Wednesday, January 14, 2015

After winning Triple J's unearthed High Competition in 2013 it has seen this Lunatics On Pogosticks gaining much deserved attention for their ripping tunes. Kristy has a lovely chat to Calum Newton (Vocals, Guitar) from Lunatics On Pogosticks on their new wicked released single 'Cappuccino' , their East Coast Tour and their future plans for 2015! Tour details below !

Hi, thanks for taking time to chat with us, how are you?

Hey! I'm real well, thanks for asking. How's your new year been Kristy?

My new year has been great thanks for asking ! A nice chill start with much smiles, just the way i like it man.

A massive congrats on the release of your new single ‘ Cappuccino’, how stoked are you with it?

Kinda stoked lol idk. It's alright but now all my pals sing it when I order a cappuccino at a cafe haha. 

Haha, hey you set that up for yourself man.

Was it a massive process or did the creative process just fall into place when making this single?
It was pretty quick to be honest. Only the lyrics took ages. We had the chorus from the beginning but the verse took yonkz for some reason. 

Yonkz, thats a word you don't hear every day!

You kick off your East Coast Tour soon, where are you most excited to play?
Probably Melbourne cause I need an excuse to fly down and find a place for me and Bryce to live this year. If you're thinking of renting a four bedroom place for $500 hit this cheap uni boy up please lol

Do you have any pre-show ritual that you like to do , if so what is it?
James always puts on some lame sunnies and super short shorts. Oh please tell me he plays 'who wears short shorts' while he does that. (haha)

On a level of 1-10 how excited are you to get back on the road and play? 
Idk I can't drive so I'm forever just hanging in the backseat. Luckily we're flying this time cause we're silly and didn't think about $$$ but at least we'll be comfortable whilst losing all out cash.

Do you ever freak out before a show?
Yea all the time. I'm kinda use to the constant flux of having people come to shows and then having no one the next night but I sill stress about it. Fingers crossed it's alright 

What are your plans for this year, any news you would love to share with us ?
New/first edgy lop album! We're kinda sick of all the EPS we've done and we're mega keen to start working on an album and stuff. It'll probz have the same quality of sound as Sleeping Till The Weekend but with a bit more edge then pop (hopefully hahah)
We can’t wait to check you out when you hit the road ! 

Thanks for the chats. Best wishes for this year.
Ayeeeeee thankyou pal! Happy new year, 2015 best year of our lives 

Thursday, 15th Jaunary 2015
BRISBANE, Blackbear Lodge - QLD
Tickets available from PH 1300 762 545

Friday, 16th January 2015
SYDNEY, Spectrum - NSW
Tickets available from PH 1300 762 545

Saturday, 17th January 2015
MELBOURNE, Shebeen Ballroom - VIC
Tickets available from

'Cappuccino' is OUT NOW themusicconnection / MGM

Lunatics on Pogosticks - Blood Clot