GIG REVIEW - DANNY BROWN | Corner Hotel | MELB 4.1.15

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Danny Brown made it clear from the get go that the audience weren't experiencing a rap concert, but a party. His experimental and heavily influenced trap tracks were a sure guarantee that everyone in the audience was going to have a good time.

The rapper who originally hails from Detroit, opened the night with 'Break It (Go)' from his latest LP Old. His energetic and intense stage presence ensured that everybody was going to be included in his party. Producer and his house DJ SKYWLR did an impeccable job in getting the crowd revved up ready for what was going to be a crazy show.    

His set consisted of songs from his last two LPs. The tracks selected for the show were mostly bangers. Even though I would liked to see him include his more moodier and darker tracks from XXX, I do think he chose an appropriate set of songs that helped him achieve his mission to create a party environment throughout the entire venue. His deeper stuff wasn't completely ignored as he preformed one of his finest lyrical tracks, '25 Bucks' towards the end of the show.

He can easily be forgiven for his small mishap when he forgot the lyrics during 'Witit'. Nobody in the crowd seemed bothered by it and laughed it off, much to his credit he recovered quickly. Lets face it, when you party as hard as Danny, you're bound to forget things every now and then.

Overall, his stage presence was both infectious and electrifying. It was his energy that had the audience bouncing and raging the whole night. If his goal was to bring the party with him to Corner Hotel - he certainly achieved that. 

Written by Amy Maree


Break It (Go)
Molly Ringwald
Smokin and Drinkin
Express Yourself 
Blueberry (Pills and Cocaine)
Lie 4
I Will
Dope Song
Blunt After Blunt
Kush Coma
25 Bucks
Grown Up


Photos by Kristy Smolcic