Bayside. Are you doing any special tours or releases to celebrate?

A: We’re doing a big US headline tour, but like I said, we’re going to be celebrating all throughout the year. That US tour though, that’s like our birthday party.

W: Since 2000, how has Bayside evolved? Not just in the performances and the writing processes, but as a band itself.

A: I think we’ve just gotten better, we’ve gotten smarter, we’ve gotten more mature, but for the most part, I have to say it’s in mentality. We want to create a legacy for ourselves and we want to make sure that we make our fans proud. And I think that’s why we’ve been around for so long, because we’ve earned the trust of our fans, and they keep us pushing forward.

W: Now that you’ve made it this far, where do you want to take Bayside in the future?

A: We’re touring for most of this year, and I think that probably around this time next year, we’ll start writing our next record.

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