INTERVIEW: We have a chat to EAGULLS

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Post-punk dudes, Eagulls will be in Australia very soon for Laneway festival and have recently announced some sideshows!  The Leeds grown band will be bringing their ruthless punk attitude's and killer tunes for Australian audiences to enjoy. 

Matt Doria chats with George Mitchell (vocals, guitar) from Eagulls on their tour down under and what you can expect from their live shows.

(Sideshow details below)

Hi hey hello! For the unfortunate few out there who are yet to discover the genius that is Eagulls, tell us a little bit about yourselves.
Ello unfortunate few. We are EAGULLS. George, Goldy, Henry, Lizard and Tom. We are a British contemporary rock band leaning against the wall of sound.

Later on in January, Aussie fans will have the chance to vibe out to Eagulls at the Laneway Festival. How does it feel to be a part of that lineup? Are you excited to be making your way down under?
We will be excited to be there, when we get off the horrible coach in the sky! Personally I dont really 'vibe out' too much, I more zone out, so I haven't really paid attention to the lineup. I'll let it be a surprise for when I arrive Down under.

Who on the Laneway lineup are you most excited to suss out? 
Had to look now! Erm St Vincents' solo shreddery.

When you’re not jamming out on stage, what are you blokes keen to get up to at festivals? 
At festivals we usually traipse about in the shadows looking for beverages hiding from the sun.

Looking through the Eagulls discography, there’s a good handful of tunes to pick and choose from. What can we expect to see from your setlist?
You can expect a couple of old songs from the EP, alot of the songs from the LP and maybe a new song or two from the album were working on.

It’s hard to believe that the self-titled record came out almost an entire year ago. Looking back on it, are you happy with the way it’s been received, and all of that?
One year! Yeah were happy with how it was recieved ofcourse!  We never thought we would be coming to australia or anything like that, so we feel like we have accomplished something along the way!

What was it like making the full-length LP, as opposed to the EPs and singles that you put out previously?
The LP was different as it felt much more important. It felt abit like a make or break moment at the time and we all had to put alot of time into it.

What’s your personal favourite track from the record? I’m really digging ‘Opaque’ right now!
Opaque. Only because you like it though.

After touring settles down and you’ve had a bit of time to put your legs up, what’s next on the cards for Eagulls? Have you started to discuss album #2 yet?  
Album two is in progress as we speak. So when touring is over that is our main role. We never put our legs up though!

If, for some reason, you decided to feature an animal in your next record, which animal would you choose?
 A dead skinned goat being slapped and sampled for a nice snare sound maybe?

Popfrenzy Presents Eagulls

Wednesday January 28
Melbourne – Howler Bar
Tickets available from

Friday January 30
Sydney – Oxford Art Factory
Tickets available from

Also performing at all St Jerome’s Laneway Festival across Australia

Eagulls’ self-titled debut album is out now on Popfrenzy Records

Eagulls - Eagulls (2014)