Album Review: Concreatures - 'Pretending to Swim'

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Loud, robust and colourful is the best way to describe the debut album from New York based Rock band, Concreatures. Delivering a gritty rock sound blessed by slightly gravelly vocals, solid song writing and catchy tunes, Pretending To Swim is definitely an album worth a listen. If only I was a local! I would definitely be seeing these guys play live.

Pretending To Swim really starts to shine on the fifth song 'Sinking In', where I feel as though the men behind the instruments had finally cracked through their potential and solidified their connection with eachother as musicians. When 'Sinking In' picks up the pace and frequency it is done so perfectly timed and it melds in stupendously well with the next song 'Colorless'. 'Colorless' kept my head bobbing and stuck it's sound to the walls of my mind with brilliantly paced verses, great drumming and a solid guitar solo. Be warned! It will be on loop in your head.

The level of quality brought forth by 'Sinking In' and 'Colorless' is firmly maintained throughout the remainder of the album, a quality that features 'Tokyo' as it's love child, a catchy and colourful song with the right dose of everything in it's predominantly instrumental glory.

I must admit that I was concerned this album wasn't for me after listening to the first four tracks, all of which teeter on the edge of potential brilliance by lacking aspects of atmosphere, however these concerns were turned on their faces once the second half of the album had.... sunk in.

Concreatures have given us their music child and I found it enjoyable, I look forward to hearing more of these New York folk. 'Pretending To Swim' is a must listen for the loud things out there, that enjoy balance, great guitar work and distinctive vocals.

Written by Matthew Griffin