INTERVIEW: We have a chat to CHRIS FARREN of FAKE PROBLEMS ahead of his tour with The Gaslight Anthem in Australia

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Kristy has a chat with Chris Farren from band Fake Problems discussing his excitement for his first tour Down Under, what to expect at his live shows and also shows how much love he has for the guys in The gaslight Anthem.

1)   Thanks for taking time to chat with us today, how are you?
I’m great how are you. Thanks for having me

2)   So you are heading to Australia soon with Gaslight Anthem and it’s your first time playing in Australia, how excited are you about that?
I’m crazy excited, I couldn’t possibly be more excited. It’s my first time in Australia.

3)   Apparently you have toured with them before in the States?
It’s been great! I’ve known Gaslight for so long now, almost 10 years. Yeah, we actually my band ‘Fake Problems’ brought Gaslight Anthem on their first tour doing shows in small bars. We have been friends with them for a long time . We have done played other shows with them in the states about 4 years ago and it was amazing, and yeah just great guys and a blast to tour with.

4)   What’s your relationship like with the guys? Do you guys get up to any pranks while together?
I don’t know about pranks, as you grow older pranking is sort of , I’m not crazy about pranking because some people don’t respond great to pranking you know (haha) But yeah we have a great relationship and are great friends.

5)   I love the song you did with ‘them for songs for teenagers’, what was it like working with them?

I know that I have to get a picture with a koala, I guess, everyone who I have ever meet, as had a picture with a koala. I’m worried Gaslight have been there so many times and be all like ‘the koala thing’.

6)   Can you give us a hint of what people can expect at your live shows?
I’ll be playing stripped down acoustic songs of Fake problem songs and my own solo songs. Ill be playing a lot of songs from those releases, those are the most recent I’ve put out. A very intimate gig.

7) Where do you draw your inspiration for song writing from?
Lyrics is always kind of my personal life or personal friends or things is over here. The desire to kind of express my own inner soft feelings wanting to tell a story and create scenery in someone’s mind.

8)   Your very well known for you’re the smiths vs will smith tshirt, if you could design a shirt to top that one what would it be?
I feel like, I feel kind of content with how big as it is. It was a fluke thing that happened and it has been a great thing because its been something I can make some side money. I’m content with it being an insolated innocent and use my brainpower for song writing. If I think of something though I will definitely do it.

9)   Are you working on anything at the moment that you would like to share with us?

Yeah im actually working on a small Ep with 3 songs, I’m working on that right now ,I’ve got a split coming out on record store day.

10) We hope to check you out at your live shows in Australia !
Thanks for your time.

Yeah! Thanks for talking to me ! Nice to talk to you, Thankyou so much.