MWANSA releases single 'Heavy Feels' - listen

Saturday, January 3, 2015
 releases single
'Heavy Feels' 

Get ready to bask into a blissful state with Mwansa's new single 'Heavy Feels'. 2014 saw Australian him embark on notable achievements including the release of his debut in February and gaining raving reviews including it to be hypnotic, lush and pure and we couldn't agree more.

In relation to the production of the song he adds, “It took time. Every song I do tortures me a little, but this was by far the most drawn. Every note has its place, and that was unforgiving. And then there’s this reversed Rhodes piano, which plays a set of unique notes over the top of the song. The point was so it never replicated itself, so I had to wait until the notes randomized the way I needed...until they felt right. And then I hit print”.

MWANSA is one artist to watch out for in 2015, watch this space.

You can grab the single now at 

Listen to the beautiful track below !