REVIEW: Such Gold - The New Sidewalk

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Such Gold
 - The New Sidewalk 

Review by Matt Doria [@DEEninetysix]

Having blown up in popularity after 2012ʼs ʻMisadventuresʼ, melodic speed-pop-core- revivalists Such Gold are back and bigger than ever with their sophomore record ʻThe New Sidewalkʼ. For bands like Such Gold, the second album is always the most nerve racking; after a handful of killer singles and EPs, ʻMisadventuresʼ was their proving pointed, ʻlong road to victoryʼ chance to show that they had what it took to put out a full length album. ʻThe New Sidewalkʼ on the other hand, has less of an understanding viewpoint. It could either escalate the band further from their ʻMisadventuresʼ success, or it could crash and burn everything that album worked to build. Thankfully, I can say with surety that this is a case of the former.

Less intense and more fluid than in previous releases, Ben Kotinʼs vocals are well rounded and easily listenable, though at times, overpowering against the melodic speed-punk jams that lace them. Thereʼs a clear discrepancy between the volumes at which the vocals and instrumentals were mastered, and the end result of this sounds a bit uneven and slightly jarring. Once you move past and get used to the balancing issues, of course, the album is awesome. Tunes like ʻAxed Awayʼ and ʻFrying In The Mixʼ channel chaotic circle pits and fiercely banging heads, while songs like ʻI Know What I Sawʼ and the title track show a more progressive side to Such Gold - the album never stagnates, and while it never strays too far from the path, either, itʼs a nice exercise in stretching their abilities.

Existing fans of Such Gold will have nothing to worry about jumping into ʻThe New Sidewalkʼ; this is the same group of dudes who thrashed out ʻStand Tallʼ back in 2009, just a whole lot more experienced. On the other hand, ʻThe New Sidewalkʼ is a great place for newcomers to start. Punky, energetic and filled with those nostalgic flares of teenage angst, the record is just the right blend of heavy and smooth to make for some killer vibing sessions.

Rating: 4 demons dressed as priests out of 5. 
 Trophy Tunes: ʻFacedʼ / ʻI Know What I Sawʼ 

The New Sidewalk is out NOW, you can grab it at iTunes !